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Engineering design Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Engineering design - Assignment Example This is a crucial step in the design process since it will give aguideof achieving the design’s goals. Questionnaires as a research methodology were chosen for this case. It emerged a suitable method because sufficiently large amount of information can be collected from a large group and within a short span of time as well as in a cost effective way. The data obtained from this method could also be easily and more scientifically analysed (, 1996). To minimize any risk of harm to the user, it was decided that the kettle should have a shield just below the handle. This prevents any burns due to steam from boiling water/tea. In addition, all the electrical components should not be exposed nor get in contact with the water. The inside of the kettle will be made of thick plastic and the outside a coating of polished stainless steel. This ensures a good strength to avoid any physical damage. As stated, this kettle has two heatersthat may work independently, and this will increase the life of the coils. This mechanism consists of the initial starting ‘on’ ‘off’ switch and a thermostat controlled switching. Some old kettles do not have an automatic shut-off mechanism, which requires the user to switch it off when the water has boiled. After brainstorming and analysis of other various switching mechanisms, two possible switching designs were selected and they are outlined below. These concepts were chosen to meet the customers requirements as well as follow engineering specifications as outlined previously. This mechanism involves theuse of a bimetallic thermostat, which is integrated into the element unit usually at the bottom. It consists of a disc bonded together and areusually of two different metals where one expands faster than the other does. When the hot water reaches the boiling point, the produced steam hits this thermostat making it flex in theopposite direction thus disconnecting the contacts cutting off the electric current

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