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Marketing- CRM (customer relationship management) Case Study

Marketing- CRM ( customer relationship management) - Case Study ExampleA feasible generalise definition of CRM is that it is information enabled relationship marketing. This definition, however, doesnt de-link CRM with technology beca phthisis information management in the modern affair universe of discourse is completely technology enabled. The expected output of CRM is civilizement of positive relationship with key customers or customer segments that improves shareholder value of an organization. In the modern context, CRM is an effective methodology of IT enabled execution of relationship marketing strategies to develop long term & profitable relationships with customers.As per Kaplan and Norton (2000), no strategy is complete without a strategy map. looking into CRM, the strategical framework of CRM need to be very clearly defined before the implementation begins. The strategic framework of CRM is not build uped as a standalone framework rather finds its roots deep into th e organisational strategic framework starting from the board room. ... The strategic framework of CRM is not move overed as a standalone framework rather finds its roots deep into the organizational strategic framework starting from the board room. The business strategies of an organization form the foundation of customer strategies, whereby the former is formed at the CEO & board aim comprising of business objectives comprising of strategies & directions pertaining to organization wide competencies and the latter is formed at the marketing department level that use the business strategies to target market segments & customers. The root of strategies can be established using the Balanced bill mechanism developed by Kaplan & Norton as shown in Figure 1.Figure 1 Balanced lineup strategic framework (Kaplan and Norton. 1996)First of all, the organization needs to have clearly defined Vision & explosive charge statements pertaining to CRM. The next step is to define the strategic bu siness goals of the organization that is in line with these statements. These goals should be focused towards achieving unique positioning of the company in the markets & in the perspective of the customers. For example, some companies may like to establish an image that they offer low cost products & services whereas others may like to achieve an image of go premium & high profile products & services at premium costs. Similarly, some companies may like to establish large market segments comprising of multi-domain areas whereas some may focus on thin market segments comprising of niche areas. any(prenominal) be the positioning defined for the organization, the leadership team may like to establish corresponding CRM goals and therefore expand them into key CRM

Mathematics Lesson Plan 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Mathematics Lesson Plan 1 - testify ExampleMATHEMATICS LESSON PLAN 1 5 Little Ducks by Wendy Straw Early stop 1 Aim Through this lesson, the students can learn how to solve sum problems better and quicker. This lesson pass on con the children how to acknowledge jumbled numbers and how to add numbers. Through the lesson, the students can learn to work in groups and to echo on their lessons. The students prior knowledge, as well as their ability to numbering up to ten has been taken into account. ... For example, background information shall be given, including the number of douselings birds beget. As a result, they will derive the topic and content more. As a whole class, the children can be asked if any of them have seen a dim in real life and also to describe how a duck looks homogeneous. The teacher will then read the book Five Little Ducks by Wendy Straw. Reading the book also allows the students to count along. As the teacher is going through the pages, she would ask the class questions about the book. For example, how many ducks were there argon at the beginning and how many ducks were left? The teacher can also ask additional questions, like if there were 2 ducks and 1 duck came back, how many ducks will there be all together? Students need to be seated on the classroom floor In reading the book to the class, utilisation hand gestures in describing how the ducks quack. Allow the students to talk amongst each other Observe the children who are struggling to recognise the numbers and who are familiar with the questions Body (25 min) As a whole class put a video of addition and number recognition on the IWB (http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLwrQBQ5JJE) Ask the class addition questions such as, 3 + 2=..... Then the students can be grouped into mixed ability groups of 4 to 5. Get an empty 12 compartment egg carton. In the egg carton, put in two duck pictures randomly and in all the other ten compartments write the numbers 0 to 9 in no specific ord er. Also place a button in the carton. The children are to each have a turn to shake the carton and then open the carton. Wherever the button will get they are to say the number. If the button lands on the ducks, then the children are to make the noise a duck makes or say something they know about a duck. After the

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History and architecture. Smolny Cathedral Essay

History and architecture. Smolny duomo - Essay ExampleThe emperor Peter the Great had a weakness for western architecture. Hence he invited Rastellis father to Russia to construct the winter palace as well as the Tsarskoe Selo Palace. After his death, Rastelli took all told over as architect. The Smolny convent and cathedral is a land mark that Rastelli left unfinished due to insufficient keep before its completion.The braid of the Smolny Convent and Cathedral took place between 1748 and 1764. This was during the reign of the empress Elizabeth Petrovna. There is rich history of Russia during this time. The Smolny cathedral original purpose was housing Elizabeth. The marriage between her mother and the emperor Peter the great remained unrecognised commonly. Hence her opponents used this as an excuse to deny her right to the throne. After her right to the thrown was interpreted and given to Anna Leopodovna, Elizabeth opted to set out a nun. Hence the construction of the Smolny Convent began. It was meant to house her during her monastery life. However, this was never meant to be. Anna Leopodovna favored Germans and allowed them to dominate the Russian politics and culture. Due to the dissatisfaction of the Russians (and especially the Russian royal guards) they decided to overthrow her in a coup. This provided a chance for Elizabeth to reign as empress. Therefore, Elizabeth threw away the idea to become a nun and decided to become an empress. A lot happened during her reign which was in juxtaposition with the construction of the Sm unaccompanied Cathedral. The reign of Elizabeth as empress started as the construction of the Smolny started. However, Elizabeth passed on before the completion of the Smolny Cathedral. The empress, Catherine thought that it was a waste of funds and hence stopped its construction. It was only completed between 1832 and 1835 by Vasily Stavos. The Cathedral is a combination of baroque architecture and neo-classical architecture. This is due to the contrariety of time in which it was started and completed. Rastelli built in Baroque, Vasily used neo-classical architecture fashionable during his time. During the construction of the Smolny Cathedral, the empress Elizabeth encouraged the tuition of education and arts. Her plan was to dedicate part of the Smolny cathedral to girls education. Elizabeth developed enlightenment by introducing the first academy of sciences, St Petersburg, in 1747. It was during her reign that the first university in Russia was founded in 1757. In 1756 and 1758 the first public theater and the first fine arts academy were opened. Numerous schools were opened across Russia and Elizabeth ensured all children of all social classes accessed education. Since Anna had previously encouraged the use of German in studying, Elizabeth changed the system to French. This was especially because she had studied French. Elizabeth enforced pro-Russian policies. She encouraged the participation of R ussians in politics and the economy. Elizabeth hated battue. No blood was shed during the coup when she overthrew Anna. She promised that bloodshed would be minimal during her reign. Hence she never executed anyone during her time as empress. However, she led Russia through twain wars. Elizabeth sent out 100 thousand army men against Prussia. This was as a result of get together forces with Austria as the rest of the world went to war. Elizabeth felt the Russian empire was threatened by the British and Russian alliance. Hence she joined forces with Austria to defeat Frederick the second. This achievement was celebrated because Frederick was considered an extremely skilled European warrior. Prussia failed to surrender completely in the next two years. However, Fredrick was ready to surrender in 1762.

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Wind Farm Development in the United Kingdom Essay

nose elevate Development in the get together Kingdom - Essay ExampleThis research will begin with the archives of interlace farm development in the join Kingdom. Wind farm development in the United Kingdom owes its influence to a few litigations. Among them is the Kyoto Protocol, which legally binds, the United Kingdom to its treaty of reducing glasshouse gases emission. There are a number of recommendations the treaty offers to this effect, save the United Kingdom has made operative steps in cleverness harnessing from the sun, water and undulate. By the beginning of 2012, United Kingdom had the contentedness of producing pissed to 1000 mega watts worth of solar energy. Meanwhile, water mainly generates hydroelectric power with estimated potentials of 5000Gkh. The other factor is the status in MENA countries. Fossil fuels are the most widely used sources of fuel even in the United Kingdom. The Middle East and Northern African countries are the greatest producers of roc k oil in the world but at the same fourth dimension prone to political and economic instability. In this regard, whatever economic or civil situation purges MENA countries, affects the state of oil intersection. A good example of political instability is the juvenile rebellion of citizens against dictator leaders in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. This makes relying on fossil fuels such as oil and biogas tricky. Then, in that location is the fact that use of fossil fuel leads to business of green house gases reducing the use of oil even further. The United Kingdom sees the need to find a source of fuel that is reliable not dependant on factors such as political instability, non pollutant and easy to produce. ... Since there got some progress in wind farms establishment and subsequent production of wind energy, a lot had to be done (Mackay 2009, p. 79). The social class 2009 saw the establishment of 211 of fully functional wind farms. There is a steady progress in wind farm develop ment across the country. For the year 2012, the aim is to increase offshore wind production capability by building at least five wind farms with a potential capacity of producing 1300 mega watts of electricity. This will be a much welcomed addition to the current 6,580 megawatts produced by the 333 fully functional wind farms across the country. Examples of functional wind farms in the U.K include the Burbo Bank wind farm, Scroby Sands and the largest offshore wind farm in the world, Thanet wind farm at the coast of Kent. The governments commitment to these projects is illumine from the current budget allocation of over five hundred million pounds to offshore wind farms (Julia 2006, p. 103). Wind farm development has a large ecological impact both positively and negatively. Positive bionomic impact, of wind farm development in the U.K Unlike other sources of energy, wind power does not necessitate the use of another fuel or water for it to be produced. This ensures that when produ cing wind energy one does not require exploiting other sources of fuel (Dragoon 2010, p. 87). Wind power does not produce air pollution during production essentially making it a clean source of energy (Boyle 2004, p. 34). Building wind farms, therefore, means there will be less air pollution this will give the environment ample time to disintegrate the already existing green house gases in the atmosphere. Studies indicate that, since the embrace of wind energy use, carbon dioxide emissions have reduced

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More Than One Child In One Family Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

More Than One Child In One Family - stress ExampleIn company to implement the policy, government ensured that families especially in urban areas do not devour more than one barbarian. Further, a fee was applied to the families who have more than one child in order to penalize the families for having more than one kid in the family. The intended aims of this policy were to purify the healthcare services for the society so that better care and services could be provided. Further, in order to en repel the improvements in the saving rates, government considered the reduction of the size of the family. In actuality, Chinese economy as a whole has been able to register higher saving rates since the policy was implemented in 1978. (Naughton, 2007)Probably the most important policy reason behind the implementation of this policy was to achieve the economic offshoot and relieve pressure on the resources of the country. By reducing the size of the population, the overall wealth distribut ion could have been better allocated in order to achieve better economic progress. (Feng Wang, 2010)China during recent times has made big economic progress with signifi houset average economic growth. China has achieved the same in its manufacturing sector by providing cheap manufacturing facilities to the customers around the world. Further, China is the leading exporter also thus relying mostly on its labor force as vital for the economic progress. However, the overall process of manufacturing requires young and skilled labor force which can endure the physical strain spent in the manufacturing process. What is critical however is the fact that Chinas population is ageing fast and due to the one child policy, it is fast approaching a military post where it may not have adequate young population to support its economic progress by dint of manufacturing activities?

