Friday, September 13, 2019

Withdrawal Are Soliders from Iraq or Stay Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Withdrawal Are Soliders from Iraq or Stay - Essay Example The war has created an unexpectedly resilient insurgency in Iraq as well as sectarian violence. Although a new Iraqi government was formed, government in the Anbar province has collapsed and a Marine analyst has recently concluded there is nothing the U.S. can do to improve the situation politically or socially there (Ricks A01). Without a clear rationale or evidence of weapons of mass destruction, and with more proof that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with Al Qaeda, the Iraq war is looking more and more irrelevant to the war on terror in the eyes of the American public. If U.S. troops are not somehow extricated from Iraq, it appears the situation there will only worsen. Daily bombings of U.S. troops can continue to be expected, as there seems to be no way to eliminate this type of attack. The insurgency grows stronger as a generation of people in the Middle East view the U.S. as occupiers. The growing violence between Sunnis and Shiites is increasingly endangering the ordinary people of Iraq. Opponents of pulling out of Iraq have many legitimate concerns and claims. For instance, some insist America would be admitting defeat to the terrorists by leaving Iraq. Some claim the U.S. troops are needed in Iraq in order to ensure a democratic government is established there. There is also the claim that since there have been no more attacks on American soil since 9-11, this shows that the war in Iraq is working as a deterrent. Another claim is that keeping troops in Iraq provides Al Qaeda groups with an overseas target in the ongoing terror war, making the American public safer at home, by bringing the war to the enemy. Each of these concerns and claims should be considered during a pullout of troops from Iraq. The stigma of defeat is harmful to the U.S. image, but the message sent to the world when America conducted a pre-emptive strike against a country was far more damaging to its image and set a destabilizing

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