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The Greek Culture And Oedipus The King Religion Essay Essay Example

The Greek Culture And Oedipus The King Religion Essay Essay Example The Greek Culture And Oedipus The King Religion Essay Paper The Greek Culture And Oedipus The King Religion Essay Paper I have chosen to speak about the Grecian civilization because I believe that our present civilization has many similarities to the Greek s civilization. Our civilization today is really surprisingly similar to that of the Greeks. Some of these similarities are instruction, authorities, and faith. One similarity that we have to the Greek s civilization is the Greek s devotedness to rational unity and their development of a system of schools. The Greeks understood how of import it is to hold a good instruction. I agree with them because I think it is really of import to hold at least a high school instruction and I besides think it is of import to hold a college instruction. I believe that with cognition comes power and holding cognition can take to good things. Today, most people fundamentally think like the Greeks did about rational unity and a development of a system of schools. We still see the importance of a good instruction today. Having a college grade in today s society holds more occupation chances than person who merely has a high school instruction. One of the chief ends of instruction in Greece was to fix a kid for grownup activities as a citizen which is something that our society still does today. Parents prepare their childs for maturity. Another similarity that we have compared to the Grecian civilization is at that place usage of a democracy system. The Greeks were really the 1s that created the first democracy. The definition of democracy is the regulation of the people. They understood how of import it is to include the people in the determinations that are made for a society. When authorization figures make determinations on a society without the people of that society s ideas on those determinations, I m certain that people tend to acquire reasonably upset. The United States still uses a democracy system of authorities today because, like the Greeks, we see how of import it is for the people to hold some input every bit good. The Greeks besides had a broad position toward instruction that was mostly responsible for the ruin of Classical Greek civilisation. There are many people that still have a broad point of position today. We have republicans every bit good but we still have those progressives. Not merely was their democracy of import, but the function that the people of their society played were really of import as good. In Grecian civilization, the adult female s occupation was to run the house and bear kids. In many households today, it is of import the adult female stays at place and takes attention of the house. Of class, it is still really of im port for adult females to bear kids besides. The work forces spent a great trade of clip off from place and when they were nt involved in political relations, they spent clip in the Fieldss with their harvests. We still see this today. A batch of work forces spend clip off from place because of their occupation. A batch of people still farm for a life today and those people, during the summer, spend a batch of clip off from place taking attention of their harvests. The last similarity between the Grecian civilization and our present society that I am traveling to speak about is faith. The Greeks were profoundly spiritual people that normally worshiped many Gods. Not merely did the Greeks write narratives about Gods and goddesses, they besides created a batch of art work such as pictures and sculptures that portrayed Greek Gods or goddesses. Most people today are still really spiritual. Almost every faith of today involves the worship of a God. The lone faith that I can believe of that does nt idolize a God is Atheism and I think that they do nt believe in Gods. I mean, most of us spiritual people still go to church, read the bible, and pray in order to idolize our God. Although the Greeks were really spiritual and thought it was really of import to idolize their Gods, they besides had an anthropocentric manner of thought. The definition of anthropocentric is fundamentally that adult male is the centre of everything and is most of import. In other words, the Greeks believed that they were the most of import and possibly even more of import than their Gods. Sadly, I believe that some or possibly a batch of people still think like this today. I think there are still those people that think that God is really of import but when it comes down to it, they think deep down that they may really be more of import and that they are really the centre of everything. I am non anthropocentric at all. I believe that God is most of import and that he is the centre of everything. Now I am traveling to speak about the Grecian work of literature Oedipus the King. In this narrative, Oedipus is the swayer of Thebes. Thebes is really a dying metropolis and Oedipus is profoundly concerned of why Thebes is deceasing. Oedipus is a individual that is urgently seeking the truth of things so he goes to a unsighted adult male named Tiresias and he tells Oedipus about all of these prognostications affecting Oedipus himself. Oedipus does non believe what Tiresias tells him but Oedipus finds out throughout the narrative that Tiresias prognostications are really true. The chief struggle in Oedipus the King is between belief and world. The belief is that intelligence makes humanity maestro of its ain destiny versus the world of humanity being helpless against some barbarous destiny. This sort of goes back to that anthropocentric manner of thought. For a individual to believe that he or she can command his or her ain destiny because of his or her intelligence seems like and anthropocentric manner of thought to me. I believe that whatever God has planned is what is traveling to go on no affair how smart person is. On page 617, lines 216-219, the chorus of the drama says: O aureate girl of God, send deliverance radiant as the kindness in your eyes! Drive him back! the febrility, the God of decease that ramping God of war. The chorus is praying that the girl of god send deliverance and drive back the God of decease from the metropolis of Thebes. This goes back to the Greek s being really spiritual people and idolizing Gods. All throughout Oedipus the King, the characters talk about some kind of god really frequently. Today, spiritual people still pray to their God for aid which is what is traveling on in these lines from Oedipus the King. I can associate to this because if I know person who is severely in demand of aid, I pray for him or her in hopes that he or she will have aid which is what the chorus of this narrative was making in these lines of the drama. The Grecian civilization had many similarities to our present society today. Some of these similarities are instruction, authorities, and faith. The drama of Oedipus the King shows features of the Grecian civilization throughout the drama. The Greeks made really of import developments and some of them are really apparent the present society of today.