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Inventory Management in the Supply Chain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

store Management in the Supply stove - Essay ExampleAs the paper declares the supply range begins with the extraction of the raw material, there are then value additions on the supply chain of mountains of mountains along with several production links before the product finally reaches the end consumer. The Global Supply Chain Forum introcduced a supply chain model which included the following business processes which are cross-functional and cross-firm in nature. These processes and components include customer birth management, customer service management, demand management, order fulfillment, manufacturing flow management, supplier relationship management, product development and commercialization and returns management/ reverse logistics.This discussion stresses that supply chains are an constituent(a) component of any business. The term Supply Chain Management was coined in the 1980s to express the unavoidableness of integrating the key business functions from the supplier to the end user. The original idea behind supply chain is that companies involve themselves in sharing of information regarding market dynamics and production capabilities. The automobile industry has experient a boom in recent years with automobile demand soaring up. However forthwith it faces a lot of challenges including cost reduction and performance improvement, emerging markets, excess labour, production capacity and inventory, sell and distribution performance and environmental sustainability. In this situation it has been imperative to examine all areas of the value chain in the industry including the supply chain. This is because companies

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Dr. Tyrone Hayes lecture Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Dr. Tyrone convert lecture - Movie Review ExampleI find this part of the video interesting when exam the role steroid hormone in the interrogatory amphibian development in comparison with merciful beings. The metamorphosis and the sex differentiation of these animals in this part of the video is quite amazing and logical in our environmental studies as students.3. Discuss the pros and cons of toxicity testing on animals do you think that animals testing is justify? Do you think it gives accurate results that can be related to human beings? Support your reasoning.The toxicity testing in animals to some extent is justified especially towards the environmental studies. The pro of these studies revolves around human beings benefit especially in relation to the pet animals which they could contact various disease through. This will give an settle and control measures to various infections shargond between human beings and animals. Cons on the other hand are concerning the results a rrived at via these research hammers. Example is the Dr Hayes induction of mammary and prostate cancer in the research research laboratory rodents to highpoint on the atrazine as a possible course of reproductive cancer in humans. This research work to some extent was never justified.We can generate interest in the regulation of the environmentally deleterious chemicals through the reduction of various chemically related diseases such as cancers. This is because the chemicals induced in the environment contain a larger quantity of heavy metals. These heavy metals when human beings are exposed to, are the causative agents of various deadly infection

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IFRS AND GAP CONVERGENCE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

IFRS AND GAP CONVERGENCE - Essay Examplegenerally accepted accounting principles stands for command accepted accounting principles and are the set of standards developed by US, keeping their needs in mind. On the other hand, IFRS stands for supranational fiscal reporting standards are standards developed by UK. In the past fiscal statements were relevant to these respective countries only but globalization has called for the need of one set of standards. Convergence of international accounting refers to the mark and the path taken to reach one set of standards that are followed throughout the world. The goal is to eliminate the differences and to improve the standards. Various accounting textbooks now feature a mixture of both standards, by presenting financial statements in both formats. The aim is to inform students about the difference in language and monstrance so that they apply the relevant standards in future. Currently both organizations aim to converge generally accepted accounting principles of US and IFRS of UK and later they plan to develop one set of standards for the world. ... This is because these companies often have to prepare two sets of financial statements to satisfy different stakeholders. The convergence process has helped improved standards to a large extent but in that respect are various differences that have not yet been eliminated. DIFFERENCES Revenue recognition Under the US GAAP the gross enhancement is recognized according to fixed prices or prices that are determinable therefore the results are not recorded as revenue until the contingency is resolved. Under IFRS however depends on the ability of the entity to measure the revenue that is being considered and the economic benefits associated with the revenue. This often results in a difference in revenue recognition as the revenue is recognized earlier under IFRS and later under GAAP. Sale of goods- continuous transfer other major difference is that GAAP does not allow cost to cost revenue recognition and the revenue under GAAP the revenue transaction is usually deferred if the revenue cannot be measured on a reliable basis. IFRS on the other hand only defers revenue in instances only when an act is to a greater extent significant than others. The level of significance depends on the situation in hand. Barter proceedings Under GAAP the fair value of goods and services is used when the value surrendered is not clearly evident under the profession transaction. Under IFRS the fair value of goods and services is used only when the value is not determinable. SIMILARITIES Barter transactions In both IFRS and GAAP companies are required to use the fair value of goods and services as the starting point when measuring a barter transaction Accounting policy The prior and proportional years are restated in both sets of

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Responses to DQ1Selling ReceivableDW and DQ2 Use of Depreciation CH Essay

Responses to DQ1Selling ReceivableDW and DQ2 Use of Depreciation CH - render ExampleThe mechanism of factoring is a good way for companies to improve their liquidity and cash position. DQ2 Your exposit that depreciation is a technique that is used to devalue an asset instead of being a order for asset valuation is completely correct. When I first read the message of the president of Keene Company I thought, Where did this guy go to business school. The premise the person stated is illogical. The person is mixing invoice concepts. Depreciation only has one purpose which is to devalue an asset through the passage of time. As you stated in your response book value and market values are varied. There are different modes of depreciation that can be used by an accountant. Four depreciation methods are declining balance, sum of form digits, straight line, and the modified accelerated cost recovery system (MACRS) (Fixedassetssoftware, 2011). The MACRS method is an accelerated depreci ation method that is used of assets that lose value fast such as computers. References Besley, S., Brigham, E. (2000). Essentials of Managerial Finance (12th ed.). Fort outlay The Dryden Press. Fixedassetssoftware.com (2011). Depreciation Methods. Paragon Systems.

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Wiki Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wiki - raise ExampleA number of reasons for businesses to invest in wellnessy foods in the article include edifice relations and stronger connections with customers and communities respectively, as demonstrated by Wal-Mart. Disney, Walgreens, and another(prenominal) restaurants have made changes towards flushed foods through step-down sodium, eliminating junk foods, and cutting on fat and calorie content. The fact that businesses will stand to benefit from this scheme is the reasoning skunk the call for them to invest and expand provision o healthy food to mate the cause of their bottom-line while increasing the heath standards in America and consequently reducing fleshiness rates.The other reason is the need to reduce obesity and health related illnesses whose costs are also borne by businesses indirectly through lower productivity, absenteeism, and directly through payment of hospitalization bills. The other reason behind the call for businesses to venture into healthy foo d business is the costs they have to bear from the impacts of obesity and health related illnesses. The result of measures to promote healthy living by different people in troupe is 13% reduction in obesity rates of elementary school-aged kids in Mississippi, fall in obesity rates in New York, Philadelphia, and California. However, the goal is far from accomplished, and businesses are challenged to give American families better tuition and healthier choices.Obesity being a universal theme, Dhruv Khullar writes on availability of junk foods cheaply than healthy foods and measures to reverse the trend in Why Shame wont stop obesity. Khullar (2012) explores advanced availability of high-fat, high-calorie, and low nutrient foods, as the main causes of increased obesity and associated diseases in America. He delves into the furnish of obesity advertising and shaming

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Pricing strategies of Apple Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Pricing strategies of apple - Essay ExampleThe price dodge for Apple majorly lies in the fact that they endeavour to sell great phones and products at a lower cost. It so offers a small number of products with a way on the high-end merchandise while giving precedency to profits over the share of the market and creating a halo effect that makes people continuously attracted to its products.Apple ensures that when it is pricing its products, it adopts strategies that in relation to the market forces unlike the usual minimal pricing of products in the market place. Therefore, the prices are made in such a way that at times it is two times what its competitors charge, which it gets away with through strategies in how the product is implemented. The justification for the high price of the products y Apple is the fact that it builds beautiful products that are attractive to the consumers and have features and benefits that the competing companies cannot match.Apple strives to create a acquire for its products through differentiation, which entails having attractive and unique products to the consumers, and this enables it to have total control over the prices. Apple maintains a higher price for its products which keeps away its competitors in check helps it maintain its margins in terms of profitability (Spencer, 2013). Through the focus on customers that are likely to buy at the premium prices and maintaining it at that take aim, the company sets a level at which its competitors must also set its prices in the market. Apple therefore offers its products at premium prices by creating a premium product which is of high quality as indicated by the features in the products which translate to a lot of value for the price which helps shore up the profits. For instance, Apple raised the price of the latest iPad mini by sticking on its high-end pricing strategy with the sole aim of maintaining the profit margins. The new

Can Jeffrey Sachs End Global Poverty Research Paper

Can Jeffrey Sachs End Global Poverty - Research Paper idealGlobal leanness is an issue faced by many nations and should be tackled with some of the recommendations that Jeffrey Sachs gives. 2. The policies of economic maturement laid down by Jeffrey Sachs finish prove to be beneficial if implemented by the richer nations. 3. The linked States has a great role to play in eradicating the issue of globose poverty from the world. 4. Yes, the U.S should promote world(prenominal) growth by providing the poor nations with the demand financial aid. 5. Africa is suffering from extreme poverty and U.S should take a stance on tackling the issue of poverty t here through which the threats of terrorism can also be decreased. Cons 1. No, the option of economic growth is not the only solution for global poverty prevailing in this world. 2. Along with economic growth it is also necessary that corruption and malice is eradicated from the regimes. 3. No, the U.S alone cannot practice untol d of a difference in eradicating the issue of global poverty from this world because of the role that the home government plays. 4. No, financial aid is not the only solution for the eradication and it should be backed by former(a) reforms. Can Jeffrey Sachs End Global Poverty? The debates about poverty and its consequences are getting increasing maintenance from the authorities, law regulators, politicians, social welfare organizations, policymakers and the public at large. The reasons behind such importance given to the issues of poverty are the unhealthy, inconsistent and unwelcoming consequences of poverty. These consequences affect all areas from the social, psychological, mental and physical health to access quality food, furnish and other basic necessities for peoples lives. Poverty has turned out to be a global issue affecting a great part of the population living in this world. Jeffrey Sachs is a nearly qualified professor who has classified poverty into three major cla sses. He believes that individuals either live in extreme poverty, moderate poverty or relative poverty. Sachs put forwarfareds that in the past 25 years economic growth has been witnessed all around the world but this economic growth has not been significant enough to eradicate poverty even from the developed nations. He believes that a balanced economic growth is necessary to eradicate poverty from the world. He has put several points which according to him are necessary to be implemented so that the global poverty can be ended. A question here arises though as to if Jeffrey Sachs can end global poverty or not?1 From the mid-nineties it has been seen that the role of international financial institutions have change magnitude in the global politics. These IFIs are responsible on aiding the poor nations with money which they have to use for economic growth. This economic growth can help in eradicating the roots of poverty. Sachs believes that the rich nations have a special role to play in helping to rails off the roots of poverty. The richest countries of the world like United States can allocate 0.7% of their budget to the poorer nations so that they can prosper and make economic growth. Currently the United States only spends 0.15% in the aid which should be increased by cutting down the defence budgets2. He believes that the country who is participating for a change should make sure that the transformation is really occurring. Lack of commitment by the richer countries can become a vault to the progress of economic growth. His emphasis on commitment by the richer nations can be seen in these terminology The U.S. lack of support for Bolivia was appalling.3 Jeffrey Sachs blames the United States for the continuing global poverty in this world. He cites that the war against terrorism launched by the United States is a complete failure and can be tackled in other ways too. According to him the issue of terrorism can be tackled if the interest of US was shif ted towards international relations rather than on military advancement. The roots of terrorism can be cut out by economic growth and by helping a poor nation to progress the war against

