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Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 6

man Resource Management - Essay ExampleHowever, this method has been reported to be ineffective because it deny trainees with an opportunity of interacting directly with their experts. Coaching /mentoring is a method that involves an expert in a particular field who is responsible for administering training. Case break down method provides trainee with an opportunity to identify and discuss key issues in the work place to see the aras that whitethorn require some improvements. Simulation method entails put on of the actual work experience where trainees are given a chance to try out and learn by performing the actual task. Finally, technology base training involve utilization of various technological devices to learn. Therefore, passenger vehicles put one over been recommended to apply the above methods of training but more emphasis should be placed to train and technological based training methods because they have proved to be very effective. Further, managers should apply the four key steps of delivering a training program in order to meet trainees individual needs as discussed. Introduction Human resource manager play a significant role towards ensuring that training methods have brought success. Normally, pitying resource managers design various training programs and administer them to employees in order to increase their efficiency and achieve giving medication goals/objectives. Human resource manager further employ a combination of group and individual methods to improve employees performance as well as to increase their efficiency. In above connection, human resource managers administer various training methods with an aim of increase organisation productivity. On the other hand, training methods being administered may be help to instigate employees to direct their efforts towards realization of organisation goals (Thompson, 2013). Further, training methods provide employees with growth opportunities whereby, employees can be in a position t o execute their task more expeditiously and effectively. Therefore, human resource manager should carry out an evaluation to see whether the various training methods administered were effective. However, if a training method was not effective, the manager may decide to make necessary improvements to ensure that training method has brought success. In addition, effective training methods may not only be beneficial to employees and organisation but also to the supervisor. This is because an effective training program minimizes the time that supervisor could have spent in supervising employees and hence, does not have to worry since employees are competent with their job (Bianca, 2013). Therefore, this study aims to provide a review of the training methods used to deliver training. Review the training methods used to deliver training Human resource manager is responsible for choosing the training method used to delivering training among his/her employees. However, various factors shoul d be taken into precondition in order to ensure that the method of training utilized meets employees needs. Some of the factors that human resource manager should take into consideration when choosing a method of training to be applied admit manager should consider whether the available time will be adequate to cover all the training topics. Secondly, employees knowledge should be taken into consideration because not all methods of training can relevant. Some methods might be too technical to some employees while other may appear to be irrelevant. Therefore, the

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