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BOOK REVIEW on Open Networks, Closed Regimes by Shanthi Kalathil and Essay

BOOK REVIEW on Open Networks, Closed Regimes by Shanthi Kalathil and Taylor C. Boas - Essay Example They also examined Governmental use of the electronic medium, while economically, they examined Internet use by domestic entrepreneurs. Lastly, they also examine the impact of informational technology from the perspective of how the use of the worldwide web outside the borders of a particular country could impact upon the internal political stability of these countries. The authors have concluded that the impact of the Internet is ambiguous, because in some countries authoritarian regimes have actually been able to cement their position, while in others the Internet has not made much of a difference. As a result they found no evidence to support the contention that the Internet threatens authoritarian regimes. The central thesis of the book is clearly stated at the very outset, as follows: â€Å"There is now a widespread belief in the policy world that the Internet poses an insurmountable threat to authoritarian rule.† (Kalathil and Taylor, 3 ). The authors set out to examine the veracity of this assumption and state clearly that â€Å"we seek to critically examine the impact of the Internet in authoritarian regimes.† Thus, on this basis, the thesis is clearly laid out as being the answer to the question of whether the Internet indeed poses a threat to authoritarian regimes and promotes the forces of democratization. This is also the sub title of the book. In order to address the thesis, the authors have explored patterns and content of Internet use in six countries with authoritarian regimes. In examining the patterns of Internet use and the levels of control or blocking imposed by the States in question, the authors have arrived at the conclusion that the so called threat to authoritarian regimes posed by the Internet is ambiguous, because the extent of its effect is also dependent upon various social and political factors and players. In some instances, authoritarian regimes were actually able

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Doping in Sports Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Doping in Sports - Research Paper Example Doping in athletes is the most current element that threatens the entire athletics body in the world. Athletes have been found to have used performance enhancing drugs in various athletic competitions through out the world. The motive behind the use of these drugs is not yet established. But the fact remains constant that the primary reason for using performance enhancing drugs by some athletes his to gain competitive advantage and thus snatch the rewards. In some cases personal accomplishments and ambitions such as the need to win medals for their countries are among the driving factors that make athletes engage in doping. Among the commonly abused drugs among athletes include anabolic asteroids, androstenedione, human growth hormones, stimulants, creatine, erythropoietin and diuretics. According to this research, about 1-3 million athletes in the United States have been involved in the use of anabolic steroids by the year 2005, with designer steroids being the commonly abused (O'Le ary and John 23). II. Dangers and Side effects The side effects and the health risks associated with performance enhancing drugs are difficult to assess to the fact that these drugs are illegal. However, studies have revealed the consequences of using these drugs as discussed below. Effects of anabolic steroids The use of anabolic steroids comes with very adverse effects on athletes. The effects however, manifest themselves differently depending on gender. For instance, men develop prominent breasts, baldness, infertility and impotence. In advanced stages, the male testicles become shrunken. On the mother hand, females develop deeper voice, increased body hair, baldness, frequent or sometimes absence of periods (Houlihan and Barrie, 67). Effects of Androstenedione This is a drug that is legally found in prescription form. However, the use of it as a performance enhancing drug is illegal in some countries like the United States of America. The effects of androstenedione in men are; diminished sperm production, breasts enlargement and shrinking of the testicles. In females the effect is that is common is masculinization, such as voice deepening and male-pattern baldness. Effects of human growth hormones This hormone is also known as gonadotropin, and is mainly used by athletes to increase the mass of the muscles and performance. However, the human growth hormones have anabolic effect. Among these effects are; High blood pressure (hypertension), Muscle weakness, Diabetes, pain in the joints and impaired glucose regulation (Khan et al, 12). III. Drug testing procedures Test for doping can be done in two ways. One through blood sample test and the other is done through urine sample test. However, urine sample test is the most commonly used method. The procedures followed are as shown below. Step1. Notification of selection for a urine test The athletes are notified of selection for a test an anti-doping agency through the use of an official Doping Control Form. Step2. Reporting for sample collection The notified athletes are expected to report to the Doping Control Station with immediate effect on the specified time. The

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MILITARY PAY Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

MILITARY PAY - Assignment Example Next, I will carryout the real study in the month of October using the above methods. During the same month, I will collect data using survey, interview and questionnaire methods of data collection. I will write short notes on the most important things arising in the course of the study. Finally, I will analyze the data and come up with the final results in the month of November. Based on the results of the study, I will make conclusions and recommendations then write a report of the study. In order to carryout this research, some of the resources that must be carried include electronics e.g. a laptop and mobile phone. Laptop will help in recording and storing information collected from the informants. This is a reliable storage facility because information is permanently stored. Writing materials are very essential when carrying out research. This is because the activity involves lots of recording. The researcher notes down information gathered from the informant in a notebook. These are mainly short notes that are later expounded when compiling data. Biro pens should also be enough for the number of people intended to fill the questionnaires. According to Nasu (2009), money is a major resource. In order to carry out any research, the researcher should ensure that he/she has enough funds. Most of the activities need money. For instance, money is needed to cater for transport purposes. In order to collect reliable data, the researcher should collect data in different regions and from different military officers then compare. Money is needed to cater for food and accommodation. What and where the researcher will eat, rest and sleep has to be paid for. The researcher should have enough airtime to feed their mobile phone to enable communications to take place, pay assistants who help in carrying out research as well as be in a position to cater

