Thursday, April 18, 2019

Multiculturalism Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Multi ethnicism - Research Proposal ExampleDifferent people ready organizeed this topic but I have seen it important to address the topic and try to come with a remedy to ensure that people stool embrace each separates cultural diversity. This will also prevent cultural profiling which is common among disparate people in the society.On the bid to address the issue, many writers have tried to project ways in which people can take advantage of the situation without allowing the division to creep in. According to Clarence Page a contributor in the Chicago Tribune, the way the issue is being addressed in the United States has left more rifts sooner than proposing a reconciling strategy. Mathew Lynch writing about multiculturalism in schools notes that it is important to teach students at an untimely age how to embrace each others diversity instead of profiling each other negatively based on their different cultures. He also adds that blending of the different cultures can be both a blessing and a curse according to the way that the issue will be addressed. Bafford adds that there is no harmonized American culture and so the people living there should show high levels of cultural tolerance. Responding to the issue of multiculturalism is the main issue as Valerie, an editor with the Los Angeles Times puts it. The education form should therefore address it to ensure that people embrace each others uniqueness and different cultural orientation.The research will cover the topic in a different way to address the limitations of the previous researches and come up with a working model for the same. The research should also come up with recommendations and the relationship between multiculturalism and other social aspects that are evident in any given society. The take question will be on ways to address

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