Thursday, August 8, 2019

Art History (Art history from 1945 to the present) Research Paper

Art History (Art history from 1945 to the present) - Research Paper Example This is required to understand the comparison between the art forms and the artists. If we see the period of modern art it started taking form post the Second World War. Te war changed entire equations in every perspective world over. It was as good as a period of creation post destruction. Hence defying the set rules of art comes as the first logical step. Abstract expressionism evolved through this theory. An object is for everyone to see. What an artist perceives beyond the form is what makes viewing the object in a different light. Another view is to perceive the object through the art that is expressed. In such case keeping the art abstract comes in as natural Abstract expressionism hence does not recognize any form, any shape, any definite layout. It believes in the beauty of the material in its original form. This is a very vibrant concept. Recognizing that the material does not have a form is fine but to be able to see the beauty in its original form is another thing altogether. In Gutai art, Yoshihara clearly states that the material in its original form tries to communicate to us. When an artist transforms it, he imposes his thought process on the material. Hence the material loses its own beauty, value and nature. Gutai manifesto also states that the spirit of the material used and the human spirit connect to each other whenever they are in the original form. Now if we try and understand this concept, we realize that Yoshihara doesn’t want to go beyond the framework laid down by the nature. He sees beauty in its original form and hence these artists were able to see the beauty in the ruins and the destruction as well. They ha ve quoted that even the decay is beautiful in the nature. This is off course a very liberating thought and a different viewpoint of looking at the beauty that is surrounding us. Hence the texture, the grain, the originality of the material is in itself conveying something through its own coarse

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