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The History Of Dell Laptops

The History Of Dell Laptops Laptop or we can say notebook, It is a Enhanced type of a computer system. It is based Mobile computer technology; Laptops are usually light in weight. The weight may vary according to the material and machines used in the Laptops. Laptops run as mobile system. Means we can charge notebook it contains battery system, from the view of working and processing, notebooks (laptops) work as same as desktop computers, but they are less powerful at the same price of desktop, Laptops are expensive than desktops. Because desktops use materials which are bigger in size and consumes more power, so laptops use smaller and optimized components and power consumption is also less than desktops. Laptops have LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and most of laptops use memory modules of different types for the place of Random Access Memory. Laptop has a inbuilt keyboard and device like mouse which is known as Touchpad which is used for moving cursor on the screen. Laptop companies:- Which was the first laptop company Answer of this question is still confusing because no one can answer the correct name. But now a day many laptops companies in Laptops markets. Following are the name of some popular laptop companies:- Apple Panasonic Dell HP Lenovo IBM Sony Samsung Toshiba Acer From the All above laptop companies Dell is known as top laptop company in U.K Laptop market. It is the highest laptop market shares and high share value.(evidenced ) Dell provides wide range of Apple is known for its Mac books and run only its Operating system. It is virus free and energy saver. The project titled NEW technology and the strategy of the U.K laptop market by comparing of the Dell and Compaq (Hewlett Packard) will help in understanding the UKs Laptop market and will analyse that which elements of both laptop companies marketing mix make contribution to the success of their products in market and help in Identifying that what type of strategy will be used to maintain and grow their share in the laptop market. Since this project will explore many things about the technology and ideas of laptop companies planning in growing sales. But mainly it will explore that how the appropriateness of strategies achieves their goals and will identify the successful and unsuccessful approaches in the marketing sales, and also will give idea about the customers mentality while purchasing the laptops, and this research will also give the idea about Laptop vendors and End-users, and by comparative study, this research will describe that how customers reacts to the changes in marke t?, and how the laptop technology has been changed in last few years? Earlier when I took this topic, I didnt know too much, but now when I completed, I am feeling comfortable because I chose very interesting topic. It gave me the idea about the thoughts of customers while they purchase laptop. 2. History of Laptop companies This project report will reveal information about two famous laptop companies, which are Dell and HP (Compaq). This section will provide information about history background of both laptop companies. Since these both companies have good market values and more latest technologies. 2.1 Dell Dell Laptop Company is not much older than other popular laptop companies, but it became popular and earned more market value in few years. Dell Company was formed by a person named Michael Dell. It is USAs computer hardware company and the headquarter of this company is in Texas. Currently this company manufactures, supports, and sells Desktop companies, data storage devices, PDAs, servers, laptops, network switches and Mobile phones and many more products related to technology. In 1996 Dell started selling computers via its website. In 1999 Dell overtook HP and became the Biggest Seller of Desktop computers. But it was known as PCs limited. So in 2003, in the yearly meeting of the company, all the stockholders approved the companys new name to Dell Inc In 2006, Dell was ranked as 25th largest company in the Fortune 500 list by Fortune magazine. Dell consistently improving its performance in market for last 15 years and providing better service than others. Firstly it was named PCs limited and its starting capital was 1000 American Dollar. Firstly it started selling IBM supported computers made from stock components. Then after one year, Dell invented its first computer which was called Turbo PC. Michael Dell believed that if we sell our product directly to the customers then our company could understand customers need bitterly so we can provide better and more effective solution of computers to meet customers need 2.1.1 History of Dell Laptops:- First series of Dell Laptop was released in 1989 and it was named 316LT. it had black and white screen and in 1991 , Dell introduced its first color screen laptops and its cost was nearly $4500- $5000. Since then, Dell is continuously improving its laptop performance and reliability as per customers demands and making it customer affordable. In 2006 Dell also started manufacturing AMD processor based laptops and computers. And in this company also purchased Alienware and released a series of laptops with the join name Dell Alienware. The Dell-XPS also, Dell released its many series of laptops. The other popular laptops series of Dell are:- Del-Inspiron Dell-Latitude Dell- Vostro Dell-Studio 2.1 Compaq/HP(Hewlett-Packard ) The Compaq/ HP is the one of the best Desktop and Laptop computer company, it is American company this company came in market in 1982 and later it was merged with HP and now became a brand name. Jim Harris, Bill Murto and Rod Canion formed this company and from starting, Compaq is producing IBM PC supported computers. 2.1.1 about HP Whenever we hear about Compaq, HP also comes in our mind and we think that these both are the same. But the reality is different, actually Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard was the students who formed HP. They were the students of Stanford University. In 2002 they merged with Compaq. Firstly they developed sound oscillators, and then they came in computer market. These days, HP is a common name in laptop and Desktop computer market. And the surveys show that HP tablet PC as well as Laptops are winning the trust and heart of the UK customers. 