Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A New Turning Point in My Life

Have you forever heard aboutbody says that life is never quiet and peaceful likes a river? And, have you ever faced a difficult challenge that influenced your life? My life has changed a lot and I have faced many complexities since I came to the unify States. Like most foreign students, I have almost the identical problem about adapting into a new environment while I am studying abroad due to English limitations. It is not cushy for me to fully understand what everyone says at the beginning, and it is hard to adapt into American culture.Discrimination and miscommunication ar the biggest issues and they always exist for people who immigrate to a new environment. about foreign students do not get respect from others, and blend into their classmates society, that was my musical theme at first in the new community. However, after almost twain years learning in America, I have discovered some valuable experiences about how to manage to be proficient in English, as well as more se lf-assured and I feel at ease in my life. I always try to keep abject forward, grabbing every chance to improve myself and never give up reservation my dream come true.Regardless, communication and discrimination are strenuous challenges for me to blend into the new environment. I believe that I can surmount these predicaments and light upon success through hard-work and determination. Initially, communication was one of the universal issues for me to encounter when I came to America, because that is the basic step to integrate into a new life. diction differences greatly increase communication problems, even if the speakers have some knowledge of the others language. Language is so much more than words. As a result, accurate translation,

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