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The discussion on austerity measures Assignment

The discussion on austerity measures - Assignment ExampleHowever, consistently high government deficit tummy be noisome for the economy in the short run owe to the fact that the government will have to seize in order to finance government deficit. (Nellis & Parker, 1996). There are two methods through which the government plunder actually finance its deficit i.e. it can either impose more taxes or have to take over domestically or from the international organizations such as IMF and World Bank. Similarly having the higher government debt would at last put pressure on the government because most of the government revenue would go towards the servicing of the debt. Further, a higher quantum of government debt creates crowding out effect thus reducing the amount of credit usable for the private sector. The drop of credit available to the private sector will at that placefore ultimately improver the interest rates in the economy and therefore invariably affecting the level of investment into the economy. The lack of investment therefore can further result into the lack of capital formation and the economy may not be able to grow according to the estimates. The above laws therefore are critical owing to the fact that they outline the maximum limits to which economic variables such as government debt as well as the deficit can relate to the gross domestic product. Keeping both these economic variables therefore indoors a certain range will allow the governments to keep the detrimental affects of these economic variables under conceal. selective information published recently indicate that the government deficit as a percentage of the GDP in EU area is 6.3% whereas the government debt is almost 80% of the GDP1. Countries with largest government deficits included Greece, Ireland, UK, Spain and almost all early(a) major economies of the EU. Countries like Ireland and Greece received support from the EU whereas there is growing discussion about the Spains ability to repay its sovereign debt owing to higher government debt. Further, UK has initiated austerity measures in order to control the government expenditure so that the government debt can be rationalized. UKs government deficit in almost 11.5% suggesting that the economy may not be in good shape and there is a greater need to implement economic strategies which can actually allow the country to remain at bottom economic soundness. The higher ratios of the government debt as well as the government deficit therefore may suggest that the economies may require international support in order to keep themselves solvent. Thus the rules draw clearly provide the best estimates for the countries to keep their debt and deficit within certain percentage to avoid such economic issues. 2) The circular flow of income suggests that there are three players in the economy i.e. the households, firms and the government. The national income which is generated in the economy therefore is generat ed with the interaction of these three economic entities. The exact relationship between these components therefore can be described in following equation Y= AD= C + I + G The above relationship assumes that there is no external trade with other countries. However, if we introduce the trade with the external world, the above relationship will be Y = AD= C+I+G+X X= Total exports Total Imports The components of aggregate demand include the consumption, investment, government expenditure assuming that there is no foreign trade. The circular flow of income therefore suggests that the goods and services produced by the firms are consumed by

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Innovative Management Practices and Positive and Negative Tradeoffs of Essay

Innovative Management Practices and Positive and Negative Tradeoffs of Toyota Company - Essay Example heretofore the most minor of hiccups obtain been caught and analyzed in a proper way so that no ambiguities shall remain uncaught within the automobile industry as far as manufacturing state of the art vehicles is concerned. The ferocity has been on quality at all levels which indeed speaks much for the automobile industry in normal and the operations that are being handled at each and every rank in meticulous. The positive tradeoffs with step forwardsourcing payoff function to supplier organizations come about in the wake of lowered cost issues which would have been higher(prenominal) had the same been done at the manufacturers end. This becomes a huge aspect that comes under good will whenever there is a discussion on the price tangent that is involved overall. Further, this seems to be one of the stronger positives that comes out of the related equations mainly because outs ourcing has come out as a trend in the modern instauration that has brought about a lot of incentives (Klepper, 2004). The negative tradeoffs with outsourcing production function to supplier organizations happen when there is little control for the parent automobile manufacturer and his exertion becomes minimal or even negligible within the localized market domains. This poses a significant problem which when seen from a strategic perspective can deviate a lasting impact on the entire automobile industry. The innovative management practices at Toyota have ensured that the faulty automobiles were never delivered to its esteemed customers. This was one guarantee that came about in the wake of the highly high-octane management regimes which were in place and still remain strong within it. The relationship between Toyota and its customers is righteous too strong to manifest these kinds of gross mistakes.

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Multiculturalism Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Multi ethnicism - Research Proposal ExampleDifferent people ready organizeed this topic but I have seen it important to address the topic and try to come with a remedy to ensure that people stool embrace each separates cultural diversity. This will also prevent cultural profiling which is common among disparate people in the society.On the bid to address the issue, many writers have tried to project ways in which people can take advantage of the situation without allowing the division to creep in. According to Clarence Page a contributor in the Chicago Tribune, the way the issue is being addressed in the United States has left more rifts sooner than proposing a reconciling strategy. Mathew Lynch writing about multiculturalism in schools notes that it is important to teach students at an untimely age how to embrace each others diversity instead of profiling each other negatively based on their different cultures. He also adds that blending of the different cultures can be both a blessing and a curse according to the way that the issue will be addressed. Bafford adds that there is no harmonized American culture and so the people living there should show high levels of cultural tolerance. Responding to the issue of multiculturalism is the main issue as Valerie, an editor with the Los Angeles Times puts it. The education form should therefore address it to ensure that people embrace each others uniqueness and different cultural orientation.The research will cover the topic in a different way to address the limitations of the previous researches and come up with a working model for the same. The research should also come up with recommendations and the relationship between multiculturalism and other social aspects that are evident in any given society. The take question will be on ways to address

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The Effects of the African Slave Trade Term Paper

The Effects of the African Slave Trade - Term Paper ExampleThe buckle down condescension did not start with the end of selling kind-hearted beings. Rather, it was a product of a vicious cycle that spiraled into its final form of duty humans. It was not certain if the Arab slave trade was the precursor to the West slave trade. Initially, the Arabs had the slave trade solo as a supplement to their more lucrative commerce in Africa with Sudanese gold and some other rare and exotic woods. The Arab slave trade however was not geared towards a blanket(a) graduated table buying and selling of humans but rather only as a means to encounter their domestic needs. The Europeans (later the Americans) found the slave trade to be profitable followed suit and made a full scale business out of it whose numbers of the slaves traded accounted to millions (historians dispute the actual numbers but they agreed that it accounted to millions). The slave trading was intensified especially when t he plantations on the islands off the coast of Africa (Sao Tome, Principe, Cap Verde) were successfully established. Also, when the New realness (America) embarked on its plantation and mines of gold, copper, cocoa, sugar, corn, tobacco and coffee, the slave trade became a convenient source of forced labor. coiffure to say that the international trade during the 15th to 19th century was driven by the slave trade. The commodities that were traded were not only grown and attended by slaves, but the slaves themselves were also part of the commodities that were traded internationally. These centuries of trade slave, ten centuries of slave trade from the Muslim countries that spanned between ninth to ninenteenth century, 4 centuries of slave trade from Western countries that eclipsed the ten centuries of trade of the Muslim countries, had a widespread implication among the African countries. African countries bled from the forced raid and stripping of its human mental imagery whose t rade passed through all her possible routes from the Sahara, through the Red Sea, from the Indian Ocean ports and crosswise the Atlantic (Bokolo). The figures, veritable(a) where hotly disputed, make your head spin. Four million slaves exported via the Red Sea, another four million through the Swahili ports of the Indian Ocean, perhaps as many as nine million on the trans-Saharan caravan route, and eleven to twenty million (depending on the author) across the Atlantic Ocean (Bokolo). The most taken for granted(predicate) effect of slave trade among these African countries is non-development. The African countries being robbed of its able bodied human resource were not able to embark on the development of its agriculture which was a pre requisite towards industrialization (people has to decimate first before they can industrialize). Instead, its human resource and best able bodied men and women were utilise to till the lands of their European and American counterparts and also m anned the factories and mines that became the engine of growth in the Western world. term Europe and America prospered, the African source of labor languished in poverty. The underdevelopment of African countries even lingered until today even if the slave trade already ended more than a century past. The slave trade was so prevalent that the magnitude and depth of the damage brought by the trade that literally stripped these African

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Captain Corellis Mandolin Essay Example for Free

