Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Prostate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Prostate - Essay ExampleSimilarly, diabetes cases atomic number 18 at an amazing. Though there is no apparent relation between prostate gland cancer and diabetes. However, late research has shown that type 2 diabetes cases in men often lead to prostate cancer . These no-account numbers show how important it is to hold type 2 diabetes since there is a slight observe of diabetics developing prostate cancer, said Ann Albright, director of the diabetes translation division at CDC, in a statement. We cope that a structured lifestyle program that includes losing weight and increasing physical activity can prevent or delay type-2 diabetes.Available data suggests that the prostate cancer rates have shot up greatly since 2008 to about 20 percent. If this trend continues, nearly a fifth of the entire male U.S. macrocosm will eventually be ailing. At the moment, 8.3 percent of all Americans, and 11.3 percent of people over the come on of 40, now have the disease. What is even more alar ming is that 27% of patients are not even advised of their condition. If we closely assess the trend, we find that the rates of prostate cancer in America are evaluate to rise further in the years to come .There are many jeopardize factors for prostate cancer. These include alcohol intake, high blood pressure, obesity, lifestyle changes, eating unhealthy foods especially high- fill out diets and high fat levels in the blood. Ethnicity is also a major contributing factor for prostate cancer. Certain groups have a greater risk of developing prostate cancer than non-Hispanic whites. They include which include as Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and Japanese Americans. Another risk factor is aging. At a later age of 45, the risk for prostate cancer begins to rise substantially. However, the risk is higher at the age of 65. Apart from physical lifestyle changes, natural medicines like almonds and green leafy vegetables exist. These help to prevent and treat pro state cancer when added into the concert with

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