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Johan Sebastian Bach Essay -- Biography Biographies essays research pa

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  On March 21, 1685, Johan Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach, Germany. His parents’ names were Johan Ambrosias Bach and Elizabeth Lammerhirt Bach. His Family earned its living as musicians. His mom died when Bach was 9 then his dad died the next year so he moved to live with his oldest brother in Ohrdruf. In Ohrdruf Bach Learned Latin and sung as a soprano in the school choir. His brother didn’t have enough money so Bach moved to Luneburg in March of 1700. Bach could go to school for free because he sang in the choir. (Geringer 433, ) Bach left Luneburg in March of 1702 when he was 18, to go to Arnstadt to get his first real job. His job was to be the organist of the Neue Kirche Church. Bach got a four-week vacation from playing at the church to go to Lubeck and listen to the music of Dietrich Buxtehude. He walked 200 miles to get there, and then instead of staying for the four weeks the church had planed, he stayed for four months. ( Bach got a different job as an organist in Muhlhausen at St. Blasius Church in 1707. That year his uncle died and Bach inherited some money. That gave Bach enough money to marry Maria Barbara, his second cousin. They got married in April of 1707. One year later in 1708 Wilhelm Ernst hired Bach as an organist and as a member of the orchestra so Bach and Maria moved to Weimar. Bach’s salary was double what he got paid at his last job. (Geringer 433, Lloyd 30 Bach and Maria were financially st...

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