Captain Corellis Mandolin EssayCarlo asserts fight is a fantastic thing, in movies and in books. By close reference to the novel, explore how fight shows people at their beat out and their take up.The novel Captain Corellis Mandolin, scripted by Louis De Berniereticuloendothelial system in 1994, explores human beingsity we sigh at their suffering as they argon ripped apart and continuously changed by fight.1 The quote in the title is spoken by Carlo quite early on in the novel, at the end of chapter 15, titled LOmosessuale (4). He is referring to the idea that state of state of war is repeatedly shown to be patriotic, heroic, and indeed fantastic especi whollyy in movie theater and literature. However, from Carlos experiences in Albania, he knows the true reality of war, as he has seen and go through the suffering.We fucking trace Carlos progression of thought through his personal chapters all entitled LOmosessuale. He begins saying, How wonderful it was to be at t his war(p.119) We hear him describe crossing the foreign border as exhilarating, and he and his comrades suppose themselves as the new legionaries of the new empire that would last ten thousand years.(p.119) This was his view at the rattling beginning of war, before he had rightfully experienced any suffering. As he is yet to understand any conflict, it is likely he has been influenced by the propaganda at the time, organised by the Italian leader, Mussolini. The next quotation is said slightly further on during Carlos experience, How wonderful it was to be at war, until the weather turned against us.(p.120)It is present that we begin to hear of some of the suffering that Carlo and his comrades had to dominate, such as we were ten thousand men mischievous to the bone(p.120). The real tragedy of war is death, and Carlo has had direct experience of this. He says, War is wonderful until someone is killed(p.122). This is when De Bernieres chooses to handling graphic images to sh ow the suffering that Carlo and his comrades endure. I realised that I was covered with gory scraps of human flesh that were freezing fast to my uniform(p.122). Finally, Carlo says the quotation in the title, War is a wonderful thing, in movies and in books on page 124. It is here that Carlo has realised the actuality of war, and shadow see that this idealised reading material is fictitious and can only be seen in movie and in books.War scorches a trail through all of their lives. What seems, at the beginning of the novel, like a game, a challenge to manhood, a matter of honour, an occasion for policy-making satire, becomes an appalling reality.2Carlo asserts that war is shown to be wonderful in movies and in books. However, De Bernieres does non follow this trend, and shows the war for what it is. De Bernieres temperaments starve and die slowly with their entrails hanging away he depicts the horror that they declare to endure to labor for their country, and the suffering t hat they are put through.In Albania, Carlo saysIt was as though a portion of my mind has disappeared, or as though my soul had diminished to a tiny point of grey light(p.138).De Bernieres also shows the battue and bloodshed ca purposed by the war, when he describes the death of Francesco. In chapter 19, LOmosessuale (6), De Bernieres uses Carlos narrative to tell the reader the true expatiate of Francescos death, and then the sanitised version for his mother. As well as this showing Carlos considerate nature, it also confirms that more people did view the war in a genuinely divergent light from its reality, including Francescos mother.He died on a fine day, Signora, with the sun shining and the birds singing.(He died on a day when the snow was melting and when, under that carapace, there were emerging a thousand corpses, knapsacks, rusted riffles, water bottles, illegible unfinished letters drenched in blood) (p.148).Corelli wrote the novel, after falling in hunch forward wi th the Island of Cephallonia, and wanting to inform readers about what happened to this Island during World War II. For this reason, he has depicted a very real and veritable account of atrocities that occurred during the Second World War.Everyone is shot, without think for rank or role, even the medics and the chaplains.3However, in the film adaptation of Captain Corellis Mandolin, directed by rump Madden, war is viewed in a very different light. De Bernieres has said of the film The problem is that film-makers take out all your good ideas and replace them with a load of stupid ones.4 The depiction of war in the film is very different and many scenes seem to have been watered down5, in order to appeal to farther wider audience. The movie has been widely criticised, after changing the narrative line drastically from a tragic story of the destruction and consequences of war, to a love story between Corelli and Pelagia.Where de Bernires book makes it clear from the start that war is unforgivingly ugly, for a long time the films only hint of this is a glimpse of Mandrass battle-scarred feet.6Although lots of De Bernieres novel depicts the horror of war, some of the consequences of war are indeed wonderful. Corelli and Pelagia would have never found love without the intervention of war in their lives, and although ultimately war destroys their love, the moments spent together made the war endurable.The prefatorial poem at the beginning on the novel shows Louis De Bernieres hinting, even before the novel has begun, that war go away be an important theme throughout. The S rareier by Humbert Wolfe describes the waste of war, and the loss of lives and of youth. Links are distinct between this poem and Captain Corellis mandolin as they both explore the way in which war has an prepare on different people.The presence of war on the Island of Cephallonia has various effects on different characters and can expose peoples flaws and merits. An excellent example of th is is the contrast shown between Mandras and Antonio Corelli.Corelli has been drawn into a war that he really has no heart for. You mean youre a soldier by mistake? (p. 206, Pelagia). He has no desires to be a soldier and his character is often seen as anti-military. When giving punishments he does not follow the rules that are expected of him, To everyones surprise the headman pointed his pistol straight into the face of one of the culprits(p.324). However, although he had no mark of doing so, Corelli proves to be an excellent comrade and shows morality throughout the war. This is my morality, I make myself imagine that it is personal(p.351).This is greatly contrasted with the character of Mandras. He has very high expectations about the feeling of a soldier and feels he has to prove himself to Pelagia and the ataraxis of the Island. He resents those who know more than him, yet does not want to prove himself intellectually, as he believes no man is a man until he has been a sol dier(p.80) Carlos assertion that war is wonderful in movies and in books reflects a idealised view of the war.However, Mandras believes that this view was the reality of war and he felt that becoming a soldier would make him more worthy as a man. Ill come back and everyone allow say, Thats Mandras, who fought in the war. We owe everything to people like him. He is indoctrinated by what is expected of him, and is predicted to conform. However high Mandras expectations were, the war does not elevate him, it wagers him down. During his experiences in war he saw others abuse their power, and now feels he has a right to do the same, The war de-humanises him, and instead of changing him for the better it changes him for the worse.The war in Cephallonia showed the best and the worst in people. In Antonio Corellis case it displays his merits as he has the opportunity to exercise his humanity in the sermon of others. From the beginning of the novel, Corelli is represented as a laid-back, light-hearted leader. Although he has a great talent as a leader, he is very modest and introduces Carlo as one of our heroes, He has a hundred medals for saving life and none for taking it(p.202). He proves himself as an excellent comrade and Captain by being flock to his men until the very end. There is no honour in this war, but I have to be with my boys(p.392). His introduction of La Scala also shows good comradeship, as it is a humorous and practical solution to having to use communal toilets. This is also a crucial element of the novel, as before they go to join the barb line up, they sing to maintain their composure.He also shows his forgiving nature when he chooses to forgive Gunter for what he has done. I forgive you. If I do not, who will?(p.397). He says of himself I am not a natural parasite(p.305) and this is seen clearly when he avoids any con previousation with Pelagia. He is uncomfortable about living with Pelagia and her set out Tonight I shall sleep in the yard and tomorrow I shall request alternative accommodation(p.204). Corellis centre for animals is De Bernieres way of showing positive traits in a character. The fact that Corelli is so attached to Psipsina shows that he is an estimable man and the reader feel connected to him.The captain had some engaging traits. He tied a cork to a piece of string, and sprinted about the house with Psipsina in hot pursuitand if the animal happened to be seance on a piece of music, he would go away and fetch another sheet preferably than disturb her(p.250)Corelli also shows fondness for youngsterren in his affinity with Lemoni. Although there is a language barrier, the two are able to communicate on a different level, and are able to enjoy each others company.The child was whooping and laughing, and it appeared that what was transpiring was a lesson in Italian. Bella fanciulla, the captain was saying. He was waiting for Lemoni to repeat it. Bla fanshla, she giggled. (p. 211)He also appears to ha ve a very different attitude than other soldiers, when he arrives in Cephallonia with his mandolin strapped to his back, and not a gun, as you would expect from a soldier. The mandolin that was called Antonia because it was the other half of himself. This love for music is another engaging trait that the captain has, and is one of the reasons Pelagia falls in love with him. We also see this originality to his character when Gunter weber, a german soldier, introduces himself. Weber says Heil Hitler, yet Corelli says Heil Puccini, showing he has a very different attitude to the war, and will not be led by anyone. This again shows his love for classical music, as Puccini was a great composer, whom Corelli was an admirer of.His relationship with Pelagia is clearly one of great love and admiration, however it also contains sexual desires, which are never consummated. much(prenominal) slender fingers, such pink nails. He imagined them engaged upon amorous and nocturnal things, and realise d that he was distressing Psipsina.(p.259, Corelli)This shows ongoing respect for Pelagia and her father, and also shows Corellis caring and considerate temperament.In contrast to Corelli, the character Mandras is brutalised by war. He believes that war will change him for the better, yet it changes him for the worse. He becomes a victim of propaganda and a victim of his insecurities. out front he leaves for war he tells Pelagia Im a Greeknot a Fascist(p.214) War changes him for the worse as he is very easily led and allows others to influence him.This may have had a positive effect on Mandras if he had chosen Iannis to guide him, yet he chooses Hector, the leader of a branch of the ELAS. Joining this group causes him to waive his personal values, and this is seen when he whips the old man. Mandras did not even notice that the man had stopped moving, had stopped thigh-slapper and whining(p.233). He manages to blank out the emotions that he should be feeling, and begins to enjoy the power he holds over this old man. If you didnt think about what it was, it sounded weirdly beautiful(p.234)After returning from the war, he becomes much more manipulative, especially towards Pelagia and Drosoula. Mandras had begun his exile into inaccessibility by dramatising the idea of death(p.180). Pelagia was convinced that he was doing it on purpose as an act of vengeance or punishment.(p.180). This shows a very cruel side to Mandras that we have never seen before, and it clearly takes the war to bring out this negative side of his character.He has clearly been indoctrinated by the propaganda of the war, and this is seen in chapter 63, when he recites communist slogans. The company is never wrong. Whoever is not with us is against us(p.447) He does not seem to be questioning what he has been told, he just repeats it. He has experienced others abusing their power during his time with the ELAS and now sees this as an approved way of behaving. De Bernires explores power and i ts abuse7 He insults and belittles Pelagia after he returns from fighting and tortures her further, even though he should see that she has suffered comme il faut during the war.De Bernieres shows a side to Mandras that readers have never seen before. He represents him as evil and sadistic, and we see Mandras refer to Pelagia as a slut. His morals have disintegrated following his fighting with the ELAS, and feels that he can do whatever he wants. This is due to the fact that the ELAS would make up their own rules for their comrades to follow. The war de-humanises Mandras and he represents the damage that can be inflicted by extreme politics. In Mandras death, De Bernieres wants readers to feel pity for him, as it is clear the communist party has poorly indoctrinated him. He dies as a victim of the war, and a desire to prove himself worthy, and this also evokes compassion in the readerCarlo is a character in the novel who shows how war can bring out the best in people. He is a very honourable character, and has to live with the secret that he is homosexual. He puts asunder his desire for Corelli in order to help the romance between Pelagia and Corelli develop. I have loved you with the same surprise and gratitude that I see in your own eyes when you are with Pelagia(p.384). He shows true courage in front of the firing squad when stepping in front of Corelli to save his life. Antonio Corellihad found in front of him the titanic bulk of Carlo Guercio(p.399). De Bernieres uses Carlos narrative in the chapters entitled LOmosessuale, and this allows the readers to sympathise further with the silent suffering that Carlo has to endure during the war. His writings are eloquently written and his language is poetic and beautiful, showing the gentle side to his character.He died on a fine day, Signora, with the sun shining and the birds singing.(P.148, Carlo)Father Arsenios was saved by the war(p.292). De Bernieres absolves Arsenios after the war and liberates him from his former self. However, the characters perceive him as a mad man and cannot see that war has brought about his finest hour. He is referred to as the crazy priest yet he feels he is a saviour and it is probable that, had he lived, Arsenios might have become a saint(p.295).De Bernieres chooses to depict war in a graphic and true to life(predicate) light in his novel, Captain Corellis Mandolin. Although in many films or books war is shown to be wonderful, this idealised version is proved wrong in De Bernieres novel, as he shows the suffering that the soldiers were forced to endure. He shows that the war has different effects on different people, and it can expose their faults or their merits.Mandras is forever changed by the war, as he returns indoctrinated by the communist party. His death proves that his natural environment is the sea, where he can be accepted and does not have to prove himself. In contrast Corellis merits are shown to be more prominent as the war develops, and a lso as his love for Pelagia develops. The reader is drawn to the character of Corelli, even though he is an occupying soldier, as he shows compassion, kindness and respect during his time in Cephallonia.

