Monday, April 22, 2019

Wiki Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wiki - raise ExampleA number of reasons for businesses to invest in wellnessy foods in the article include edifice relations and stronger connections with customers and communities respectively, as demonstrated by Wal-Mart. Disney, Walgreens, and another(prenominal) restaurants have made changes towards flushed foods through step-down sodium, eliminating junk foods, and cutting on fat and calorie content. The fact that businesses will stand to benefit from this scheme is the reasoning skunk the call for them to invest and expand provision o healthy food to mate the cause of their bottom-line while increasing the heath standards in America and consequently reducing fleshiness rates.The other reason is the need to reduce obesity and health related illnesses whose costs are also borne by businesses indirectly through lower productivity, absenteeism, and directly through payment of hospitalization bills. The other reason behind the call for businesses to venture into healthy foo d business is the costs they have to bear from the impacts of obesity and health related illnesses. The result of measures to promote healthy living by different people in troupe is 13% reduction in obesity rates of elementary school-aged kids in Mississippi, fall in obesity rates in New York, Philadelphia, and California. However, the goal is far from accomplished, and businesses are challenged to give American families better tuition and healthier choices.Obesity being a universal theme, Dhruv Khullar writes on availability of junk foods cheaply than healthy foods and measures to reverse the trend in Why Shame wont stop obesity. Khullar (2012) explores advanced availability of high-fat, high-calorie, and low nutrient foods, as the main causes of increased obesity and associated diseases in America. He delves into the furnish of obesity advertising and shaming

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