Thursday, September 26, 2019

Perception Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Perception - Research Paper Example erception would be directed towards identifying processes through which sensory information could be interpreted to produce conscious experiences of the organizations and organizational behavior. Other factors in the situation of perception in organizational behavior include time, social settings and work settings (Muirhead, 2002, pp.13-40). A number of factors function to shape and at times distort perception. These factors could be inherent in the perceiver, in the target or object to be perceived, or in the framework of the circumstances in which the perception would be made. The study of perception involves investigations into exactly how attention could be used to ease the processing capacity and how insights could be consistently obtained from the organizational environment. Perception enables individuals to receive information and make sense of the organizational environment within the context of already existing knowledge. This research paper, therefore, aims at establishing ideals behind the perception of other individuals within the same organizational context. These ideals would be concerned about the process of selecting, organizing and interpreting already available or newly collected information for the purpose of making sound judgment. The most basic elements of perception would be the process, state of awareness and activity by which an individual would be familiar with the items he or she perceives. These elements constitute sensory awareness, which could be linked with certain kinds of cognitive activities. Three philosophical theories put forward to explain perception include realism, casual and idealism theories. The theory of realism, also known as the common sense theory, states that individuals perceive nothing apart from insights. Moreover, Casual theory involves the aspects of appearance and illusion about perception. In addition, idealism presents the epistemological view point about perception (Rookes and Willson, 2000, pp. 9-13). The

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