Thursday, March 28, 2019

Jessie Popes Attitude toward War in the Poem Whos For the Game Essay

Jessie Pope was a journalist who wrote recruit manpowert poems for the Daily Mail during the setoff World War. The poems she did write were positive propaganda poems for the fightfare her objective was to stimulate patriotism in the readers so that the men would join the forces. Pope wrote a smooth-tongued poem where she compared war to a game. This is illustrated in the title Whos for the game? It shows that her carriage toward war was that it was a great big event that incessantlyyone should take divide in one way or another. The title is a pathetic and punchy question inviting anyone to answer. This gives the wrong impression of the war, it is misleading. Pope was ridiculed for doing this, exactly if she did write the genuine reality of war, no one would re in ally want to join, thitherfore the role of the poem would not be fulfilled and the British army would restrain no chance of wining in the war. Stanza one begins again by referring to t he war as a game for the above reason and also emphasises that it is the biggest game ever known, war is not a game where you may loose points and where it is likely to loose a limb or loose your life. By her saying war it the game, the biggest thats played, Jessie Pope gives a false notion in the first line and makes war sound remarkable when clearly it is not. The game is accordingly repeated to enforce excitement even more. Pope goes on to require it could be a violent game, appealing to the masculine instinct whilst there is a comparison between the red crashing game and the red blood throw away in war, she makes it seem like a boxing match. Jessie Pope continues to tie-up the poem on a game by stating Wholl grip and take over t... ...nza because she personalises it in other ways by commanding them to join to pull through their country, respond to its call for help and using you. In conclusion it is a very simple and assertive poem that was po pular with the general overt as Jessie Popes writing contained the normal indifferent publics view that supported the war from the safety of their home. The poem, Whos for the game? were disliked by some for the misleading remarks but also admired by others for the basic language which was easy for all to comprehend. The attitudes expressed in the poem were that war should not be handle as a serious and avoided subject but something that should be enjoyed by courageous men willing to fight for their country without hesitation and men who were not eager to join were considered cowards and should be ashamed.

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