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To what extent was naval rivalry the main cause of the first World War Essay Example for Free

To what extent was maritime rivalry the main cause of the first public War EssayOne of the main causes of World War I was the Anglo-German oceanic race. Britain, as an island empire, always had the dark blue as unrivaled of her top priorities. A key event in Britains naval expansion was the 1889 Naval Defense Act that ceremonious the devil power standard Britain considered necessary to have a navy that was not only the large(p)st in the ground, but also equal to or greater than the sum of the worlds second and third largest navies. On the some other side of the channel, also Germany saw naval expansion vital and as the only way to keep abreast in the acquisition of overseas colony therefore, the official aim of Germanys naval expansion was to fortify their colonial empire, but this expansion was also seen as an obvious response to the British naval plans. This mail exacerbated the relations between the devil European power and set basic elements for a naval race. I n 1906, the Naval Race took an important turn.Britain launched the HMS Dreadnought, this new battleship was faster (21 knots), with a bigger depart ( 9-12 Km), and powered with ten twelve-inch guns instead of the usual four, it was such an advancement of naval technology that it rendered all be battleships obsolete. A couple of years later Germany responded to Britain, planning to build four dreadnoughts in a collar years time. Britain inevitably had to counterattack Germanys expansion by announcing the building of eight dreadnoughts instead of three. then the relations between them were obsessed from the building of the navies, and a direct and evident rivalry was created. The results of this frenetic naval rivalry was that by 1914 Germany ,even if Britains fleet remained considerably larger , had become the second naval world power they were both ready for a more than ever imminent war. Although the naval rivalry was one of the main causes of World War I and profoundly contrib uted to create an aggressive situation between the European nations, there was other long terms causes beside it.One of them was the alliances system that divided Europe in two main faction on one side the triple alliance, including Germany Austria and Italy, on the other the triple entente, including France Russia and England. These alliances were specify as defensive, but choosing allies obviously also implicate choosing the most likely enemies, therefore this two blocs were ready to fight in case of a war. Another long term cause was the colonial rivalry. In the decades preceding WWI almost all the European nations were involved in the Scramble for Africa.All the nations cute to demonstrate their strength occupying vast areas of Africa. France was one of the most successful, hold inling almost all the West and kernel Africa. Also Germany started an intense colonial expansion and gained a million square miles territory between 1884 and 1899. Britain gained the control of some areas in the south of Africa, in Egypt and on the East and Gold Coast. The colonies were often seen as a source of free raw materials and as the only areas of possible expansion without deeply compromising European balance.Effects of the colonial rivalry can be analyzed in two different ways, on the one hand colonies were a sort of safety valve allowing the European power to keep the contrasts away from their unpolluted on the other hand this rivalry implemented the tension between the colonists nations, causing aggressive unlike policy. Besides this long term causes there was also the event that formerly caused the outbreak of war the black lotion of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.The heir to the throne was assassinated on 28 June 1914 during a visit to the provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The attack was planned from a group of six young Bosnians, even if their first plan to kill Franz Ferdinand failed, Gavrilo Princip, one of them, was able to rise the car and shot the Archduke and his wife. The assassination was the perfect pretext for Austria to start military actions against Serbia, and after gaining Germanys co-occurrence Austria-Hungary finally mobilized her troops against Serbia on 25 July.As a reaction Russia mobilized against both Germany and Austria, Germany declared war on France and Britain declared war on Germany for violating Belgium neutrality. In conclusion none of these causes can be defined as the only cause of war. All of them contributed to create hostility between European powers and to create the radical for a World War. The Naval Rivalry was probably a result of the pre existing tensions but sure as shooting increased the hostility between Britain and Germany.Anyway the presence of such a great navy and troops do not implicate a war but should be a deterrent since large scale destructions would be inevitable. Its also true that the possession of a great and expensive navy and army pushes to use and test them. The overwhelming imp ression is that the long term causes made a bout inevitable and that the short term causes such as the Balkan and Moroccan crisis just helped to increase the tension epoch the Franz Ferdinands assassination was just the excuse the nations were looking forward to start the conflict.

Claudius has been presented in the theatre as a worthy King Essay Example for Free

Claudius has been presented in the airfield as a applaudable tabby EssayClaudius has been presented in the theatre as a worthy King and Polonius as an amiable and sensible father. What is your response to the ways in which Shakespeare presents one of these characters?It is hard to settle the character of Polonius in Shakespeares Hamlet, due to the fact Shakespeare presents many of the events not only through Hamlets eyeball, but the eyes of Polonius children and the King, and through these different people he is presented in different ways. However, there is a great cumulation more to this multi-faceted character in the play, as his presence and actions in the play is of great importance, before and after(prenominal) his death.Polonius is presented in different ways in various stage productions usually, he is presented as a apt man, and one with great influence upon his son and daughter, Laertes and Ophelia, and of a man highly respected by King Claudius, Queen Gertrude and the people of Denmark. Despite this, he dissolve become a rather comic character, if the beau monde wishes Hamlet to be presented more positively. As Polonius is presented through different productions in different ways, it is difficult to appreciate his true nature.As the play is largely presented through Hamlets eyes, it is from him we draw many of our opinions. It is eventually Hamlet that kills Polonius, neat him through the arras, and Hamlet who sends him off with such harsh words as a foolish, prating knave it can be said that he encompasses aspects of this statement, as we see in different split of the play. However, to be late cynical of Polonius is somewhat hard to do. Polonius, in the eyes of Claudius, the Queen, the words and actions of Laertes, Ophelia and the Danish people, and the obediency of Reynaldo give us a more reasoned insight into Polonius.Polonius can be seen as foolish mainly when talking to his servant, Reynaldo, wherein he directs Reynaldo as to h ow to spy on Laertes. During his speech, Polonius gets wrapped up in his own words, and seems to lose the points he is move to get acrossAnd then, sir, does a this he does what was Iabout to say? By the mass I was about to saysomething. Where did I leave?Shakespeare also transfers from blank verse into prose, accentuating Polonius loss of grip.However, this may genuinely be cleverly checking if Reynaldo is listening the fact he quotes him directly back At closes in the consequence, at friend or so, / and, gentlemen suggests many positive factors. For one, it is a reflection on Polonius authority and importance that Reynaldo form attentive and quotes him back perfectly. Also, if this is a trick, Polonius may feel the matter is so important to his sons welfare that he needs to test Reynaldo to see if he really is listening so that the surveillance can be perfectly executed.Polonius may be seen to lose his grip in his bouts of prating to the King and Queen in parts of the play too . His speech to Claudius and Gertrude concerning Hamlets madness is a prime example of Polonius prattling, as we see in his boring build up to his conclusion, that Hamlet is madTherefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,I bequeath be brief. Your noble son is mad..

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Estimating the Demand for Money Essay Example for Free

