Sunday, August 11, 2019

Causes of crime in Great Britain and USA Assignment

Causes of crime in Great Britain and USA - Assignment Example United Sates and UK are some of the worst affected countries as far as criminal activities are concerned. Some people argue that poverty is the major reason behind increasing criminal activities. However, US and UK are two of the richest countries in the world and still crime rates increasing day by day in these countries. Cyber crime, burglary, organized crime, gun violence etc are some of the major criminal activities seen in United States and UK. â€Å"The UK government has published a report on February 17, 2011, concluding that the overall cost to the UK economy from cybercrime is  £27bn per year. Drug-related crime is estimated to cost the UK  £13.9 billion a year† (Cluely, 2011). On the other hand, â€Å"In 2006, the Internet Crime Complaint Center in America received and processed over 200,000 complaints. Total alleged dollar losses were more than $194 million†(Cyber crime Statistics, 2011). Cybercrime and burglary in UK and USA: Similarities and differences Cybercrime is one of the most modern crimes added to the list of organized criminal activities list. No country seems to be free from cyber crimes. Hardcore technology and online expertise are now available for rent and it is possible for even the unskilled antisocial elements to take these skills on rent basis for the execution of their criminal activities. In fact some of the organized cyber attacks which occurred in the recent times have surprised some of the highly technically skilled personnel. Kinetic weapons, power of electromagnetic energy, malicious computer code etc are some of the most common methods of cyber attacks employed by cyber terrorists. Botnets (vast numbers of compromised computers that have been infected with malicious code, and can be remotely-controlled through commands sent via the Internet) are another major tool for cybercrime, because of its effectiveness and the easiness in usage. America is facing more cyber attack threats from countries like China compared to United Kingdom. China wanted to outcast America from the superpower list and for that purpose; they are constantly engage in cyber espionage with America. China’s involvement in some of the recent cyber attacks on American computers was proved beyond doubt. The Times on 8 September 2007 reported that the Chinese military hackers have prepared a detailed plan to disable America’s aircraft battle carrier fleet with a devastating cyber attack, quoting a Pentagon report (The Times, 2007). Fox news on 24 March 2010 reported that the cyber attack on Google and US companies are part of suspected Chinese government operation (Fox News, 2010). In short, America is facing cyber crimes not only from individuals, but also from other countries as well. On the other hand, UK seems to be facing fewer threats from other countries as far as cyber espionage is concerned. In fact China and America are the two countries accused of spreading cyber espionage because of their superior technologies in IT and computer sectors. Cluely, (2011) has pointed out that total money losses in cyber crimes in UK has already crossed the ?27 billion per year.- ?9.2 billion comes from theft of intellectual propert

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