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People management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

People management - Essay Example This paper aims at identifying the reasons of general employee dissatisfaction reflecting in high turnover rate, poor service, and downfall in profitability, decline in repeat business and other signs of detoriation in sports complex. Methodology The first and foremost task as a line manager of this sports complex is to identify all the problems areas. An analysis of the reasons of these problems will help us in actually finding the solution. This can be done through various methods which include observation, questionnaires to find out what employees dislike about company policies by ensuring anonymity, conducting open meetings, building trust among employees by giving value to their suggestions, conducting exit interview from leaving employees to develop sound understanding of deficiencies in the system and the source of dissatisfaction. Findings All the problems of sports complex were actually deep rooted in employee dissatisfaction. Diminishing profits, declining sales, customer c omplaints, high turnover, decline in repeat business all this were the result of ineffective and inefficient human resource policy and practices. A major restructuring and revitalization of HR policy was required to meet the current challenges. The problems identified were Lack of communication No synergy in team work Highly de motivated employees Authoritative management style No effort regarding building human capital relationship Inflexible policies rather than contingency approach Analysis of the Problem and Recommendations A deep analysis of the situation and the problem revealed certain shortcomings in the HR policies and practices. I will discuss in detail all of them one by one what is lacking and deficient and how it can be improved by strengthening certain practices in sport complex. Effective Communication HRM should realize the importance of communication skills and the development of interpersonal skills between the management and workforce. What we observe here at spor ts complex is a certain lack of communication. A good Hr manager needs to build a rapport with his staff so that they can communicate openly with each other. However a good manager should notice and keep track of all verbal and non verbal communication. According to Albert Mehrabian nonverbal communication is a complex communication phenomena which very subtly convey the feelings such as body language, facial expressions, hand and arm gestures, postures, positions and various arms and feet movement all communicate along with the verbal words. Sometimes there is dichotomy between verbal and nonverbal communication which subtly convey the true feelings of the person. 1(Albert Mehrabian, 2009) A good manager is a reader of all sorts of communication and does not ignore any. A manager should possess good interpersonal skills so that environment is friendly, pleasant and receptive. What I recommend here is effective open communication where both managers and workforce can freely interact with each and can openly discuss whatever problems they are facing, instead of opting out of the job or rude behavior with customers which shows lack of interest on the part of the workforce. Effective communication and conflict management is the first step towards building trust among employees. 2(Michael Fielding, 2006) Successful Team

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