Monday, June 17, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 358

Assignment ExampleThe counselor told him that if he obeyed the institutional rules he would go to school to get his GED and this would foster him a lot.The gentle of world the speaker has built in the text is the prison world because he describes where new cons are taken that is diagnostic center, he also explains the deed checkup that is four measure a day in his prison world. The rules of this world are the prison rules like check up four times a day, their mode of dressing.Some people in this world are treated with respect others with fear example the guy who had cooked heroin was treated with respect. Those find are the punks as they can pay protection example we do was attacked with a toothbrush to pay for protection hence showing he was non welcome.Continuing themes are showing the author from different times of his life example his early life before he went to prison like how he used to help his grandmother with work and was happy, the new understanding being conveyed he re is unity he had with his family.The exploration of these themes helps engage in complexity of manhood example ways of survival because in the passage he says you are on your own there as no one will help you not even family. According to the writer, only the heart helps them survive in prison as there is no past or future, its proficient the moment.Humanity is all about survival. Example the authors father tries to quit drinking that shows some humanity in him and tries it for his wife, which shows survival or livery his marriage though still Cecilia the authors mother still abandons him out of fear of his actions when he is

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