Thursday, April 25, 2019

Dr. Tyrone Hayes lecture Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Dr. Tyrone convert lecture - Movie Review ExampleI find this part of the video interesting when exam the role steroid hormone in the interrogatory amphibian development in comparison with merciful beings. The metamorphosis and the sex differentiation of these animals in this part of the video is quite amazing and logical in our environmental studies as students.3. Discuss the pros and cons of toxicity testing on animals do you think that animals testing is justify? Do you think it gives accurate results that can be related to human beings? Support your reasoning.The toxicity testing in animals to some extent is justified especially towards the environmental studies. The pro of these studies revolves around human beings benefit especially in relation to the pet animals which they could contact various disease through. This will give an settle and control measures to various infections shargond between human beings and animals. Cons on the other hand are concerning the results a rrived at via these research hammers. Example is the Dr Hayes induction of mammary and prostate cancer in the research research laboratory rodents to highpoint on the atrazine as a possible course of reproductive cancer in humans. This research work to some extent was never justified.We can generate interest in the regulation of the environmentally deleterious chemicals through the reduction of various chemically related diseases such as cancers. This is because the chemicals induced in the environment contain a larger quantity of heavy metals. These heavy metals when human beings are exposed to, are the causative agents of various deadly infection

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