Thursday, June 13, 2019

A policy dictating mandatory marriage classes before couples get Essay - 1

A insurance dictating mandatory conjugation classes to begin with couples get married should be introduced - Essay ExampleThis method is expressive and therefore I found it most appropriate for my work. It gives me room to express the project using figures, diagrams, tables, different color and symbols. The mode of presentation has a big room for creativity which allows the presentation of the work to be lively, attractive and entertaining. Some of the pictorials added to the presentations are very expressive and helps the commentator to understand well the explanation made in the presentation. This mode also makes the work appear smart and memorable to the audience. Because of this attractiveness, the audience is more likely to be attentive to the presentation when it is made.My project is directed especially to policy makers at all levels. This is because this is a presentation which is building up support for an enactment of a policy therefore I need to convince the policy maker s that this is a good policy for the society. There are other bodies which may care round this policy and thus about this presentation. The church is one of such bodies. In most churches divorce is discouraged and therefore church leaders may look this policy worth adopting in their policies.It is important for the government to formulate a new policy, one which will require couples to take mandatory marriage classes before they officially get married. This move will minimize the ever-rising cases of divorce and all the negativity and pain that are associated with it. In this presentation, the need and urgency for the institution of this policy is shown. This is done by showing that the causes of divorce can be handled if proper counseling is carried out. It is noted, with a lot of concern, that in first five years of marriage many couples opt for divorce. This is especially the trend for those who marry when they are young. A number of misconceptions about marriage are associated with this trend.Different states are making

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