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Claudius has been presented in the theatre as a worthy King Essay Example for Free

Claudius has been presented in the airfield as a applaudable tabby EssayClaudius has been presented in the theatre as a worthy King and Polonius as an amiable and sensible father. What is your response to the ways in which Shakespeare presents one of these characters?It is hard to settle the character of Polonius in Shakespeares Hamlet, due to the fact Shakespeare presents many of the events not only through Hamlets eyeball, but the eyes of Polonius children and the King, and through these different people he is presented in different ways. However, there is a great cumulation more to this multi-faceted character in the play, as his presence and actions in the play is of great importance, before and after(prenominal) his death.Polonius is presented in different ways in various stage productions usually, he is presented as a apt man, and one with great influence upon his son and daughter, Laertes and Ophelia, and of a man highly respected by King Claudius, Queen Gertrude and the people of Denmark. Despite this, he dissolve become a rather comic character, if the beau monde wishes Hamlet to be presented more positively. As Polonius is presented through different productions in different ways, it is difficult to appreciate his true nature.As the play is largely presented through Hamlets eyes, it is from him we draw many of our opinions. It is eventually Hamlet that kills Polonius, neat him through the arras, and Hamlet who sends him off with such harsh words as a foolish, prating knave it can be said that he encompasses aspects of this statement, as we see in different split of the play. However, to be late cynical of Polonius is somewhat hard to do. Polonius, in the eyes of Claudius, the Queen, the words and actions of Laertes, Ophelia and the Danish people, and the obediency of Reynaldo give us a more reasoned insight into Polonius.Polonius can be seen as foolish mainly when talking to his servant, Reynaldo, wherein he directs Reynaldo as to h ow to spy on Laertes. During his speech, Polonius gets wrapped up in his own words, and seems to lose the points he is move to get acrossAnd then, sir, does a this he does what was Iabout to say? By the mass I was about to saysomething. Where did I leave?Shakespeare also transfers from blank verse into prose, accentuating Polonius loss of grip.However, this may genuinely be cleverly checking if Reynaldo is listening the fact he quotes him directly back At closes in the consequence, at friend or so, / and, gentlemen suggests many positive factors. For one, it is a reflection on Polonius authority and importance that Reynaldo form attentive and quotes him back perfectly. Also, if this is a trick, Polonius may feel the matter is so important to his sons welfare that he needs to test Reynaldo to see if he really is listening so that the surveillance can be perfectly executed.Polonius may be seen to lose his grip in his bouts of prating to the King and Queen in parts of the play too . His speech to Claudius and Gertrude concerning Hamlets madness is a prime example of Polonius prattling, as we see in his boring build up to his conclusion, that Hamlet is madTherefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,I bequeath be brief. Your noble son is mad..

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