2.1.2 History of (Hp/Compaq) laptops The first laptop of Compaq Company was launched in 1983, it was a portable computer based on IBM PCs. All the software which was supported by IBM PC was also supported by Compaqs portable computers. In 1985, Compaq earned a turnover of half a billion dollars In 1986, Compaq launched its 16 bit computer which was based on Intel processors and had the frequency of 8 MHz and it pushed IBM back on the basis of performance and it became fast computer at that time. Till few years ago, Compaq was manufacturing products only related to the corporate world. But as the time passed, it came in retailer market and made a boom in computer and laptop market. In 2002, HP made an agreement and merged with Compaq for introducing themselves as the single-biggest entity in the computer industry. After this merge, HP pushed back Lenovo/IBM computer, Dell and other top companies. Compaq also invented Tablet PC notepad which has a pointing device just like pen, After the merging of HP and Compaq, some of the products got new name for example, Compaqs iPAQ PDAs were renamed by HP iPAQ , and logo of company became HPQ earlier which was CPQ of Compaq and HWP for HP. HP/Compaq laptops divided its laptops in some categories and manufactures and fixes cost according to their category. Like Versatile performance, mobility, Entertainment powerhouse, Special editions. HP is known as its Pavilion Series and other side Compaq was known as its Presario series of desktop and laptops. These all are categories has the customization option according to the users need and customers can customize them and get the best product according to their choice. The Technical changes in UK laptop market Changes in laptop technology in last 20 years. Change is the nature of world, every things changes with time, and after every change, it become better and more effective, just like the Laptops technologies are changing continuously as per the changes in time. As we all know that every technology no longer remains same, the change will be happen when people will want to move to the next and latest technologies with some better improvements then others. Continuously access to the new information and knowledge is provided by currently available technology and new growing technologies. Technology is changing for example, in first expensive and bulky PCs were developed, after that desktop computers came in market and then portable computers came in use, but throughout last 20 years, the laptop technology has been changed very rapidly, the changes in the laptop companies can be divided into four categories. These categories are as follows : Cost of the Laptops Storage capacity Processing speed Size and designs 3.1 Cost of the Laptops: In earlier time the cost of a laptop was nearly $2500, which was very expensive and an ordinary person cant afford this price of laptop but with the changes in time, laptops becoming cost effective and in current time, a student can also afford money for laptops and can do his usual school or college work via laptop. 3.2 Storage capacity: The storage capacity is also a point to be remembered while purchasing a laptop, because when a work is done on the laptop, then it require work to be saved somewhere on the laptop, and it requires storage place, in earlier time when the first portable computer was made , the it had only 32 MB Hard disk, but slowly-slowly storage capacity increased and 64 MB, 512 MB, 4 GB, 16 GB, 80 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB hard disk came in laptops and currently laptop with 500 GB Hard disk is much popular and widely used. 3.3 Processing Speed: When the first portable was launched, then it had a processor of only 8 MHz and at that time, IBM had processor with only 6 MHz, but with the time processor are also changed and speed and processing is increased, Intel Pentium III, Pentium IV, Dual core, Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, core i7 these all processor are introduced within last 20 years. Currently i7 is latest processor with the speed of 2.9 GHz. 3.4 Size and Design : With all above features of laptop, laptop is also improved at the view of size and Design, first portable computer was just like as typing machine and had only a little screen, but with the time, laptop improved and now become more attractive in design and more light in weight and small in size, and currently mini laptops are also used, which are called Net books Current laptops technologies in Dell In Todays time, many magazines appreciated the Dells laptop series and notbooks in U.K., in world, the first portable computer was made in 1981, and after few years, Dell launched its first laptop. 1989 In 1984, Dell started manufacturing his own laptop, and after 5 years in 1989, Dell launched its first laptop. It was named the 316LT. this notebook had a black white display 1991 In 1991, Dell launched its first laptop with a color screen and it was released at the Spring Comdex computer tradeshow in Las Vegas. And the price for this laptop was $4,500 1994 Dell launched its notebook first time with the lithium ion battery in this year. And this year, Dell broke every industry record for long battery life, and made the battery longer so with charging once, laptop can work easily for long time. 2000 In this Dell introduced Wi-Fi inbuilt in Laptops. And again Dell made a Boom in Laptop industry, Wi-Fi is a the name for products who allow access to a wireless local area network or wireless Internet connection. 2006 Dell added Blu-ray Disc technology to the laptop of its series, Dell latitude D series was announced. In this series. D-420, D-520, D-620, D-820 were came in market, Dell started selling its Inspiron Series globally 2006 to till Now In July 10, 2007, Dell launched its Vostro series , this was sold under the Home and small business lines, When Dell introduced vostro series, it retired its Dimension line. with vostro, Dell provided short er technical support time, if a customer want to get 24/7 technical support, then he has a option to purchase full support. Dell customers also got Express card expansion slot in vostro. After that, Dell introduced its best laptops models and series in market, Dell Studio, Dell Lattitude, Dell XPS, these latest models and technologies came with fastest processor options, HDMI ports, LED blacklit screens. eSATA ports, backlit Keyboard, variation in screen size of laptops, maximum products are available on Dell website for sale, many customizable colors, designs and features are available, dell also included a Face recognition and a finger print scanner system in some countries in the end 2009, Dell released Studio laptops with the a mobile Core i7 processor, but Dual core and core 2 duo options were also available, but they were categorized as lower level options, in 2010 Dell also introduced net books with extra improved features. How do Dell and Compaq sustain their position in market? Every company in the market have a position and always want to sustain its position in the market. For this, Every company uses some strategies and some process for making their sales better and remain top on the market. Dell and HPQ(Compaq) also follows some strategies and some process for growing their sales. Dell works on following strategies to sustain its position in market Direct Sales