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English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 19

English - Essay Example The people, who watch over her in this condition, are Jason Posner, who solely resorts his faith in being a doctor. Another person is, Susie Monahan, who is a nurse with a humanitarian approach, she is the only one in the entire hospital who really cares for Vivians deplorable state. Dr. Kelekian is the head doctor in the hospital, who is just interested in the results; it does not matter to him, what they are. The doctors counsel for an untried treatment of painful chemotherapy, and she agrees to it. Partially it is her own choice, but also her own personal states of affairs force her to act so, she comes to a decision to endure the agony of the treatment by herself. However, as her treatment develops, she desires that she really had some more actually gentle human interface from the people who treat her as a human being and not just an object of research trial. The tone of this theatre is grim, and quite unlike to the name, ‘Wit’ is not explicit here; but the play has many intelligent moment of humor in it. The story revolves around a question of life and death, but has a much more intricate humanitarian tone in it. The excellent background music of piano helps to understand the underlying tone of the story more deeply. Emma Thompson’s outstanding performance and Mike Nichols’ excellent direction made it more appealing to the spectators. This theatrical production Stage Beauty (2004), is based on 1660s Londons theatres production of Londons theatres. The plot turns around the established system of gender positions in the theatre production houses. It intends to modify these gender issues for everyones benefit. Ned Kynaston is a homosexual, cross-dressing artist who has been portraying on-stage female characters in several plays for many years, mainly the role of Desdemona in Othello. He also shares a close bonding with a certain male co-actor. Gradually, the long and

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