Friday, March 15, 2019

Chlamydial Infection :: essays research papers

Chlamydiachlamydial infection is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the United States today. The U.S. Centers for Disease bear and Prevention bodes that more than 4 million new cases occur to each one year. The highest rates of chlamydial infection ar in 15 to 19-year gray-haired adolescents regardless of demographics or location. Pelvic inflammatory disease (pelvic inflammatory disease), a sobering complication of chlamydial infection, has emerged as a major cause of antisepsis among women of childbearing age. Chlamydial infection is caused by a bacterium, Chlamydial trachomatis, and crumb be transmitted during vaginal, oral, or anal sexual contact with an septic partitioningner. A pregnant woman may pass the infection to her neonate during delivery, with subsequent neonatal eye infection or pneumonia. The annual personify of chlamydial infection is estimated to exceed $2 billion.SYMPTOMSMost chlamydial infections are silent, causing no symptoms. H owever, men and women with Chlamydia may experience abnormal venereal discharge or pain during urination. These early symptoms may be mild. If symptoms occur, they normally appear within one or three weeks after exposure. deuce of some(prenominal) three infected women and one or two of every four infected men have no symptoms whatsoever. As a result, often the disease may not be diagnosed and inured until complications develop. Doctors estimate that, in women, one third of the chlamydial infections result in PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). Often these infections are not diagnosed until PID or other complications develop. In men, rarely, chlamydial infections may lead to pain or blow in the scrotal area, which is a sign of epididymitis, an inflammation of a part of the male reproductive system located in the testicles. Left untreated, this condition, give care PID in women, can cause infertility.Chlamydia can cause proctitis (inflamed rectum) and pinkeye (inflammation of th e lining of the eye). The bacteria also have been found in the pharynx as a result of oral sexual contact with an infected partner. In tropical climates, a particular strain of C. trachomatis causes an STD called lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV), which is characterized by braggart(a) swelling and inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin. Complications may follow if LGV is not treated this infection is very rare in the United States.DIAGNOSISChlamydial Infection can easily be confused with gonorrhea because the symptoms of both diseases are similar in some populations they occur together. The most tried way to diagnose chlamydial infection is for a clinician to send a sample of secretions from the patients genital area to a research laboratory that will look for the organism using one of a good variety of quick and inexpensive laboratory tests.

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