Monday, March 25, 2019

I Was Born a White, Middle Class American :: Culture and Identity Essays

Culture and identity be two actually strange ideas. They are received at a very young age, yet they are very hard to give to individual else. They will affect you for the rest or your life, yet for the most theatrical role you are born into them. However, they soon become very important to us and we cannot, no matter what we do, live without them. They are a part of us, and a vital aspect of society. However, it took me a very long time to endorse that I had an identity and a little while after that forwards I knew what it was. My entire life I have been a midst class sporty male. I was born into this identity and most apparent will die in this identity. My entire family fits into the same class of society. I could probably wear a sign that read, Average American and no one would ever tell me that I was not. The neighborhood that I grew up in is middle class, and a majority of the neighbors that I have are also white and of the same class. W hen I was younger, me and my friends would play video games at my house until my mom would tell us to go outside. It seemed like the summers lasted bimestrial then. This is probably because we spent everyday looking for something to do, whereas these days I cash in ones chips my summers looking for ways to get out of doing what I am vatic to do. We would go to the local elementary and middle schools where there was a handsome creek and pond. We would catch crayfish, bugs, and frogs only to let them go after we notable our great achievement. We would play tag, football, soccer, hockey and baseball at someones house or at the athletic fields of the schools. And all of us were of the same culture and class. It was always three to fifteen young white males doing what young white males usually do. A few of the other kids were Italian, which obviously is not Caucasian, but we did not know that.

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