Thursday, September 26, 2019

Human Resource Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Human Resource Development - Essay Example This is the beginning of prosperity. The values dear to me is an achievement and independence. These qualities would allow me to stay focus on my pre-set career goals. I would do my best to come out successful regardless of the conditions of the workplace. I find two categories most helpful for my future success. These two are talent management and development and risk management and worker protection. Talent management and development would allow me to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the human resource. With this knowledge, it is easy to allocate each employee the duties with which he or she is most comfortable and passionate. Further, this would allow me to nurture the talents of each person without strain due to trial and error. In developing individual talents, the human resource will achieve its full potential, which in turn gets a direct reflection on the level of productivity. Concerning risk management and worker protection, I look at workers or employees as assets. As elaborated above, the human resource activity that nurtures talent and exploits its full potential makes the employees assets to the entity. With any operations, risks are imminent. Without proper risk management skills, the objectives of operations become elusive and difficult to achieve. It is worthy to know what alternatives to adopt at any given time, what to do when faced with rush decisions and how to manage crises. For worker protection, it is a skill necessary to shield workers from the eventualities of the workplace that are unfavorable. In This way, the workers tend to their duties wholeheartedly with the knowledge that, in the case of any eventuality, a fair decision will be forthcoming. The above skills, once instilled in human resource management, improved productivity of the workforce is easily achievable. In my opinion, the legacy involved determines career success. This insinuates that one is only successful if the values

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