Partnership with Suppliers Research Development Customer Services Direct Sales : Direct sales means direct to customer. This is the best and most successful strategy of the Dell, this was followed for providing best product on effective cost. It was also called Eliminate the Middleman Strategy, Everyone knows that if a product is Sold directly to the end user, then it will reduce the cost of the product. Just like that Dell also sells its products direct to its customers. So that middleman will be eliminated and customer will get good quality product on company cost. Dell removed all the middleman retailers and started selling laptop directly to customers via Websites and other sources. Partnership with Suppliers : Dell planned to make combination with other suppliers, who sell Dell laptops. The Dell made partnership agreement with suppliers for the profit of both parties. Dell convinced them to Sell Dell laptops more and more with extreme priority. For that, Dell will provide them Dell laptops on low cost for Selling with Good Margin. When a supplier will get good margin on a laptop, then obviously he will focus on selling that particular product more and more. Dells this Strategy worked very effectively and got better results. Research and Development: The Dell always believed in selling laptops directly. Its Direct to Customer Strategy helped in getting much improvement and new Ideas of Development in technology. One of the reasons of Dell for being popular is the continuous and better development in Laptop Technology and product quality. Dell is consistently improving products and quality. The most important thing is that Dell always comes with a Product better than last one. So from last few years, Dell is winning heart of the customers specially students and professional persons. Dells research development department is very progressive and this strategy help a lot for being popular in Laptop industry. Customer Services: Dells customer services are Excellent and impressive. Dell provides 247 customer support. This Strategy helps Dell in making trust on customer about Service after sales. Because selling a product is not much harder but after selling, maintenance and providing support is very hard and important. Dell provides many types of customer services for improving company value. Dell provides technical support, Replacement of Defected product, online technical support, information about problems related to laptop. In early years Dell was moving backward because of its customer services. So after that companys chairman Michael Dell ordered to improve customers services and it helped in receiving Feedback from customers and it was a big help for Dell in improving product quality. HP(Compaq) works on following strategies to sustain its position in market Telling Stories approach Using Digital Media Opening doors a little Store to store strategy Telling Stories approach: Telling stories approach means transferring and giving message in a narrative or detailed way. This strategy generally follows the rule that Tell a story, what a customer want to hear means on what thing a customer believe, or what product and technology a customer want to buy, HPQs this approach help in making good relation with customers and made believe and develop relationship between customer and the Brand. This is most old and effective approach to make a laptop or companys brand efficient, effective and in touch. Using Digital Media: Using Digital Media approach has four different parts. Which are shown below:- First part is Partnering with MySpace, MySpace is a social networking site and HP made a partnership with this site to make a trust in customers about the brand and this strategy became successful in many aspects. The second part in this approach is contests on for creating videos and by this HPQ got good results. Many people took part in this contest and got prizes and came to know about the products of HP(Compaq). The third part is HP idea labs. In this HP made and strategy which helped in getting better ideas from customers about the improvement in brands and getting good results. Opening doors a Little : A laptop company uses its Developer teams mind and its thinking in developing laptops. The employees who work in the company always thinks and try to develop something better than current. But what will happen if a company gets ideas from the customers and use it for improving its product quality. HP started this approach for getting new ideas from the customers and it helped in using customers talent in designing new products and technologies. For example recently HP started a competition on MTV to Design new notebooks and give these designs to HP and get money and many more prizes. After starting of this show, many customers participated in the contest and did their best in designing notebook with new technology. By this competition, HP got many new ideas for manufacturing and improving its laptops. Store to store strategy : Store to store strategy is an approach for improving sales of laptops. Basically it is a mini island type store within a large retail outlet. This island store is independent, exclusive to its own products and laptops, atmosphere and associates. The main aim of this strategy is to provide customers with an experience and that experience will exceed the expectations of the customers. Since every company follow different type of strategies to sustain its position in the laptop market . Dell has its strategies related to customers needs and HP has company need related strategies. Dell considers that the laptop market in other area of world is same as US and UK. But HP thinks that every region in the world carries variability in laptop market. So it changes its target according to the location and region. HP follows the principle of Polycentrism. Whereas Dell follows the principle of ethnocentrism. How the customer responds to the changes in market? Whenever there happens a change in market, customer quickly responds to the market, it may be Positive respond or may be negative respond and the companies also get affected by these changes, because whenever a change happens, a customer thinks that there should be new thing or new technology in the market. And according to that change, customers responds to the market. Due to changes in Market Customer Require more efficient technology with effective cost. Customer will require product delivery in short time, Customer will move toward new technology, so that old product technology will be ignored. New offers and schemes will be available in market. Competition will be more and more. When there will be a change in market and new technology will be introduced, then customer will think that he should get best laptop on reasonable price. Then it will be more difficult for a laptop company to manage good quality product on low cost.

