Monday, November 18, 2019

MILITARY PAY Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

MILITARY PAY - Assignment Example Next, I will carryout the real study in the month of October using the above methods. During the same month, I will collect data using survey, interview and questionnaire methods of data collection. I will write short notes on the most important things arising in the course of the study. Finally, I will analyze the data and come up with the final results in the month of November. Based on the results of the study, I will make conclusions and recommendations then write a report of the study. In order to carryout this research, some of the resources that must be carried include electronics e.g. a laptop and mobile phone. Laptop will help in recording and storing information collected from the informants. This is a reliable storage facility because information is permanently stored. Writing materials are very essential when carrying out research. This is because the activity involves lots of recording. The researcher notes down information gathered from the informant in a notebook. These are mainly short notes that are later expounded when compiling data. Biro pens should also be enough for the number of people intended to fill the questionnaires. According to Nasu (2009), money is a major resource. In order to carry out any research, the researcher should ensure that he/she has enough funds. Most of the activities need money. For instance, money is needed to cater for transport purposes. In order to collect reliable data, the researcher should collect data in different regions and from different military officers then compare. Money is needed to cater for food and accommodation. What and where the researcher will eat, rest and sleep has to be paid for. The researcher should have enough airtime to feed their mobile phone to enable communications to take place, pay assistants who help in carrying out research as well as be in a position to cater

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