Sunday, September 8, 2019

Managing Financial Resources and Decisions Essay - 5

Managing Financial Resources and Decisions - Essay Example Sun and Sand Sports is the most appreciated and most preferred brand in the entire world and known for its unbeatable strategy it uses to capture the market and has launched many products in the entire world. Sun and Sand Sports stands in top 10 sports products manufacturers (sand, n.d.). Its products are diversified and have given a new passion and love to the sportsmen for their favorite sports. It has achieved many milestones from its corporate and has become the most favorite brand in the field of each sport. No other brand has such a wonderful success and more distinguished history from its incorporation as the Sun and Sand Sports had and no other brand is that stronger connection with sport than the Sun and Sand Sports. The main purpose of Sun and Sand Sports is quite simple and interesting: is to make athletes better.  Sun and Sand Sports have targeted all the sports lovers as its customers and all the customers of sub-brand are, with no doubt, are those who are athletics, sports person, sports lover and the one who is directly or indirectly associated with the sports (sand, n.d.). The capital market is a representation of agreement of an organization. Sun and Sand Sports have various kinds of stocks in the capital market and capital exchange. And it receives more of its finance from the share capital and it also has some Common stocks, equity stocks, options, rights, convertibles, bonds, futures, and others are awash in banal markets. As a share of approved well-groomed activities in Investment class (Andreff & Szymanski, 2006). Sun and Sand Sports have shown in its balance sheet about its main External Financing that is Share Capital. Share capital is that amount which a company raise by selling its shares in the capital market and get more shareholders. An increasing number of shareholders means the increased capital of the company. By having a share capital as a major and main source of finance, Sun and

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