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More Than One Child In One Family Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

More Than One Child In One Family - stress ExampleIn company to implement the policy, government ensured that families especially in urban areas do not devour more than one barbarian. Further, a fee was applied to the families who have more than one child in order to penalize the families for having more than one kid in the family. The intended aims of this policy were to purify the healthcare services for the society so that better care and services could be provided. Further, in order to en repel the improvements in the saving rates, government considered the reduction of the size of the family. In actuality, Chinese economy as a whole has been able to register higher saving rates since the policy was implemented in 1978. (Naughton, 2007)Probably the most important policy reason behind the implementation of this policy was to achieve the economic offshoot and relieve pressure on the resources of the country. By reducing the size of the population, the overall wealth distribut ion could have been better allocated in order to achieve better economic progress. (Feng Wang, 2010)China during recent times has made big economic progress with signifi houset average economic growth. China has achieved the same in its manufacturing sector by providing cheap manufacturing facilities to the customers around the world. Further, China is the leading exporter also thus relying mostly on its labor force as vital for the economic progress. However, the overall process of manufacturing requires young and skilled labor force which can endure the physical strain spent in the manufacturing process. What is critical however is the fact that Chinas population is ageing fast and due to the one child policy, it is fast approaching a military post where it may not have adequate young population to support its economic progress by dint of manufacturing activities?

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