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Public Relations Theories Study Marketing Essay

Public Relations Theories Study grocerying Essay1.0 doorPublic relations have been acknowledged as a powerful tool in commutations for individuals, groups, brasss and nations to achieve their respected purposes. Whether the purpose is for profit or not, creation relations move a key stage that conveys messages between varied parties. Individuals even see it as imperative aids for career promotion. For the past yoke of centurieswith the development of familiar relations techniques have release more and more sophisticated and, in a sense, more manipulative, the profession of public relations has become more important accordingly. As scholars, professionals and consultants explore further into this field as a result, the theories are applied to multiple contemporary circumstances. Today, Public Relations, as a new and ever-improving profession or academic discipline, have taken on formats including, but not limited to, face-to-face and mediated communications to achieve goals f or establishments and how unwavering relationships put these organizations in a strong competitive business position.In this essay, I ordain discuss how the Public Relations theories are applied in current environments given in the following three casesThe Case of Queensland floods Organization, in which Queensland volunteers, partnered with boutique PR agent Espresso Communications, launches a website to provide timely information for Queenslanders and establishes communications between people who are willing to help and those who need helpThe case of Good Returns 100 Women campaign, which the organization uses pro-bono PR to help raise shop and provide microfinance for poor women in South Asia to start their own business and improve livelihood skillsThe case of Malaysian Kitchen Food Market. Malaysian Kitchen Food Market introduces a campaign that MATRADE to improve awareness of Malaysian cuisine and restaurants in Australia.The first two are examples of PR practices for nonpr ofit organizations while the latter is considered a mercantile case. In each of the three cases, organizations are creating communication that strengthens relationships of stakeholders to achieve their purposes by utilizing a combination of PR techniques through carefully selected media and detailed capital punishment plans.2.0 Theory for Application in Case AnalysisIn this section, I will analyze and evaluate the role and application of public relations hypothesis and practice in the commercial and public sectors using Grunigs models of PR practice and other models and theories.Based on Grunigs four models of PR practice, the following points are face-saving in devising and implementing effective public relations (Harrison, 2011) 1. Press agentry, publicity, propaganda throw out be used to complete truth but not essential champaign in One-way, such as sports, theater and marketing promotion etc. 2. Public information can be used for truth important such as readability, reade rship surveys, regimen, not-for-profit and organizations etc. 3. bipartite asymmetrical can be used for persuasion, marketing PR and improve acceptance of the message from feedback of receivers. 4. Two-way symmetrical can be used to creates mutual understanding between sender and receivers such as in regulated business and flat-structured companies.2.1 Dissemination of Public InformationIn determination of a publics communicative involve, does the public merely need to be provided with information, encouraged to alter a belief or to act on an issue, or sent feedbacks? Basic public relations activities are relatively simple and require only modest tools simple press release, work with the media, assemble a press kit and coordinate a press event. Development of these skills will enable nonprofit managers to accomplish key goals of increase awareness for fundraising events, volunteer opportunities and organisational programs, products or services.In the case of Queensland Floods, th e first and foremost object for this nonprofit organization is to provide information for the people needed help in a timely manner. Public information display is the objective. Traditional media and new media are both used. Social media, relatively new channels, this is more like unity-way information. plot in the case of Malaysian, this organization tries to persuade receivers perception on Malaysian food in order to shift their consumer behavior to make more arrive at to the Malaysian restaurants. Many traditional media are interactional campaigns are held to support. While in the case of Good Returns 100 Women campaign, this is also a nonprofit organization used multiple media and Internet to disseminate the information of a campaign in order to get build high awareness of the organization. It spread their activities strategic ally instead of focusing on a single media, and builds a movement through convening discussion, stimulating online dialogue, generating word of mouth a nd media coverage about the campaign.2.2 extract of symmetrical or asymmetrical communication determines whether to use one-way or two-way communication to enact the informative, persuasive message. The primary issue to consider is whether the method acting of communication should be in the organizations best interest or the publics best interest. The choice of symmetrical or asymmetrical communication should be based on whether the selection ultimately benefits the organization, the publics, or the dominant coalition. Ideally, the choice will result in a win-win position. For example, in the case of Good Return Women, the choice of Two-way symmetrical communication works both in the benefits of the organization itself.In the case of Queensland Floods, this is a campaign using two-way symmetrical model to fuck off media buzz. Constant dialogue with key team members to ensure messages were consistent and all parties kept informed with the status of the campaign and Liaise with nume rous local government bodies and the QLD local Government Association to ensure that we had a full understanding of how we could