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Who’s Responsible for the final tragedy in ‘A View from the Bridge’?

Nowadays, family homage is not as common in families as in used to be. Think ab tabu your family, does it revolve around loyalty or something else? In the tackle, A View from the Bridge written by Arthur Miller their whole family life revolves around loyalty and is an everyday duty. totally when evidently sh avow the pressure of family loyalty can push you to do things that qualification not be in your nature to do. It begins when Eddie and Beatrice give refuge to devil Italian immigrants, whom are Beatrices cousins named Marco and Rodolfo.Once they arrive everybodys feelings of lust, jealousy and anger begin to become stronger and stronger. entirely this still leaves the question plainspokenWho or what is responsible for the final tragedy? Catherine joined the Carbone family when her mformer(a) died they volitionally took in and dedicated their life to take care of her. Eddie shows to be a caring and protective father especially when Catherine indispensablenesss to go out in a short skirt, Eddie is not very impressed and says Youre walk wavy and he doesnt like they way men estimate at her in the candy store (I dont like the looks theyre givin you in the candy store. . He seems to have this spend on Catherine over what she does and how she does it. But when Beatrice (Eddies wife) has her cousins come over illegally from Italy Catherines childhood days and behavior seems to slowly be planless away as Catherine and Rodolfo begin to realize their love for each other still not if Eddie has anything to do with it. At the bloodline of the play, Eddie is clearly sh testify as an over-protective father figure over Catherine.At initiatory his relationship with Catherine is bare as a typical father-daughter relationship he disagrees with things she says and hes never content with her personal relationships. But Catherine also shows that she feels quite cockeyed to him when Beatrice reveals You still walk around in front of him with just your slue an d you sit of the edge of the bathtub talkin to him when hes shavin in his underwear This shows that Catherine is very homey with Eddie still it may be that its her being that comfortable that leads Eddie to fate more than a father-daughter relationship with her.When Marco and Rodolfo arrive thither is a clear attraction between Catherine and Rodolfo and this is only the start of a considerable problem in Eddies eyeball. When Beatrice says if it was a prince came here for you it would be no different This shows that even Beatrice realizes what Eddies doing provided she said its button to be like this with every guy Catherine is with. Also that he lead always love her, no matter who she loves. Beatrice is shown as a nice woman in a view from a bridge, she may not be shown as a must needed character but in fact there is more to Beatrice than we approximate.In the play we turn spur the feeling that once Rodolfo and Marco arrive she trusts everything to be perfect so when E ddie gets upturned with the relationship with Catherine and Rodolfo she starts to snap at Eddie a lot more. I know this from when Eddie says 2you didnt used to jump me all the time but it mixture of shows a caring side to Beatrice she wants her cousins to have a comfortable and winning home to defy in while they stay in America. Beatrice suggests that tardily Eddie hasnt been treating her like a wife and their love life hasnt been all that it could be when Beatrice snaps at Eddie saying When am I press release to be a wife again, Eddie.This lack of loving for his wife is probably because of his recent obsession with his nieces relationship, he wants to be noticed by her because he detests that she has someone to love. Beatrice slowly starts to realize what Eddie is nerve-wracking to and his involvement with Catherine when Beatrice says You want somethin else Eddie and you can never have her (Catherine) By this point in the play it is pretty clear that Beatrice is telling th e impartiality.But I dont think Beatrice is stating what needs to be said, I think that she is attacked Eddie with this statement because she is annoy of Eddie and jealous of Catherine because she is getting the loving from Eddie that Beatrice tries so hard to get, just a little bit of. Beatrice has a habit of laying out the truth to her loved ones, but in the end she sucks up to Eddie and does what he tells her to do I see this when Eddie doesnt want to go to the wedding and Beatrice makes her own decision to stay at home with Eddie and not go.At the beginning of the play Marco is shown as quite a chilled out person. As the reader we now he is a man devoted to her family and the loyalty that keeps them so close. He is so devoted that he had to leave his wife and children back in Italy to come and work in America. One of Marcos first trade good qualities we see is a peacemaker he is constantly trying to calm the tense atmosphere between Eddie and Rodolfo and in Eddies eyes his o ther good quality is being masculine and Eddies fighter Louis describes as A regular bull and says Hes a regular slave I think this means he workings hard.He tells Rodolfo to be wishful to Eddie when they have arguments but I think this is only because he wants to makes his welcome as long as feasible so he can work for his wife and children. But when Eddie snitches to immigration Marcos innocent feelings and peacemaker quality disappears. He almost turns into a completely different person. In the eyes Eddie, Rodolfo is an evil man who has only traveled to America to steal Catherine from him. When in fact he is just there to get money for his brothers family and falls in love with Catherine.We know that Rodolfo can prate but he tends to sing in inappropriate places, such as the house and down at the docks (these are places were they could easily get caught). We know a lot of good things about Rodolfo but not any bad thingsand thats what drives Eddie mad. So Eddie accuses Rodol fo of only wanting a relationship with Catherine to become an American Citizen. But when Catherine asks him (Would you still want to do it if it turned out we had to go live in Italy? ) he replies No I will not get married you to live in Italy.I want you to be my wife, and I want to be a citizen if Rodolfo in truth just wanted to be an American Citizen why would he reply with such an honest answer? His masculinity is tested when Eddie decides to teach Rodolfo how to fight (come on, Ill teach you. ) but Eddie takes advantage of him and boxes him straight in the face. Eddie thought that this showed that Rodolfo was gay but perchance he just didnt want to fight? But and then Eddie kisses Rodolfo to try and say that he is gay, but it didnt work.In my conviction it made Eddie look quite silly because there was no reaction. Catherine, the beautiful seventeen-year-old girl She is in the middle of the love triangle. She is portrayed as a loving daughter. She loves Eddie He took her in a brought her up as his own and they are shown with a good father daughter relationship. Eddie Notices everything about Catherine her hair, juvenile out fit (at the beginning of the play), she likes that hes noticed but she doesnt no that its really his secret desire obeisance her Whereas Beatrice notices this when her cousins arrive.This is when we see a different side of Eddie, when he starts to get really jealous. Eddie becomes persistent I finding ways and excuses with stopping Catherine from going out with Rodolfo this puts a strain on their relationship. But when Eddie kisses Catherine it just break offs the relationship, Catherine realizes what has been happening and is fuming at her uncle. Reputation is a big thing through this play and there are many things which let us know about this.When Eddie has a convosation with Beatrice and he talks about Rodolfo, he says Im ashamed. reputation doll they call him. Blondie now this shows that Eddie is worried and doesnt want to ruin his reputation down at the docks. Next big clue that heed and reputation is a big thing in this family is when Eddie shouts I want my respect Eddie says this after he has turned in Marco and Rodolfo in my tactile sensation he has probably lost all respect for himself and is asking respect from other people in order to feel better.When Marco and Eddie are armed combat in the street Marco shouts That one He killed my children That one stole victuals from my children when he says this in front of the whole neighborhood this destroys Eddies reputation with the community. Eddie replies Gonna take that back or Ill kill him this shows Eddie will do anything to get his reputation back and he is not joking. The long dour respect Catherine has for her uncle in lost (You got no right to tell goose egg nothing, Nobody The rest of your life, nobody ).

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