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Organizations environment analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Organizations environs analysis - Essay ExampleEnvironmental analysis plays an important role in formulating the moving in strategies, marketing plans etc. Its significance increases even more when the external business environment undergoes frequent changes. In the past few years dynamic changes in the political, social, economic and technological environment has been observed while on the other hand these have subsequently impacted the task factors of an plaques environment such as suppliers, customers, competitors, regulators etc. Furthermore, if an organization fails to monitor its environmental changes then it expected to be pulled out of the business. The environmental analysis made in the paper will enable managers to evaluate any future business strategy.As discussed above that Bubble is a small business located in San Marcos. The organization offers special Asians fruit fused drinks along with bobas (Boba Tea San Marcos, 2014). The internal business environment of Bubble Tea constitutes of manufacturing, accounting, information systems, sales and marketing, research and development, finance and charitable resource department (Talloo, 2007). All of these areas are under the direct control of the management whereas these are the crucial areas which make a business successful or failure. As per customer reviews Bubble Tea has been efficiently managing its internal environmental factors while satisfying its customers needs. The most important step in the analysis of environmental factors is to define the general and task factors. Following is a brief description about different aspects of an environment which currently influences the business operations of Bubble Tea. scotch Business cycles are largely influenced by the economic growth and development. Bubble Teas business activities are primarily impacted by evoke rates, economic competition, powers of supply and demand, disposable income and unemployment.Socio-Cultural Social

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