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Preference Reversal And Expert :: essays research papers

Subjects in gambling tasks that involve both choice and pricing show a pattern of responses known as preference reversal. That is, although subjects in a choice condition generally will give higher preference ratings to “safe';, high-probability/low-payoff, bets than to “longshot';, low-probability/high-payoff, bets, when they are asked in a pricing condition to generate an amount of money that they would accept to avoid the gamble altogether they tend to give higher values for longshots over safer bets. Tversky, Slovic, and Kahneman (1990) demonstrate that among the several possible actions that subjects could be taking to produce this pattern, the critical factor appears to be the overpricing of the longshot bets. If subjects are actually offered a monetary figure (hypothetically) by the experimenter to replace the gamble, they will accept this figure even though it is lower than the figure that they generated in the pricing condition. Tversky et al. (1990) further show ed that this overpricing is largely due to a phenomena known as scale compatibility, which involves certain biases when the response required by the subject is in the same units as the factors influencing the decision. Since the payoffs of the bets and the buy-out prices assigned to them are both monetary values, this leads people to give greater weight to the payoff value of the bets when asked to price them (a situation of compatibility) than when asked to choose between them (a situation of non-compatibility).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The development of expertise in avoiding preference reversal, then, would have to involve the circumvention of the compatibility effect. One possible way in which this could occur would involve subjects consistently selecting either payoff or probability as the critical factor in both choice and pricing conditions. By adopting a strategy of maximizing the chance of any payoff in both the choice and pricing condition and giving that option the higher rating on both scales, preference reversal would be avoided. Conversely, considering only the greatest potential for gain in each condition would have the same effect.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  This strategy, however, would be susceptible to preference reversals in the other direction. In the first case of maximizing the chance of payoff, the safe bet (H) would be favored over the longshot (L) and the pricing would also favor the safe bet (Ch) over the longshot (Cl) (i.e. Ch Cl). Yet when any amount of money (X) is offered at a %100 probability, that option would be selected over both H and L.

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Equality,diversity and inclusion in dementia care practice Essay

1.2 Younger people with dementia diagnoses may still be employed have children and a family and it can be a lot more distressing for them when diagnosed than someone who is older, they have a better awareness of what is coming and what is going to happen, and older person may not realise they have dementia at first, and out it down to Age, and by the time they are diagnosed they have had it for some time so the trauma is not so severe and they don’t have dependents to worry about, so the experiences can be quite different. 1.3 People with disabilities are more prone to developing dementia at an earlier age that people who have no disability, although the symptoms may be similar and they may not get the correct diagnosis or be able to understand the diagnosis. Different Ethnic Groups may have a lower awareness of dementias and they are more prone to having more than one type of dementia linked in with medical problems and this can delay diagnosis, so they are not getting the support they need early on, There is also a stigma in some cultures, thinking they are possessed they are locked up with no treatment and sometimes even killed, so it can be difficult to breach this barrier making their experiences more harrowing. It can also make it difficult to present their needs culturally as their history may not be in this country so person centred approaches can be difficult for them. End of life can mean that they have been diagnosed with dementia for some time and if there is no plan in place for palliative care, or they have not already detailed their needs then the support they get at end of life might not be what they want, they will lack understanding of what is happening and this can distress the family members. Having a good plan in plac e reduces this, so people with dementia at end of life still have their needs, wishes and preferences respected and reduce the distress caused. Read more: Principles of diversity equality and inclusion essay 1.4 A carer may become distressed, frustrated, lack sleep become depressed, dementia is a full time job, they become confused, don’t remember people who are family members, and they will eventually forget the basics of life, this can be very distressing watching a family member with dementia as they are  not recognising their children, partners ect. It is not a slow process and this affects their well-being. 2.1. The current legislation The Equality Act, The Human Rights Act and the equality and diversity policies in place all reflect what is in the agreed ways of working in the plans and policies and procedures. This makes sure that the client is always at the centre of planning and the support they receive, they are encouraged to make decisions and given the choices that are reflected in the support plans, making sure they are included, they are offered outings and encouraged to be a part of the communities they live in, this promoted inclusive practices and promotes the c lients themselves. 2.2 Because they lack understanding, they have lost their memories and the basics of life skills, this makes them very vulnerable to people thinking they are acting in their best interests, it also makes them targets for people who would want to exploit them as they have forgotten what money they had, they have been convinced to give them power of attorney, they may become reliant on their carers who keep them isolated in their homes and make excuses. 2.3 The person with dementia may feel depressed, lost, not understand what is happening, they may not realise what is happening until the damage is done and then not understand why it happened causing them to become very distressed, feel isolated, let down, it all feels strange and upsetting. 2.4 Diversity, equality and inclusion are the differences between us all in our religious beliefs, cultural needs, preferences, they are addressed by learning about their histories, their past, what they need in the religious beliefs cultural needs from diet, to clothing, support, who supports them, the activities they take part in, by having individual plans in place that reflect their individual needs and preferences, by making sure they are involved in the planning and reviewing processes all of their individual needs can be met. 4.3 I would explain to them how the individual might feel, what effect this can have on them. I would also report it to the Manager immediately so training and support can be put in place for them, this is all recorded in the staff files and it is monitored so it doesn’t happen again. We promote inclusive practices and the client is always involved in choices and decisions no one should work in any other way.