Estimating the Demand for nones EssayWe all know that property employed in consumption sustains life and gives pleasure, besides it does not lead to economic growth. specie employed for investment amplifys productive capacity, thereby increasing wealth lendable for consumption investment in the future. Use of bills for both consumption investment leads to employment scarce later reaps future benefits. The quantity theory of capital posits that the value of property is equal to the collective yield of goods and run in an saving. The value of money could be called the nitty-gritty clearing determine for the aggregate tote up aggregate pauperism in an economy.A condition in which the aggregate clearing price is downstairs the aggregate salutes of production would be symptomatic of gross misallocations of resources in an economy but this liberal of condition is not theoretically impossible. Ending of wars that includes cold wars be often associated with mass ive reallocations of productive resources and these reallocations put up involve painful periods of re set upment. Artificial bubbles resulting from central banker manipulation of money and wager cause boom break misallocations.Regarded money as nothing but a manner to facilitate barter, the aggregate supply of goods and services follows the wealth of society. If everyone woke up one morning to find every dollar replaced by one carbon dollars, no one would be wealthier or poorer because wages and prices had two additional zeroes. Nor would there be either change in either aggregate supply or subscribe. The concept of aggregate supply to represent the wealth of society nookie be misleading. Most homeowners would sell their house if offered an outrageously tall price for it. In that sense, nearly all existing homes are part of the aggregate supply.But in the frequent course of events, homeowners are slowly consuming their houses by living in them and are not considering an fast sale although the thought of eventual re-sale is usually in their minds. Similarly, most capitalists would sell their factories if offered a high price, but are primarily focused on increasing the productivity of those factories and ensuring that the factories produce goods for which demand is high. Money whole kit and boodle magic in the minds of many economists which transform simple family relationships into complex conceptual nightmares.Says right one monetary interpretation holds that the costs of production (paid for labor, land and capital goods) results in the incomes essential for purchasing output. Moving this argument further, critics of Says Law express concern that all the income will not be pass concerning that near money will be keep ond or even hoarded. Thinking that it is better to save the money than to spend it that result to manufacturing decline, unemployment and respite. But the confident consumer who saves and invests actually benefits the econom y more than the consumer who spends.Invested capital provides the means to hire labor and other factors of production that increase employment and wealth. Vision of economic activity as a circular flow of money between spenders earners blinded him to the nature of wealth-creation, productive incentives, productivity increase and economic growth. The economic benefits of savings should not be justified on the grounds that savings is some other form of spending. On the contrary, savings is the source of capital accumulation. Capital technological progress is the source of economic growth. Capital means plant, equipment, technology, research and employees to make new products.Consumers move single keep an economy from recession if they are employed in productive activity. If unemployment is low and those employed are producing useful goods services, then an economy can remain healthy. High consumer spending is more an gear up than a cause of the economic wellbeing associated w ith low unemployment. Consumer confidence is expected to be high if unemployment is low. Recession is not just a theme bad mood. Unemployed consumers who spend money received from government destroy consume wealth without producing wealth. frugal growth slip bys only if the consumer is also a producer.In empirical method it determines the relationships between economic unsettleds through observation or experiment. The Baumol-Tobin model provides the foundation for most empirical studies of money demand. The Capital Asset price Model, while important in pecuniary economics, is viewed to be much less important in determine money demand. Most wealth is shifted under the speculative motive from longsighted-term to short-term securities rather than money. The prices of short-term bonds do not change as much as long-term bonds and there is a oversight risk with money because of the limit to federal insurance on deposits.One of the difficulties in empirical act as on money demand i s that money demand adjusts to changes in income and interest paces with a lag. In other words, a change in income leads to a delayed change in money demand. Money demand may be slow to change because of adjustment costs, expectations may be slow to adjust or may hold that a change in income or interest rates is in part temporary. Consequently, empirical studies of money demand look at both short-term and long-term responses to changes in macroeconomic conditions.An increase in the interest rate reduces the demand for M1 money as expected, but the effect is small. An increase in the interest rate from 4 to 5 percent (a 25 percent increase) reduces money demand in the short run by 0. 5 percent (= 0. 02 x 25%). The long run response is about a 1. 25 percent reduction in money demand. An increase in the interest rate from 10 to 11 percent produces even smaller money demand responses. There is an extensive literature on the theory of money demand and the influencing factors.In general, the real money balances are related to some scale measure, such as income or wealth, and some prospect cost measures, such as inflation, interest and exchange rates. There are various discussions on the form of the money demand function and the selection of the variables entering in the equation. Thus the choice of economic indicators varies in distinct country experiences due to the distinction in different financial systems. The choice of an appropriate monetary aggregate for the estimation of a meaningful money demand function is complicated.Either a broad or a narrow translation of money can be used as the monetary variable depending on the issue of the monetary authorities. Generally it may be thought that a narrow definition of money like monetary base or M1 tends to be more flexible and reactive to mart operations and thus to interest rate policies. Narrow money can have a confining relationship with prices since it can easily be influenced by economic variables, however it cannot always be sufficient to capture all the information related to the financial system.Although narrowly defined aggregates are easy to control, their relationship with income appears subject to considerable discrepancy. One main cause of this insufficiency is due to banking habits of money holders, as they tender to hold their savings not only in demand deposits, but also in m deposits or other different financial instruments. For that reason, a broader definition of money, such as M2 or M2X, can comprise a wider range of the financial system however it may be less naked to the changes in the economy. The scale variable measuring the level of economic activity is the first determinant of the money demand function.The property of money and thus the demand for money are related to the volume of the transactions, apply the fact that the amount of the transactions is proportional to the level of income. Either a wealth variable or an income variable can be used as a scale variable. Generally, when wealth data is not available, an income variable like the Gross National Product or Gross Domestic Product can be taken into consideration. Money demand is directly proportional to income, but inversely related to grocery interest rates and yields on different financial assets.The interest rate concerning while deposits is thought to be the nominal stop of holding money if the broad definition of money is considered, hence has a positivistic sign in the money demand equation. Another important variable which measures the rate of return of an opportunity cost is the interest rate on government securities. As currency substitution can occur either by switching into orthogonal denominated deposits or by switching to bonds or securities, the rate of interest on government securities is a measure of the rate of return of an opportunity cost, and its expected sign in the equation is therefore negative.The relationship between inflation and the demand for mon ey has been studied widely. If there are high fluctuations in prices, the rate of inflation becomes an important determinant of the money demand function. Money demand is inversely related to predictable inflation rate since an increase in inflation increases the cost of holding money. Especially, in developing countries, the long run inflation elasticity is generally expected to be high as the range of financial instruments outside money is limited and real assets represent a potent part of the publics portfolio (Nachega, 2001).Like in Turkish economy that is subject to not only a high degree of price level but also a high variability in the prices, the price level has a considerable impact on the return of financial assets as money holders will have difficulties in predicting the prices, the risk in saving money will fig out and consequently the holding of money will tend to decrease. Since foreign exchange rate measures the rate of return on holding foreign currency, it is also an important determinant in the demand equation on holding foreign currency.The sign of exchange rate is negative since when the deposit holders increase their demand for foreign currencies, the domestic currency will depreciate. In an open economy, the return of foreign assets is usually denoted by some exchange rate variable, which may have an increasing role due to the high level of financial globalization. (Central Bank Review, 2002 pp. 55-65). Boughton (1992) presents the sources of disturbances that can affect the elasticities of variables in the long run equation.Inflation expectations varying over time is the first important factor that may affect real return of assets which is a vital fraction of the money demand equation. An inflationary expectation is generally proxied by the inflation rate, thus it is essential to seek the inflation data before inserting in the money demand equation. The change in exchange rate is the second important source of variability. Therefore the relationship between the exchange rate mechanism and the kinetics of real money balances is important, justifying the addition of the real effective exchange rate into the model.

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The lumber-room Essay Example for Free

The lumber-room evidenceShe starts of in the story looking at the world in a nice light and public lecture about fantasy creatures, to a fault how nice her life will be when she grows up, gets a job has kids and a beautiful loving husband the usual 13 15 year old female dream. hence she meets Kerry Stevenson and decides from things other people have said that he is not a very nice person. thusly she meets Mrs Rutter and decides she is a innocent sweet old lady, she is in fact not very nice and leaves a German pilot in the woods for two days to die a slow smart full death. The story follows a stereotypical approach to looking at old and young people, these stereotypes in short change as you find more about the characters, as the story goes on Mrs Rutter describes how she left a pilot to die as an act of revenge and Kerry turns out to be quite humane and variant lad. At the end of this story, she is walking home and decides that everything is not as it seems and that not eve ry one is stereotypical. I prefer the lumber-room because of its happier out look on life a carefree childish approach to life, also the way Nicolas out smarts his aunt is amusing and made me laugh.The book formed strong pictures in my chief and was enjoyable and easy to read I believe that the darkness out there uses to much symbolic representation to convey its point, also the lumber-room is much easier to read less description, more action and lets get down to the facts. In the lumber room the only really long descriptive part, is the part where the hunts man is hunting the expose and is himself being followed by some wolves he doesnt take this at face value and makes the story bathroom the tapestry much more complex than it actually is.I feel he can send with the hunts man, as he has also hunted his aunty in his own childish way. I gestate this is an excellent piece of descriptive writing and describes a young Childs imagination very well, he looks at the tapestry and sees past the plane facts and even comes back to comment on it later saying that he thinks the wolves will eat the stag while the hunts man runs from the wolves. In addition the plot is nowhere as near sinister or riveting, as the darkness out there.This story uses lots of light, dark contrasts to appearing that things are either a bad or good memories, when she walks down by packers end theres a shadow that falls on her and it gets colder, using metaphors to describe her feelings as a physical feeling kind of than a emotional one. The darkness and light story left me feeling sad miserable proving full-grown ups to be fallible and weak, where as the lumbar room story made me feel alive, excited and amuse wanting to read more of his antics.

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Is The Us A Hegemon Essay Example for Free

Is The Us A Hegemon EssayA hegemon can be defined as a paramount power or state that can influence the course of events globally (free dictionary, 2008). By this very definition, America qualifies to be referred to as a hegemon. Since the collapse of the Cold War, the US has emerged as the to the highest degree powerful nation on earth. Its influence is felt in the political, economic and military realms where its hegemony remains more often than not unchallenged.US administrations have not shied away from flexing their power and this has been increasing experienced in political matters where the US has pushed its agenda for new world order based on democratic ideals. No country is in a higher place the law. However, because of their position globally, powerful nations do at times take actions that are in direct difference of opinion of laid down rules and procedures. In its attempt to democratize the world, the US has acted as though it was above supranational law. The inv asion of Iraq is a case in point.Despite the Security Councils condemnation of the planned invasion, the US and Britain went ahead to wage war and eventually topple Sadamm. President Chirac of France spoke out strongly against the foreshorten by the US in taking unilateral decisions that contravened multinational law as it could set onward a bad precedent (Litchfield, 2003). The detention of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay is a blatant disregard of the geneva Convention that stipulates how prisoners of war are to be treated (UNHCR, 2008).By torturing the detainees and denying them their rights, the US has chosen to abridge international laws set up by the Commonwealth of Nations (Leonnig and Mintz, 2004) In summary, the US has taken advantage of its hegemonic military position to carry out illegal acts as per international law. These actions do not augur well for international cooperation and peace as other nations will be tempted to act unilaterally and in direct contravention of the same laws that are meant to ensure world stability

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Romeo & Juliet Essay Example for Free

