Friday, July 26, 2019

Struggle of Human Nature in the Lord of the Flies Research Paper

Struggle of Human Nature in the Lord of the Flies - Research Paper Example Thesis Statement The research paper will intend to focus on the fight or the resistance of human character that is experienced by the marooned boys in the island in their quest for survival. The background of the story was found to have occurred during the mid period of an unnamed nuclear war. The literary work aims at depicting the characters or the boys plunge or transformation into savagery. This particular research paper will try to make an attempt to gain a lucid comprehension regarding the contradictory desires towards civilization. Discussion The novel has already been stated to be a narrative of a situation where a group of few young British boys discover themselves abandoned in a particular island. The attempts made by them for the reason of their respective survival are known to offer a thoughtful insight into the aspect of human character. The story narrates a situation where a remarkable transformation of the human character can be evidently observed good to malevolence, order to disorder and finally from progress to savagery. This particular novel that is the Lord of the Flies concentrates or focuses on unraveling the various circumstances under which the inherent evil is made to surface with regard to the character of the individuals. The consequences as a result of failing to deal with one’s own trepidations have also been highlighted along with indicating the fight that takes place between the disorder and the civilization in a situation of ‘survival of the fittest’. The aspects related to the existence of the thin line between civilization as well as disorder, the inherent human evil, supremacy along with its effects and grouping has been found to be identified in this specific novel (Venkat, â€Å"Literature and the Individual†). The underlying subject matter of the novel has been deciphered to be the collapse of culture towards disorder or rather savagery. This definite facet has been supposed to revolve around or s tress on the fight that takes place among the decision rudiments associated with the society involving regulation, customs, principles along with the disordered components which have been acknowledged to be an integral part of the people’s savage characters that is believed to entail chaos, bloodlust, self-centeredness, amorality and the yearning for supremacy. The study of the fundamental subject matter of the novel relates to the actuality of referring civilization as a facade which is simply capable of being perforated with the intention to disclose the cruelty that is supposed to be associated with the human character (Althaus, B., â€Å"Lord of the Flies - Parallels and Differences Between Golding's Novel and Hook's Cinematic Adaption†). The disagreement between the facets of civilization as well as savagery has been found to be competently highlighted with the assistance of the depiction of the various shades of the human nature in relation to the characters of t he story. The character of Ralph which has been identified to be the central character of the novel along with Piggy has been depicted as figures of leadership and ethics. In contrast to the mentioned personalities, the character of Jack along with his most trusted associate Roger has been regarded to be adversary

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