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Conservation of Momentum Experiment Essays

Conservation of Momentum Experiment Essays Conservation of Momentum Experiment Paper Conservation of Momentum Experiment Paper Propagation of Uncertainties for Velocity of Pucks for Final Momentum:  Ã‚  Cue Puck:  Stationary Puck:  Since we have done the have already calculated the percent uncertainty for the velocity of the pucks, we can now add these uncertainties up.  Final Percent Uncertainty for Average Initial Velocity of Cue Puck: 1.136%+0.180%=1.317%  Final Percent Uncertainty for Average Initial Velocity of Stationary Puck: N/A No Movement  Final Percent Uncertainty for Average Final Velocity of Cue Puck: 0.714%+0.180%=0.895%  Final Percent Uncertainty for Average Final Velocity of Stationary Puck: 0.90%+0.18145=1.081%  Final Percent Uncertainty of Result: If the collision is a perfectly elastic collision, then both the momentum and the total kinetic energy and conserved:   Conservation of momentum requires the following to be true for both the x and y components:  (Pcix+Psix)-(Pcx1+Psix1)=0  (Pciy+Psiy)-(Pcy1+Psiy1)=0  Conclusion and Evaluation of Procedure:  According to my data collection and processing, the momentum of the collision experimented was not conserved, around 9.79% of the original momentum was lost to friction (Thermal Energy) and other external forces, furthermore the EkiEkf, all of the above indicates that the collision tested was an inelastic collision with external forces acting upon the objects, indicating that the test was not performed in an isolated system. The small uncertainty in the experiment indicates that the design of the experiment is done quite well, the random and systematic errors contributed very little to the final result. Initial cue has no y?  Evaluation of Procedure  The design of the conservation of momentum in 2D lab was excellent; the uncertainty of the all equipment used combined in the lab only caused a percent uncertainty of 3.80%. However there are several significant human errors that may have occurred in the lab which could have altered our results. The first human error that may have occurred in the lab is due to the fact that the cue puck was initially controlled by a push by a persons hand, this may have caused accelerated motion instead of uniform motion, and depending on the strength of the push the velocity might also differ in each time interval. Ultimately manually controlling the initial velocity of the puck could lead up to two significant errors in the experiment, throughout the experiment and calculations in the data processing we have assumed that the cue puck had no y components to it, but in reality, this is not true, it would be nearly impossible for the manually controlled puck to have travelled perfectly in a straight line, this flaw can be found on the data paper (dots made by the pucks), as the cue puck travelled in a curved linear fashion, this flaw could have also resulted an error in determining the collision angles of the cue puck and the stationary puck because its inaccurate to measure an angle from a curvy line. The second problem that this maybe have caused is the measurement of the initial velocity of the cue puck, since we do not know when the accelerated motion stops and converts itself into uniform motion, we have to judge from the patterns of the dots made by the sparker to determine the average initial velocity of the cue puck, in reality none of the distances from any of the two dots from the data paper should never be the same if measured accurately, this factor could also be dependent on the strength of the push applied on the puck, the main reason behind this is that the time elapsed for the cue puck to travel is much too short for us to determine its exact initial velocity because it does not have a chance to slow down at all. The third flaw in the lab is due to the nature of the test paper itself, the experiment was done on the air table to reduce the friction between the surfaces to a minimum, from my observations, the paper used for the experiment is fairly rough compared to printer paper, due to the nature of the paper there are several concentrated spots where many dots gathered imprinted by the sparker, this maybe an indication of the puck having a difficult time to move. The last flaw in the experiment may have occurred at the point of contact when the two pucks collide; frictions of the two puck surfaces could have easily slowed the pucks down and alter the final results. Experiment Improvements: The human errors can be reduced to a minimum if we use a type of a launcher that applies to equivalent strength to the puck which will allow the air puck to travel throughout the surface of the paper with uniform speed, the launch would also eliminate the excess y component and give us a more accurate result. The surface of the paper can be improved with the use of paper with smoother surfaces; this would produce a better data paper for us to do measurements with. To eliminate the friction at the point of contact, we could use ring magnets with opposite poles around the pucks, this would eliminate the contact of the two pucks and ultimately take friction away. I think we could have done a combination of things better, if I were to design the lab again, I would create a apparatus with a camera mounted on top, which is programmed to take pictures for every time interval along with the improvements I have listed above, the pucks would be placed along the lines of a scale (Meter stick, measuring tapeetc.) There will also be a spark timer for the physical data. This way we will have a physical and digital data, we can always look back at the digital data (digital data should be more accurate) and compare it with the physical data, this will make the experiment nearly perfect.

