Friday, March 1, 2019

Coca-Cola Fizz Factor Essay

1) The Coca-Cola confederacy in my opinion has all the resources listed in the chapter. They have been such a successful presidency over the years that they posses financial, physical, human, intangible, and structural-cultural resources. It is because of their Global nature that I believe that they have these resources, and these are needed to for organizations to have capabilities and core competencies. mind that because Coca-Cola is such a global brand it means that their capabilities must debauch through culture so I do believe it is precise(prenominal) hard to develop unique resources and distinctive capabilities. However, because of the resources behind them in rough ways it is easier to develop strategies and gain that competitive emolument.2) Coca-Cola has a reduce of distinctive capabilities. Its brand is one by itself, they have created a competitive advantage just by their name, Coca-Cola is known globally and it is a testament to the organization that it is so powerful. Another distinctive capability would be the shape and forge of their bottles and rears, it may not seem like much but it evoke create nostalgia for and again turn in to a competitive advantage. overly with the patent for their designs it makes it impossible for competitors to imitate and take away that competitive advantage.3) 127 old age of Happiness This is a major(ip) strength Coca-Colas history and usage automatically give it credibility and make customers trust the brand. Other newer competitors just cannot compete with this, however it is extremely important that they touch to change and innovate. two hundred+ countries This may mean a global organization, but this brings about just about weaknesses.You have to deal with so many different cultures, languages, climates, and beliefs that it can be very difficult to keep everyone happy and keep providing a prime(prenominal) product. 3500 products worldwide Again this is like the example above, it can be ve ry challenging due to the diversity and target audience of all the products. However, it can be an advantage because of the variety of products you provide sets Coca-Cola apart from it competitors, giving them yet another competitive advantage.1,322,000 Tweets per quarter Twitter is becoming huge, and we saw during the Superbowl memory loss how powerful a market tool it can be. Oreo cookies tweeted tycoon out? No problem. You can still dunk in the low-spirited so in my eyes I see this growing number to be a huge positive on a marketing front. Although on the other hand, social media can be very damaging, and if Coca-Cola does something bad, a negative reputation could spread around the world in a matter of moments. Protest Group of 100,000 people wanting the original degree Celsius back this shows that if you get it wrong you can face a major backlash from your customers. But this also showed how loyal people were to the original Coke, yes it was a negative result but it real ly highlights to the Coca-Cola Company what a capacious product they have.4) It has to be the capabilities assessment profile, by following the five travel of this option Muhtar Kent can truly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the organization on a global scale. The key competencies and capabilities are what set Coca-Cola apart and they need to continue to focus on these aspects, it creates the competitive advantage and this must be maintained in the future. This is vital if Coca-Cola want to remain up there as on of the most popular brands in the world.

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