Tuesday, July 23, 2019

An issue or problem at work from the perspective of an emplyee Essay - 1

An issue or problem at work from the perspective of an emplyee - Essay Example As employees of the company we work hard and we expect to get paid accordingly. The second problem that I want to bring to the table is the fact that during the past few weeks the workers have been receiving their weekly paychecks late. This situation puts a great burden on the employees because often by not receiving their checks on time they dont have enough money to put gas in the car to come to work and in their personal life they cant put food and other items they need to survive due to the irresponsibility of the firm. These two problems have put a great burden on the relationship between the company and its employees. The company must have notice by now that the overall production at the firm has gone down as a consequence of the actions of the company. The company obviously cannot expect the workers to keep producing at a high level when all these problems are going on. I have personally talked to dozens of employees who have told me that they are seriously considering quitting their job because they feel the company does not care about their well being. The motivation of the workers is extremely low as a consequence of the actions of the company. These problems must be attended immediately otherwise a lot of employees are going to leave the company. It is in the best interest of the company to attend these issues in order raise employee morale and motivation. To resolve the situation I have some recommendations for the managerial staff of the company. If I was the manager in charge of the company I would have done things a lot differently. Once I realized that bonuses could not be paid I would have communicated openly with the workers the root of the problem. Instead of using avoidance I would cooperate with the workers to find a reasonable resolution. For instance if the firm did not pay the bonuses because it could not afford it a solution was to offer the workers a new system that pays half the bonuses or up to $3 extra an hour. This

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