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Akindele Owolabi Essays (1145 words) - Racism, Identity Politics

Akindele Owolabi Essays (1145 words) - Racism, Identity Politics Akindele Owolabi Nikongo Ba'Nikongo The African Experience in film November 28, 2015 Racism in the Americas and Africa Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Racism has been especially prevalent in Africa and in the Americas for the past few decades. In the Americas, Blacks have been discriminated against and attacked because of their color. Even though blacks are originally from Africa, the same discrimination and general mistreatment has been done there as well. Racism has affected the lives of blacks through violence, through acting as a unifying force, and through perpetuating poverty. Throughout history, blacks have been victims at the hands of violence for decades. "Cry Freedom" depicts that experience in Africa. The movie "Cry Freedom" is essentially about the fight against apartheid from the perspective of a journalist Donald Woods and it also shows the highlights of Steve Biko's life. Steve Biko was one of the many South Africans that were jailed, beaten, tortured, killed during the apartheid era. Also depicted in the film, when blacks went to riot in front of the police against the unfair laws of apartheid, they were attacked with pepper spray and if they continued to riot, were sometimes shot on site. Police spared no one; men, women, and children were all shot mercilessly. This these actions by the police were also displayed in the motion picture a "Dry White season". Gordon Ngubene, the son of an all white school teacher's gardener, was beaten then captured and tortured by the local police. In the Americas, violence was definitely an experience blacks had to deal with due to racism. The film Mississippi burning displayed violence during the Civil Right movement as three Civil Rights workers, who were organizing a voter registry clinic, went missing in Mississippi's Jessup County. While the FBI are still investigating the murders, the Ku Klux Klan, with help from the police, target the frightened African-Americans, brutally torturing them and setting their houses on fire. In the motion picture Malcolm X directed by Spike Lee, there was a brief part in the beginning of the film that showed Malcolm's life as a young child in Omaha, Nebraska. His family's home was set on fire and his father was killed by the Klu Klux Klan causing him and his siblings to become wards of the state. A last example of violence due to racism is in the fictional movie "Higher learning". Deja, the young collegiate track star for Columbus University, was killed by a fellow classmate/white supr emacist Remy in his attempts to terrorize the blacks on campus and to show his Aryan Brothers that he was a true white supremacist. These are just a few of many other examples that shows how racism towards Blacks causes violence and in some cases leads to death. Although racism has exacerbated violence and other negative things, it has created a sense of unity in black communities. A prime example of that is in the film Malcolm X. The black men of Malcolm's community came together and were unified through Islam. Although later on conflicts occurred within the nation of Islam, at the moment, it gave the blacks in his community a sense of hope and purpose and encouraged them throughout their conflicts with the whites. In South Africa their bravery and unity helped them in their peaceful protests and sometimes riots. The Africans came together in their community whenever they were about to go protest in front of the police. Although they knew some of them would be attacked and killed by the police, they were still unified because of the strong passion they had for the elimination of the apartheid era. On the campus of Columbus University in "higher learning", the black students also came together. They met to bring up matters that concerned them such as not feeling like their school is a safe environment and the discrimination from their campus police and some of their fellow classmates that were in the white Fraternities and Sororities. Racism can create a sense of unity force. Throughout history humans have always come together in hard times for encouragement and support of one another. In

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Strategic intelligence Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Strategic intelligence - Assignment Example â€Å"Open sources often equal or surpass classified information in monitoring and analyzing such pressing problems as terrorism, proliferation, and counterintelligence† In this sense, OSINT is extremely important for formulation of military plans and government policies The OSINT can be segmented further into various divisions, according to the nature of the sources from which the information is extracted. However many a times officials feel that open source information are too open to be benefited for the secretive nature of military strategy or Governmental policies? OSINT can be related to wide variety of resources like internet, media and public data. The OSINT is the publicly available information which is utilized by American Intelligence Agency and U.S. Department of Defense. Apart from publicly available data, various vendors also supply information to the intelligence agency and government under one name. Generally speaking, OSINT is the easiest way of procuring information from a particular resource. Apart from OSINT, another data collection method which is of primary importance is HUMINT.HUMINT here refers to the human intelligence and information gathered with the assistance of interpersonal connection. This can be acquired with the aid of interview with people, government advisors, accredited diplomats, espionage, Nongovernmental organizations, prisoners or detainees and refugees. Here the information is gathered or collected from interacting with real human beings. However the information collector needs to have accurate knowledge about what needs to be collected in order to make good use of the gathered information. If the information collected is inadequate, there is a chance that there would be loss of energy time and expenditure. Even while collecting information through HUMINT, attention should be given that information collected are genuine. A lack of authenticity in information gathered can result in poor military strategic plans

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Ip3 team and leadership Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ip3 team and leadership - Research Paper Example The first level of the pyramid model is the physiological needs of every human: food, water, warmth and sex. The second consists of such safety needs as security, order and stability. Then comes the need in affiliation that is love and belonging. The fourth level represents need for esteem or the need in recognition, prestige and power. The fifth level is the self- actualization and the last one is the self- transcendence, which is experience. In order to perform work well, employees need healthy air, water and adequate time to rest. These needs are the main motivators of the first level of Maslows pyramid. The employees should aware of the level of risk they have in the working environment to feel them comfortable enough for their proper work performance. The main motivator for the employees at the level of affiliation is the opportunity to be a part of a team, in which its members share skills, knowledge and unique experiences. The esteem needs are the external motivators for employees and they are the prizes and awards, while the internal motivators are the private goals that employees set for themselves. Once the main needs are achieved, people are able to reach their true potential, real meaning, wisdom and justice. Â   Within the organization, newly employees await for a security, order and stability from their job. In a certain time, they are trying to seek their role inside the team and thus need active support from their colleagues and leaders. This will not only give new employees feel themselves comfortable, but also will ensure an opportunity to enter the next level of Maslows model. There, the employees do their best to obtain recognition that will motivate them for the further

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