Friday, October 18, 2019

Marital relationship of Stanley and Stella in Streetcar Named Desire Essay

Marital relationship of Stanley and Stella in Streetcar Named Desire (film) - Essay Example Evidence can be sought in the play in that, firstly, Stanley opts to stun the evil approaches from Blanche for his wife Stella in a dramatic unfolding that nothing but reality of love can explain. It appears that Stanley’s character should seemingly have allowed him to fall prey to Blanche’s fabrications but instead settles for a sober decision to remain faithful to his wife. This is despite the fact that Stanley sends contradictory signals of abuse and torture against his wife. It is therefore clear that evil desires fail severally when they rise against goodness. Stella cares for her husband when she talks to him softly, â€Å"...where are you going...,† ( Secondly, the fact that Stella manages to overcome her adversaries in the hands of her brutal husband and opts to stay in their marriage is indication of what good can achieve. It is evident that Stanley assaults severally to the extent that she runs for her safety yet she maintains her position in the relationship. Stella affords to stay in such a relationship due to the strength upright intentions have to surmount evil ( Thirdly, Stella’s strong character presents her in a position to tolerate the difficulties presented to her by her husband and her sister like any strong woman would do. Stella protects her husband by rejecting any external force likely to cripple their marriage, however implicating it might be. The relationship emerges victorious in turbulent unfaithful moments since Stella chooses to forgive her unfaithful husband and allow good trample over evil. "Come to think of it-maybe you wouldnt be bad to-interfere with..." (Galloway, 1). In conclusion, it is difficult to state how Blanche’s and Stanley’s characters feature in a romantic relationship, if not to indicate how evil can permeate into a

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