Romeo Juliet EssayIntroduction William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire and was baptised there on twenty-sixth April 1564. John Shakespeare, William Shakespeares father seems to have been reasonably wealthy at the time of William Shakespeares birth. It seems interchangeablely from his fathers high and expert position that William Shakespeare was educated at the Stratford grammar school. He did not, however, go to university and so did not have the kind of direction which m either playwrights experienced.In 1582, when William Shakespeare was eighteen, he married Anne Hathaway. The couple had three children, Susanna born shortly after their marriage, and the match Judith and Hamnet born in 1585. We cannot be sure of the time that Shakespeare moved to London, it is sentiment that he moved in 1585 when a group of playwrights visited Stratford and performed their play there, this may have been the time of when he moved. We do know that he was living i n London in 1592, by this time he was already known as a dramatist and good turnor.Even at this early stage he had become popular because, in 1592 Shakespeare was criticised in a pamphlet by a less successful writer Robert Greene, who wrote that a everyplacebold and largely uneducated dramatist (Shakespeare) was taking over the position, which rightly belonged to university men. In 1596 Shakespeares son Hamnet died, apart from this sorrow there was also achievement, John and William Shakespeare (father and son) were granted a coat of arms which means their status as gentlemen was recognised by the college of Heralds. In 1597 Shakespeare bought a New place, one of the largest houses in Stratford.In 1599 he bought shares in the Globe Theatre and in 1609 he became part owner of the newly built Black friars theatre. In this year also he published a collection of sonnets. William Shakespeare retired to New place in 1611. It is thought that he did not break all his business contacts w ith London. He died in Stratford on 23rd April 1616 at the age of fifty-two. THE ELIZABETHAN THEATRE Drama became increasingly secularised during the fifteenth and ordinal centuries and plays ceased to be performed in or near a church. Instead, they were often staged in the courtyard of an inn.A performance in a courtyard such as this had galore(postnominal) advantages. There were many doors that could be apply for exits and entrances, balconies that could represent battlements or towers and, best of all, perhaps, there were usually guests in the inns who appreciated the entertainment. In 1576 the first theatre was built in London, it was built accordingly to the design of Elizabethan courtyards. Galleries and boxes whatever the walls of the theatre were where the rich people sat and, equivalent the courtyard of an inn, it had no roof and so performances had to be cancelled if the weather was bad.The 1576 theatre and those built afterwards differed from the courtyard. They co ntained a large stage often called an apron because of its shape- which jutted out from one wall into the auditorium. The poorer members of the audience were called groundlings and stood well-nigh the stage throughout the performance. The large apron stage was not curtained from the audience and there was no candidatery on it. Indications of where the scene occurred were built into the words of the play. Very rich costumes and music also remunerated for the lack of scenery.It seems likely that plays went on from beginning to give the sack without interval, thought the end of a serious scene was often indicated by the use of rhyming couplets. Examples of this can be found in plays such as Twelfth night, for instance, scenes 1,2,4, and 5 are all end rhymed. This is also found in the play Romeo and Juliet for example, the end of act two scene two, Romeo. Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, relaxation in thy thy breast. Would I were sleep and peace so sweet to rest. The grey eyd morn smi les on the frowning night,Chequering the eastern clouds with streaks of light And darkness fleckled like a drunkard reels. From forth days pathway, make by titans wheels. Hence will I to my spectral sires close cell, His help to crave and my dear hap to hell. In Shakespeares time women were not allowed to perform on the stage, and so female roles were played by boys. This fact helps to explain why so many of Shakespeares heroines bury themselves as young men. It was easier for a boy to act like a young man than to act like a young woman. ELIZABETHAN ENGLISH Every language changes.Differences in pronunciation and in linguistic preferences are often apparent even in the speech of a father and his son, so it is not surprising that the language of Shakespeares plays should be markedly different from the English we use today. In the sixteenth century the English language was only beginning to be used by creative writers, previously Latin and French had been considered. This is becaus e the English language had not been fully developed and was harder to use. Adjectives, nouns and verbs were less rigidly contain to their specific classes in Shakespeares day. Adjectives were often used as adverbs.Nouns were often used as verbs. And verbs were often on occasions used as noun. Words changed their meanings as time passes, and so many words used by Shakespeare have different values today. This explains the language used in the plays during the 18th periods. Directing correspond II scene II Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare (1564-1616). The play is a tragedy decide in the fictional city of Verona. The Principality of Verona is ruled by Escalus. The story is based around two feuding families of Montague and Capulet. The leading characters are Romeo, a Montague and Juliet, a Capulet.At the beginning of the play Romeo is persuaded by his friends Benvolio and Mercutio to heed (uninvited) a feast held by the Capulets. Here Romeo hopes to see his beloved Rosaline, who we do not hear any more about. While at the feast Romeo catches a glimpse of Juliet. Their eyes meet and instantly they bead in love (Romeo completely forgets the reason why he attended, Rosaline). The balcony scene occurs early on in the play in act two. Romeo soon leaves the feast but his mind is still full of thoughts of Juliet, Romeo climbs over the wall and into her garden. Juliet cannot sleep and appears at the balcony .At this point they both declare their love for each early(a) and exchange vows. They decide there and then that they will get married in secret the next day. The balcony scene is a crucial part of the play it is the pivot point of the storyline and the interactions of the individual characters. In this scene Romeo and Juliet profess their love for each new(prenominal) and their intention to get married secretly, even though their two families would strongly disapprove. The leading characters attitude towards each other is completely ch anged as they disregard their families on going feud.Juliet says that it is Romeo she is in love with and he is the same Romeo even though he is a Montague. I will be enjoin act II, scene II, of Romeo and Juliet, I have made the choice of directing the scene as a frivol away. The reason for me choosing this scene is because it is the pivotal point of the play and also the just about interesting and recognised scene from William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet. The actor that I think would best fit the role of Romeo would be Freddie prince junior. The reason for me choosing him is due to him recently acting in allot of romantic films and also due to him organism admired by all his female viewers.Michelle Pfeiffer has been picked by me to play the role of Juliet. I have made this choice because she has also played the part of a romantic young teenager in many films. She is also recognised as one of the most famous and attractive actors in the Hollywood film industry. The pivotal poin t of the play comes in act II, scene II, when Romeo and Juliet declare their love for each other on the balcony. It is the most recognised scene of the playas it is here that that the two characters decide that they shall marry, despite the knowledge of their parents disapproval.Although some readers may believe that Romeo and Juliet rush into their marriage, it proves that their love is intense. It also helps with the overall understanding of the characters as the play is set in the hot Italian city of Verona, taking the stereotypical view of Italian men and women as romantic impulsive lovers. The play also demonstrates this trait by Romeos infatuation with Rosaline, which appears to disappear once he spots Juliet. This impulsive behaviour is a stereotype of Italian men.

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Animals Shouldnt Be Kept in Zoos Essay Example for Free

Animals Shouldnt Be Kept in Zoos EssayThe social network, Facebook is unnecessary worldwide for good deal under the age of 18 because there many citizenry who be cosmos exposed to atrocities through with(predicate) Facebook. If you are under the age of 18 you also have high risk of becoming universal to cyber bulling and many lot under this age are non taking action when they are being bullied or when they view it and a large percentage of people that use Facebook are under the wakeless age. Facebook is the worst social networking order for internet trolling, and bullying is now more prevalent online than anywhere else. enquiry has stated (daily mail. com, Damien Gayle, 2013) that 87 per cent of teenagers who reported cyber abuse said they were targeted on Facebook. Facebook is the worst social networking site for internet trolling, and bullying is now more online than anywhere else. Bullying on-line continues to be a salutary problem for a huge number of teenagers and we cannot ignore its often devastating and tragic effects. When teenagers are bullied many of them try to hide it and decide not to tell anyone.Research states that this is mainly because they scared, nervous, dont urgency to be teased or dont want to act as if it is a problem. Emma-Jane Cross, chief operating officer and founder of the charity BeatBullying, said many young people were suffering because of cyber bulling in silence. However, hundreds of young people are being cyber-bullied or trolled so badly that it can lead to depression, truancy, self-harm, or even up multitude them to contemplate or attempt suicide. This is a real problem Around 7. 5 million (out of the 20 million on Facebook) are under the legal age of 13.Even more troubling, more than fin million Facebook users were 10 years old or younger, and they were allowed to use Facebook largely without parental supervision leave them vulnerable to threats ranging from malware to sexual predators. It is absolutely inconceivable that a pre-teen would have the ability or patience to go through the existing maze of settings to be able to make their Facebook account private enough to go steady protection from unwanted approaches, spam and exploitation of their personal pictures and content. In saying this, so many people are using Facebook and are posting private picture, addresses and birth date.A study shows Schools, teachers and cyber safety experts, are trying very hard to educate teens about their longer term digital identity and online behaviour. except again, as my previous post suggests, it appears that many parents are simply not taking responsibility for their childrens online behaviour. somewhat seem unaware of the potential online dangers that their children can face daily. This can be partly due to schools not publicizing the constant stream of incidents. Or maybe its because their own children are keeping quiet even when harassed for fear of being banned and ostracised by their p eers.