best communicate with those affected evidence this PR model that is more credibly to change the other parties attitude and behavior. An interact platform has been created for stakeholders, volunteers and victims of the flood in this case, before a research for receiving the details of flood variety and communication with QLD Local Government Association has been done. Research is an imperative stage for two-way model (Harrision, 2011). Media effects theories has been seen in this in Communication Strategy in this case. The model illustrates the process of steps from people receiving message to taking action. At first, people get the persuasive message from the media and pay attention to the message. Understanding of the situation caused by flood convinced receivers and swayed their attitudes, thus eventually led to actual actions. Also this case combine d the Situational theory of public, during the communication process. Receivers realize the problems come, and then they probably start to echo about it and what to do with it. High importance of the problem will cause high level of involvement, and subsequently receivers will be driven by the acknowledgment to deal with it.2.3 Multiple Messages DisseminationPublics may hold many different opinions about an organization based on the fact that the individuals that comprise a public do not have a static perception of the organization. That is, individual perceptions of an organization vary based on their interactional history with the organization. Therefore, multiple messages must(prenominal) be disseminated to accomplish the varying communicative take of publics.2.4 Relationships with stakeholders Corporate ResponsibilitiesManagement of publics should be seen as an opportunity to build or maintain relationships with stakeholders. Promoting issues of importance to a public is a g ood way to build coalitions, reach out to the media, and make connections with individuals of influence or those who may be interested in turn involved with the organization.This campaign launcher plays as a not for profit organization also take high Corporate social responsibility on this campaign. We can see the evidence from the result of this campaign.The Australian, Kindness helps combat miseryABC Brisbane, Website organizes beds for homeless flood victimsBrisbane Times, Make us your home page messenger Mail, Site helps flood homelessBrisbane Times, Hunt for Missing flood victims onlineThe case of Good 100 Women is a good example of PR practice for worthy non-profit organizations with very limited or no budget for public relations. With the help of Porter Novelli, an inexpensive public relations program and a most salute effective way to promote its services was created.2.5 ImplementationHow these three cases implemented their PR practices by comparing plans.In the case of M ATRADE, the campaign successfully increased popularity and established a clear definition of Malaysian food to the mind of Australians. As a commercial PR campaign, the practice and implementation is quite different from that of the Queensland Flood or the Good Return. It is important to underscore the connection between the public relations strategy and the organizational mission. Assess your public relations needs and tailor your plan accordingly. The PR practice generally follows an AWARENESS-INTEREST-DESIRE-ACTION model.First, partnering with Pulse, MATRADE found out the target audiencesnot just the Malaysian population in Australia, but also consumers in a broader meaning.By carefully implemented to showcase Malaysian cuisine to traditional and social media, social media though achieve its goal to increase awareness of Malaysian cuisine and thus increase footfall to Malaysian restaurants.Desire was created and consumer took actions-they made their purchase decisions.The results of the campaign were obvious Malaysian restaurants experienced an increase in sales of approximately 30 per cent.3.0 Ethical and Risk Issues relevant to these Public Relations PracticesCorporate social responsibility is an important work for a friendship or organization with long-term development, although people think that the responsibilities to public should be taken by government or country. However, to gain extension of a attach to who has already operated for many years, corporate social responsibility will be a key to increase the values. Corporate social responsibility does as no specific standard or rulers it can be a philosophy notion. When a company starts to perform its business base on social responsibility, all of the management will be different. This attributes that ethic will be taken in high priority than profits, as well as high visibility services for customers, as products are responsible for society. As a result, the company business is a social mission. If a company is lack of this responsibility, staffs find no honor and work holding no meaning.4.0 ConclusionPublic relations, after all is the process to draw on the most relevant theories and principles to help an organization to communicate betterbe it for commercial or nonprofit organizations. (Bernays, 1952) Public relations is not just a one-way street that only deliver message from one party to another, but a two-way street where leadership and the public find common purpose with each other and in which objectives and goals are predicted on the coincidence of public and private interest. (Grunig, 1984) Public relations practice is a channel to convey messages by persuading specific audiences to achieve successful professional performance, whether for commercial or nonprofit organizations. Its a set of actions to achieve desired outcomes based on research and strategies. However, sometimes dissonance between audience and group of stakeholders will be created when the interests of audiences and stakeholders are different on public relations. And given the rise of influence of stakeholders on decisions, values, beliefs, policies and management of organizations, it is important to maintain effective stakeholders relationships and cater for the needs of different parties.

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