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Photo analysis research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Photo analysis - Research Paper Example Every aspect of study or academic always improves in quality with time. Most ideas in various fields of education are comparable and some are derivative of the other. However, art as a field or subject of study in colleges and universities does not obey the law as explained in the Arnold Hauser’s Sociological Method in Art History. Analyzed well, early photography had certain styles and compositions that depicted a higher level of professionalism. Most renaissance photos are discrete and can be differentiated from modern photos using different criteria. To begin with, renaissance photos like the one to below had certain artistic inputs that make them stand out when compared to the modern photos. Coloration in photography during the renaissance period was meant to portray certain themes to the viewers. Black color, for instance, symbolized a gloomy or despondent mood in a society. Red was always associated with romance. White, on the other hand, had a close association with rel igion especially Christianity. It was also associated with peace and understanding among people in the society. Drawings in the renaissance photos had a lot concerning the history of different societies. Drawings with weapons such as swords symbolized war, victory or a safe society. Political-based, early artists had various ways of displaying their political interests or ideologies using photos. For instance, an artist may decide to draw cartoons representing two different politicians, one cartoon may be bigger than the other. In such cases, the artist is secretly and artistically displaying his or her ideologies in politics. The big photo is always the artist’s most preferred politician. The paper will analyze the following photo with regard to the stated problem. According to this photo, a woman wearing a red dress is sitting on a dinner table next to circular window. She is not eating; there is food on the table, however. The woman has a long hair and looks somehow stress ed. Outside the window, there is a lot of light and this is contrast to the dark room where the woman is sitting (Matheson 287). The image is covered a slant rectangular frame. In addition, the window shows another shape of heart. The woman looks uneasy and impatient with her hands over her head. John William Waterhouse did this photo in 1849. According to him, the photo on the background is a lady of Shalott saying that she is half-sick of shadows. Various questionnaires were distributed to identify people’s views on the photo. One of the questions in the questionnaire were:What do you think of when you come across a woman with a red dress like the one in the photo? Does the picture reveal anything related to romance to you?If yes, where and when do you think this photo was taken? Out of the 100 questionnaires distributed, 71% associated the photo with romance and renaissance period. Most of them associated it with Europe, particularly Italy, France, and Germany. 22% associa ted the woman with early prostitutes in Europe. 7% of the questionnaires were not properly filled. According to the findings, it is quite succinct that William’s main thematic concern at the time of taking this photo was romance. First, the photo has its window in the shape of a heart. Heart, as understood, is a global symbol of romantic love. The window curtains have been removed allowing some light into the dark room. The woman is also in a red dress. Red color has

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