Sunday, May 12, 2019

English Composition-Progress and Process Reflection beyond the Assignment

English Composition-Progress and Process Reflection beyond the Classroom-Discussion - Assignment ExampleTeachers mark and mistakes highlighting have made me improve this area greatly. Also, group blend and interchanging our article for peer question have made me subject to rate my work against that of the fellow writers and consequently I have been able to improve. Reading my work aloud has enabled me to identify and correct mistakes that may not be detected when variant quietly hence I have perfected my editing. I have been able to choose my speech according to the impression I want to make and consequently my grammar has improved with time as I wrote on various topics.Through continuous writing, I have gained new writing skills such as painting word pictures and use of figurative language. This has made me able to make tangible writing reflections as well as creating strong meaning. These writing skills are very applicable beyond the classroom as they help in writing reports, strategies and plans at work. They are also very important in the consecrate application, online communication, emailing, and Curriculum vitae writing among others. In all these areas, grammatical errors and other poor writing skills may switch over the meaning of written information and therefore good writing skills become very important.Class work writing practices have helped me to become a better writer. Interacting with peers, being graded and research work introduced in class has med me better my writing skills.

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