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Analysis of two Musical Selections Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

Analysis of two Musical Selections - shew ExampleFor the most part, this version speaks of deep loss that the singer will never recover from and the fuss occasioned by the prospect of moving on. This is depicted by the tempo which increasingly moves from Adagio, then bit by bit to andante, moderato and finally culminating in a faster tempo near the shoemakers last and finally climaxing with an adagio. The disembodied spirit expressed here tells the story of a miserable and disillusioned life duration besides rescue out the passion and emotions that exist.Dolly Partons version of the song, however, paints the picture of a more resigned singer, who readily accepts heap while still acknowledging that the love still exists, is more realistic to the prospect of moving on by and by the loss. As depicted by the tempo which is slow and easy at the beginning otherwise referred to as andante, while gradually condensing into a moderate tone at the middle of the song and terminal with a tone that is neither too fast or slow. The tone expressed here is sincere, while still acknowledging the presence of a strong love by the singer for the lover. It remains detached, but also acknowledges elements of appreciation and not regret as is the case with the other version of Whitney Houston.The rhythm is depicted by some elements of consistency at the step up of both songs while tapering off at the start of the Chorus where each voice takes on a different distinctive pace. The rhythm in Whitney Houstons version is approximately two times slower than the Parton version and the extra emotions that are expressed in the song are made known with the care and slow pace exhibited in every plainspoken sang.Dolly Partons version, however, consists of a tone that gradually and consistently makes known to the listener an understanding of the end of the relationship and the resolve to move on.

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