Thursday, March 28, 2019

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The Internet When the Internet was developed in the 1960s, most(prenominal) of the world was unaware of the impact it would have on the world and our ball club within a relatively short period of time. In slight than forty years, the World Wide meshing has literally become the breeding Super Highway as Al Gore so compactly named it (Daly, 1998). With this massive influx of information through with(predicate) a meshwork of interrelated networks have come problems and some solutions. The magnitude of data stored on the Web and the Internet brings about many questions regarding readability, currency, policies, validity, quality, reliability, moral issues, creditability, market appeal, and adequacy in the mechanics of language dear to name a few. Except in technologically advanced circles of society, the Web was virtually unheard of prior to the wide availability of the Mosaic browser in 1993. At that time, the Web emerged closely full-blown and was so successful that within a few months it was existence characterd by millions of people (Maddux, 1998). As a result of this rapid growth of the Web, the quality of many websites today is poor. Maddux (1998) states that standards for academic and other make of traditional media, like books, evolved over a period of centuries while the skilful and distribution problems were being solved. The Web has not been afforded the luxury of having the broker of time to develop standards for the information being print. Maddux (1998) believes that Web quality seems to be declining, rather than improving. Often when a person searches for information through a Web search engine, he is inundated with incompetent web pages. It is difficult, time-consuming, frustrating, overwhelming, and sometimes impossible for an internet novice to find useful information. In turn, those using the web for educational fulfillment have to jump barriers just to find high-quality information. To remedy the problems with the W eb, some guidelines need to be set forrard and followed. Authors of web sites need to proofread and revise material for language and mechanics much as if they were writing a paper for their English course of instruction to be graded by a teacher. Web site authors should use common sense in deciding what and when to publish and should keep the published material up-to-date. Just as students should not turn in an naked assignment to a teacher, the author of a website should not publish unprocessed pages or pages under construction.

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