Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Importance of My Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Importance of My Values - Essay ExampleMoral set inspection and repair maintain harmony and unity and argon communally divided up. These esteems are picked up in the cut of growing up and personal perception is an important factor in their development. matchless of my moral ranks is courage and this helps me to do things plane when the incumbent circumstances are unpleasant. Self-control is a moral survey the helps me to take charge of my actions, emotions and thoughts. Integrity is a nonher one of my moral values and this helps me to be convinced of the true statement and to stand, courageously, by it without giving in to unnecessary pressure (Doty, 2006).Non-moral values are principles of behavior that do not apply morals. These values have to do with intentions and desires that are largely independent of moral obligation. However, these values are also moral and decisions that are made based on them can have moral consequences. One of my non-moral values is winning an d I standardized it when I confront challenges and surmount them. Reputation is another non-moral value that I cherish and it pleases me when I meet renowned plenty and I aspire to be like them. Appreciation is an integral non-moral value in me and I take pleasure in acknowledging other people when they do something good and when other people compliment me. The non-moral value of money makes me endeavor to earn equal money to support others who may depend on me and me (Keech, 2000).Social values are beliefs and qualities that are shared within a group of people or a given culture. A societys approval of a given quality or belief is what constitutes a social value even though other societies might disapprove that quality or belief. Social values shape the preferences and priorities of the members of a society and provide the criteria for determining the acceptability of a behavior in a group. The social value of moderation helps me to remain within acceptable limits of the things I do. Generosity is a social value that helps me to keep on

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