Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Technology and the Future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Technology and the Future - Essay Example The youngsters have been shown to have possessed a chip embedded into their brains. More than seventy percent of the human race is subjected with this ‘feed’. The feed may very well be referred to as a combination of the present day internet highly dominated by advertisements and interacting suggesting bodies. It is like a virtual network that governs the human mind and has taken over the stream of thoughts that arises into it. Every person’s feed is personalized in line with his stream of emptions and preferences. The liking and disliking of every individual is embedded into his feed and he is constantly being prompted by suggesting thoughts and directives from the feeds about promotional products and proposed actions alike. Whenever a thought is generated by the brain it is instantly taken over by the feed and flooded with suggestion regarding that thought from it. Thus, the feed in reality governs the entire individual. The reality of feed and its effect upon t he individual becomes known to the youngsters when they are on a visit to the moon when they are attacked by those running the anti-feed campaign. They hack the feeds of the individuals present there resulting in the disabling of the feeds for a couple of days. It is in those days that the actual essence of life becomes clear to the youngsters. The Earth has become a place where there is no presence of natural habitat. Water has exhausted and natural reproduction has ceased. The only reproduction that does exist is via in-vitro fertilization. The novel shows how the advancements in technology would change the shape of the human society entirely. Thus it may well be asserted that the change in the human society would be only by the virtue of the advancement in technology. The governing bodies behind the Feed have shaped the society by inculcating into the minds of youngsters what may seem suitable to them. PRESENT TECHNOLOGY The present day technology of Human Computer Interaction vi a Eye Tracking is at its initial phase. It is proposed that in the years to come the technology of eye tracking would be able to transmit all the proposed commands to a computing device only by a single glance. That is to say that, transmitting only one instance of a single eye glance input would transmit the final objective to the system. The user would not have to interact personally with each interface one by one in order to reach the final product. Only a single eye glance would fulfill all input requirements and would result in the desired output. WHAT IS EYE TRACKING? The efficiency of each computing system is highly dependent on its usability in accordance with the requirements of the human begins using it. Thus the more an interactive system is based upon user input, the better it becomes and the more useful it is for the stakeholders concerned with it. Human-Computer Interaction thus holds immense importance in the development and error checking of computing systems that ar e currently in use and also for the ones that are in the pipeline. There are a number of means through which inputs from user can be taken into account. One of these extensive ranges of methods is Eye-Tracking. INTRODUCTION TO EYE TRACKING Formally defining Eye-Tracking , â€Å"A research method that determines what part of an advertisement consumers look at, by tracking the pattern of their eye movements.† (Lake) Thus, eye tracking can be narrated as a means whereby the movements of a human eye are recorded while he is

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