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HR Developing People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

HR development People - strain ExampleFinally, the project recommends the development of people model in group working. Steps in Developing People Model in Group Working Factors influencing and affecting the design of a learning showcase The most component in the design principle of a learning steadyt is congruency. The presenter of the even must practice what he preaches. If he preaches to see and support, then he must ensure that he himself does so. The next step in the learning event is developing a shared mission which defines the team. It chiefly provides the purpose for which the group works. The purpose is to realise that all efforts coming from the segments of the team are directed towards skill of the group objectives and aims. The next step involves defining the roles and responsibilities of the respective members of the team. Each member must know scarce what is expected of them. Without the expectations, members are not equal to develop mutual trust or accountab ility indoors the team (MIT, n.d.). The expectations of the group must be made very clear, based on which members would be able to meet the expectations. There can excessively be a group leader who would be accountable for coordinating the efforts of the entire team and also providing guidance to the team in the process. The emphasis was to create a demonstration of the skills that were being imparted. The reason for choosing the method was to make the individuals learn from practice. It also allows them to accept and realise feelings. The motive is to make people learn while they are at work. It also enhances peoples effrontery and appreciates the works of others. In the process they can help each other out which consequently helps to gain their problem solving skills (Krantz, 1997, p.1). The process of evaluation includes learners to demonstrate their learning. This way of life the skills of the candidates were evaluated. The demonstration is reviewed focussing on the facto rs which helped institute up the skills of individuals. It would show the benefits of learning that has been generated and also highlight on the loopholes or drawbacks in the process. An effective way of redesigning the session would be to allow individuals to identify and bring forth their own problems. They would also be tending(p) the chance of self evaluation. They would be given the authority to judge their own leanings and the learning module that was prepared. ground on the evaluation their feedback would be collected. This feedback in combination with the listeners feedback would be evaluated for results. The most authoritative aspect in working as a team is effective communication. Team members must be communicated well what is expected of them. Members must be encouraged to develop practices for open communication. Communication here requires that members listen carefully and respectfully and then respond positively to the ideas generated from other members. If a parti cular idea is not clear and needs clarification, members must not shirk from asking for additional information and clarification of the ideas (MIT, n.d.). It is also the role of the team members to create an environment which encourages members to share ideas among themselves. Most great ideas are built by teams building on an initial thought (MIT, n.d.). This should also be accompanied by treating the ideas of each member with

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