Wednesday, October 9, 2019

DPP Assignment 2 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

DPP 2 - Assignment Example The document has about 3000 words excluding the appendices with the following subsections: This report is going to analyse my competencies and skills acquired from my postgraduate academic studies and its applicability to the workplace environment. I decided to pursue postgraduate studies to further my studies and advance my intellectual and cognitive skills together with particular techniques relevant to a business environment and a managerial level position. After my postgraduate studies, I plan to join the corporate world and at the same time continue pursuing my PhD. PDP is extremely imperative because it can help you develop and enhance the skills that you already possess or those skills that you require to enable you to be responsible for your personal learning, development and advancing into the corporate world. In addition, the types of jobs that majority of graduates want demand that they possess some skills and qualities that can support them in discharging their duties at their places of work. This is where PDP plays a great role in nurturing and helping them acquire and enhance their skills. PDP either was introduce into the institutions of higher learning to enable students plan their long-term and short-term goals and determine the means of achieving them through planned and structured ways. PDP also helps to reflect back on your personal achievements and learning to help plan your path of career (Cottrell, 2003). Finally, through my PDP, I have realized that I have strengths that I need to work on and enhance if I am going to be recognized as an asset at my work environment. Through my project management, I realized that I have such strengths as: I am a positive thinker, plays management role when in a team like leadership, communication recognized through well coordination of my SDG, explorative through research, team builder, and critical thinker and reflective realized through my term and

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