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Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 7

Report - Essay ExampleThe political party has performed admirably well, yet they are yet to unlock the exponential likely lying in the social media marketing. This may be the only thing left for the company to get its position as the best sneakers distributor. The use of Social media for marketing enables a business to engage their customers in the platform where they naturally spend most of their time. recognition of the social media platforms to use is the first step to high rewards from the sector. Animations and funny videos, when linked to the Facebook or Twitter pages, are the surest way to keep Facebook and Twitter youthful following engaged and in the process, they gain more interests in the companys profile. LinkedIn pages are also another social media feature that the company should have. These pages are meaning(a) to get more branding for a business and an excellent platform to reach the target market on the network. This paper details how the Sneakers Seekers market ing squad could employ an effective application of the social media approaches to increase sales by engaging more youths. Introduction Sneakers Seekers is one of the newest sneakers companies in the United States. The company has its headquarters at North Miami Beach, Florida 33179. Stoyan Doynov, who is its current CEO and president, started the company in 2008. Stoyan who says he started the company out of his passion for sneakers describes himself as Sneakerhead (Doynov, n.d.). Getting into a market with heavyweights such as Nike, Addidas, Jordan, Asics, Converse, Ewing, Fila, New Balance, Reebok, Vansvans and other must have been a very bold step for Doynov. The success that Sneaker Seekers has achieved is enough proof that will and want can achieve milestones even where the terrain is tough. The company specializes in sneakers and athletic footwear reach outing some hard-to-?nd sneakers and shoes and has a permanent promise of a abundant variety brand name sneakers as well as athletic shoes at lowest prices. Since its entry into the market, Sneakers Seekers has shown unprecedented growth. Only two family after the company opened, it moved into online marketing to open stores. By and by online marketing became the main marketing platform for the company. Doynov says that their beginning was a humble one, interchange products on EBay (PRWeb, 2013). This was during the Great Recession. The company now has its own website and is authorized to sell numerous brands, which Doynov says they add to every month. (PRWeb, 2013). To sell more, the company focuses on fashion and offer exquisite products. They offer the most popular brands of sneakers on the market as well as fashion oriented sneakers ranging from Radii Footwear, Blackstone, Gola and Victoria. The most significant development came when the company moved most of its overstock inventory to FBA (PRWeb, 2013). Doynov says that this move enabled the company to operate with fewer empl oyees, carry, more inventory, and achieve greater Amazon fulfilled velocity on its items as its listings. Amazon provided Sneaker Seekers an Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment (AutoMCF) through which it could sell on Sears, Rakuten Shopping and Newegg as well (PRWeb, 2013) thereby reaching more potential customers. They were

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