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Mathematics Lesson Plan 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Mathematics Lesson Plan 1 - testify ExampleMATHEMATICS LESSON PLAN 1 5 Little Ducks by Wendy Straw Early stop 1 Aim Through this lesson, the students can learn how to solve sum problems better and quicker. This lesson pass on con the children how to acknowledge jumbled numbers and how to add numbers. Through the lesson, the students can learn to work in groups and to echo on their lessons. The students prior knowledge, as well as their ability to numbering up to ten has been taken into account. ... For example, background information shall be given, including the number of douselings birds beget. As a result, they will derive the topic and content more. As a whole class, the children can be asked if any of them have seen a dim in real life and also to describe how a duck looks homogeneous. The teacher will then read the book Five Little Ducks by Wendy Straw. Reading the book also allows the students to count along. As the teacher is going through the pages, she would ask the class questions about the book. For example, how many ducks were there argon at the beginning and how many ducks were left? The teacher can also ask additional questions, like if there were 2 ducks and 1 duck came back, how many ducks will there be all together? Students need to be seated on the classroom floor In reading the book to the class, utilisation hand gestures in describing how the ducks quack. Allow the students to talk amongst each other Observe the children who are struggling to recognise the numbers and who are familiar with the questions Body (25 min) As a whole class put a video of addition and number recognition on the IWB (http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLwrQBQ5JJE) Ask the class addition questions such as, 3 + 2=..... Then the students can be grouped into mixed ability groups of 4 to 5. Get an empty 12 compartment egg carton. In the egg carton, put in two duck pictures randomly and in all the other ten compartments write the numbers 0 to 9 in no specific ord er. Also place a button in the carton. The children are to each have a turn to shake the carton and then open the carton. Wherever the button will get they are to say the number. If the button lands on the ducks, then the children are to make the noise a duck makes or say something they know about a duck. After the

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