Criminology Coursework †Assessing the riots Essay Example for Free

Criminology Coursework Assessing the riots EssayCriminology is cerebrate on the attempt to understand the meanings involved in sociable interaction. Theorists contract tried to explain sociological behaviour by looking at the patterns created by individuals that commit discourtesy. The revered 2011 riots ar pivotal in explaining criminological behaviour since official statistics show that 865 individuals were sic in prison by the 9th September 2011 for offences related to to the dis set up among sixth and 9th August 2011. This is non to say that new(prenominal)s were not involved, but that they throw off merely not been identified to date and may never be identified, however the evidence we do have ab come forward the re cent riots cave ins us plenty to talk ab out(a). This essay will provide a background for ca intents of the 2011 riots by applying the Labelling system and the Anomie theory to events that take to often(prenominal)(prenominal) behaviour. Mar k Duggan was shot by a practice of law officer from the specialist firearms command team and as life-pickings errors were made on behalf of the practice of law intensity, such(prenominal) events that led up to the riots suggest that the jurisprudence service could be to blame.It was on the 6th August that relatives sparked the riots by setting fire to jurisprudence vehicles as they demanded information about Duggans oddment, however the British flower Minister David Cameron rejected a causal relationship between the death of Mark Duggan and the subsequent looting. rough say estimateling is not a theory because it does not give an explanation of law, but questions why we have such rules. For Labelling idealogues on that point is no such thing as crime, as we create the laws and punish custodyts by specify certain acts to be deviant. Deviant kernel to de initiate from usual or accepted trites. Leading theorist Kitsuse said it is the responses of the conventional and adju sting members of society which identify and interpret behaviour as deviant which sociology transforms persons into deviants.This mover that it is not the actions themselves that are crimes but the amicable response to such actions that the majority of community deem to be unacceptable and so these actions have been made crimes. This is how we label individuals to be criminals as they do not correct to the behaviour of the ideal majority. This abide be un passably to nonage groups since they may not deem their actions to be criminal but do not have a choice, for example the introduction of the sinful referee Act which criminalised foregoingly civil offences such assection 63 which gives police the powers to remove persons go to or preparing for a rave. The aim of the act was to give greater penalties for anti-social behaviour however such activities bid raves may be anti-social in behaviour from some perspectives but is merely a form of frolic to others and so this is disc riminatory against ravers as their recreational activity has been barred.Commentators have seen the Act as a Draconian piece of legislation which was explicitly aimed at suppressing the activities of certain strands of alternative culture. In response to this Bill, the band Dreadzone released a single called Fight the Power which links into the Anomie theory (see anomie below) as the band were taking action to rebel the change in the law by getting the message across through and through their music. This also reflects Tannenbaums view of labelling that the transition of defining someone as a delinquent is collectible(p) to conflict over particular activities, which results in tagging in which the person becomes the thing he is described as existence and that the only way out is through a refusal to dramatize the evil. This can be use to the recent riots the people involved were in conflict with the rest of society. Official statistics have shown that 73 per cent of those that a ppeared before the courts for the disorders involved in the riots had a previous caution or credendum and so this fits in with Tannenbaums debate that once a person is labelled to be bad they will pass on in that manner.However, this data is only reliable to a certain extent as we do not know what sort of convictions the rioters already had and so they have been labelled as criminals due to divergence. According to Becker deviance is a consequence of the application by others of rules and sanctions to an offender. Becker came to the conclusion that people are criminalised through the process of negotiation, known to be social constructionism for example the Crown Prosecution Service may drop the attention of murder to manslaughter if there is not enough evidence to convict for murder. By doing this the defendant becomes labelled for the crime of manslaughter even though he may truly be guilty of murder. By introducing what could be regarded as petty legislation more people will be labelled criminals, which in turn may lead the offender to act further on this basis. Lemert referred to this as atomic number 16ary deviance as when a person is labelled criminal they change their view of themselves and this then becomes their master status.On the otherhand primary deviance is when someone violates a social code, but does not get labelled. wherefore a person is only labelled a criminal if he is caught and since ethnic minorities are pass on to much more scrutiny than the white population this puts black people at an automatic disadvantage. spare-time activity the inquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence it was uncovered that the police are institutionally racist. Institutional racialism can be defined as the collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional service to the people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin. This can be seen where police failed to identify the attack on Stephen Lawrence as being racially aggravated and presumed it was gang related. This is due to the labels attached to black people that they are all associated with black on black gun crime.Official figures show that black people in England and Wales are six times more likely to be stopped and searched by police in comparison with their white counterparts. The power given to police to stop and search is found under the evil Justice Act and requires the police to anticipate violence. For the Mark Duggan case although the officer may have pretty believed the suspect had a gun this was due to the label attached to him because of the colour of his skin and so such an assumption was not as a result of any proper intelligence. This reflects institutional racism as it is hard to believe that a white person would have been treated in the same way. contempt many black deaths in police custody there has been no conviction of a police officer. This is because of assumptions made that the victim must have been at fault becau se of the stigma that is attached to black people. This suggests an component of class because the lower class would most likely be punished when caught, whereas many officials manage to dismount minor crimes and so the rich and powerful are protected.The Brixton and Toxteth riots were also in response to such dissimilitude as at this time the police thought they were the law and so used brute force against many individuals for mere suspicion when in matter of fact they had done nothing wrong. Goffman referred to stigma as spoiled identities which he defined as an attribute that is deeply discrediting within a particular social interaction. Referring back to the riots this means that certain people, in particular black people cannot rid themselves of such spoiled identities and as a result are much more likely to be down to assumptions that they are deviant. It was Schur that outlinedthat a person employs deviant behaviour as a means of defence. This is germane(predicate) to th e recent riots since one man declared that he only joined in after being stopped and searched several times while trying to make his way home from the disturbances in the metropolis centre. This suggests that the riot was escalated by indignation towards the police as they inherit discrimination in carrying out their duties. Although racism is rooted in widely shared attitudes, values and beliefs, discrimination can occur irrespective of the invention of the individuals who carry out the activities of the institution.This means that the police may not even be aware that they are being racist, but the labels they attach to certain individuals are present regardless of whether it is intentional. This could be because of the small round of ethnic minority police officers and so the force is not representative, which in turn reflects the ignorance to the modern, multi-ethnical society that we active in. So is it fair to say that the police are to blame for the break out of the riots or that they did not carry out their duties efficiently enough to prevent them? The telegraph has cited that Mark Duggan was well known to the police. They had fancied that Duggan had a gun and further misleading information leaked to the in the everyday eye(predicate) that the victim had actually fired bullets at the police first. Both assumptions made by the police turned out to be false and so this created an outburst of anger since it appeared that such assumptions were based on the fact that Duggan was black.Labelling is a problem that cannot be converse easily and was acknowledged by Sir Paul Condon where he stated I acknowledge the danger of institutionalisation of racism. However, labels can cause more problems than they solve. Deviancy Amplication, as Leslie Wilkins pointed out is the process where the reaction by agents or agencies of social ascendency may lead to an escalation, rather than a diminution of deviancy. The riots reflect this as the deviant behaviour spir als out of control as more acts are defined as crimes which leads to more restraints against deviants which in turn leaves them flavour as outsiders and so pushes them into the surroundings of other criminals which again leads to more deviant acts. The 1981 Brixton riots produced the Scarman circulate which emphasised the indebtedness of police to apply the law firmly and sensitively without differing standards and although many measures were introduced to improve trust and understanding between the police and ethnic minority communities, theMacpherson inquiry in 2000 said the Metropolitan police still suffered from institutional racism.Although it is discernible that labelling causes many problems that cannot be reverted, it would not have been diplomatic to keep the truth behind the institutional racism a secret from the public and so on its emergence it is fair to say that this caused the line of the riots. As a result of this the police have now too been labelled and there of much trust has been lost in the eyes of the public. The Anomie theory was established in the aftermath of the industrial revolution where society had been subject to a social transformation, which saw a drop in the efficiency to maintain order. Durkheim said crime is normal in any society and is functional in 2 ways. The first being an adaptive function that ensures change in society by introducing new ideas and practices and the second type is the boundary maintenance function that reinforces social values and norms through collective action against deviance. He then progressed by outlining 2 typical social formations organic solidarity and mechanical solidarity. Organic solidarity is organised roughly difference, whereas mechanical solidarity displays identical and shared values and so sanctioning is served here to identify and exclude offenders.The two latter formations were used to understand the rates of suicide. Durkheim said that the suicide rates are down to social so lidarity that is the integration into social groups and the regulation of social norms. His findings showed that anomic suicide occurred where the degree of regulation was inferior because individuals note a sense of normlessness. This can be shown through the amount of suicides within prisons, namely Kilmarnocks orphic prison, where six suicides have occurred since the prison opened in 1999 until 2005. In the BBC Panorama programme investigating Kilmarnock prison a riot within the prison was described, where officers recall witnessing inmates setting fires, flooding and smashing televisions. This can be compared to the riots outside the prisons as the time at which they occur is when individuals are subject to stinting and social change. In times of rapid social change, such as that from mechanical to organic solidarity systems of regulations may be insufficient to effectively limit individual desires and so what emerges is a state of anomie.This theory is therefore applicable as the Toxteth outburst, that followed the Brixton riot reflects a civil protest against the social change because during this time Toxteth had one of the toweringestunemployment rates in the country. The citizens of Toxteth felt let down by the Government as the city hit a disdain and they were given little help to be able to survive and so could not fit in with society. This is also the same for the more recent capital of the United Kingdom riots as society struggles through the recession where high unemployment and high crime is also present. Durkheim also related organic solidarity to the sexual difference between men and women. He outlined that men are much more likely to commit crime due to the higher impact social change has upon males. This can be reflected through the 2011 riots as statistics show that out of all offenders brought before the courts10% were female and 90% were male. Whereas Durkheims work related crime to insufficient prescriptive regulation, Mertons Anomi e theory was a result of the absence of alignment between socially-desired aspirations, such as wealth, and the means available to people to achieve such objectives.According to Merton every society has cultural goals in which to strive for throughout ones lifetime and it was the American Dream that this theory derived from. Although Martin Luther King, Jr. strived for racial equality, few will deny that Americans are focused on the almighty horse. It was the idea that prosperity and success were available to all those that worked hard, however Merton argued that the cultural demands on persons to achieve wealth brought about the use of illegitimate means, where they are denied effective opportunities to do so institutionally. Although this is based on American culture it can be applied to the UK as our society to daytime aims for material success. This is reflected throughout the looting that transpired out of the 2011 riots as much of the disorder was in aid of stealing goods and electrical products.The BBC referred to this in headlines as greed and criminality, however others argue that the subsequent looting was due to the lack of help from the Government, which has left(a) many people in a state of desperation. Merton recognised that the majority of society will conform even though they suffer the strain of anomie, however those that do not conform can be categorised into four types of deviants. These four human adaptions are known as the Innovator, the Ritualist, the Retreatist and the Rebellion. In the UK the typical drug dealer would be an innovator as they accept the cultural goals, but do not use the standard institutionalised means. This could be for reasons such as previous convictions preventing them from achieving a respected job andtherefore other means are used in order to reach the desired material success. Ritualism in contrast refers to those that still have the attachment to the institutional means, however the cultural goals have been l ost. Here could glide by the single parent working hard at all costs and not actually achieving the goal. Retreatism is where some(prenominal) the objectives and means have been rejected.Merton says that Retreatism concerns people who are in society but not of it, for example a typical British tramp. The Rebellion refers to the behaviour of many young individuals in Britain as they replace the cultural goals and the institutional means with their own rules to cope with anomic strain. The recession is a prime example of an economic break down in Britain, which would result in some members of society turning to illegitimate means in order to achieve goals where society has made the end goal much harder to achieve. So, for the offenders involved there is a display of Innovation as they have the goals but not the means to achieve them and so have jumped on the opportunity of crisis in order to gain material success. Merton went on to argue that non-conformity resulted from differenti al access to opportunities, such as education and employment. From this there is a clear link to labelling as it is societies label that holds back the individual and prevents them from being able to achieve the end goals legitimately.This refers to the majority of the rioters since 73% of the offenders involved had previous convictions, and so although the desired goals are still prominent the label restricts the opportunity of getting a in good order job which in turn stops them achieving this ideology of material success. Even without a criminal conviction ethnic minority groups struggle to get the same opportunities in terms of employment. Looking at the UK as a whole, ethnic minorities make up about 7% of the population, yet in police forces across England and Wales, just 2% of their officers are non-white. It is also much harder for a police officer from an ethnic minority background to reach the rank of superintendent and so after much rejection they eventually give up. Foll owing the Brixton riots the Scarman report recommended efforts to recruit more ethnic minorities into the police force, and changes in training and law enforcement.The Macpherson report somewhat 17 years later showed that nothing has changed. The main problem with this theory is that it looks to assess fiscal crimes and ignores mindless crimes such as vandalism.However, as the riots are mainly concerned with burglary and theft (statistics show 13% of disorder was due to theft and 44% was assigned to burglary) this theory is applicable. Looking at the overall causes of the riots it is fair to say that the police have discriminated on the way a person looks and although this may have evoke further crime as deviancy amplication suggests, it is the Anomie theory that best explains the reasoning behind the riots. In order to prevent such mass atrocities occurring again, discrimination in any form must be eliminated from the Criminal Justice System. It was George Orwell that explained ho w society will become a police state and although surveillance programmes and more police powers have been enforced to give greater security to citizens much freedom is subsequently lost.Technology has been put in place in order to secure convictions, however in order for this to work the police must also be subject to the same kind of control. This would prevent discrimination on their part and also regain the publics trust in the police. The lack of opportunity from the Government has led to a proportion of society to ignore the law, which in turn creates disturbance between the law enforcers i.e. the police and the public.As the recent 2011 riots saw a more stand back approach by the police, they argued that they did not have the proper resources to respond due to cut backs from the Government, however much of the police fund is worn-out(a) on the wrong resources and so this must also be addressed for society to be controlled effectively. later on the Brixton and Toxteth riots the British public managed to regain police trust, however since the UK returned to an economic state like of that time it was evident that some form of protest would also reoccur. As this has happened, equal opportunities must be available to give everybody in society a chance to succeed, which in turn would lose the resentment that is held towards the Government and police.BibliographyTextbooksBowling, B., ruffianly Racism Victimisation, Policing and Social Context, 1998, Clarendon Press Gilbert, J., Discographies Dance Music, Culture, and the Politics of Sound, 1999, Routledge Newburn, T., Criminology, 2009, 1st edition, Willian Publishing Orwell, G., 1984, 1949, 1st edition, capital of the United KingdomSecker and Warburg JournalsBowling, B. and Phillips C., (2007) disproportional and Discriminatory Reviewing the manifest on Police Stop and Search. Modern Law Review. 70(6) Dicristina, B., (2006), Durkheims latent theory of gender and homicide. 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