Thursday, February 28, 2019

Culture and Civilization

coating and nicety According to anthropologists of 19th century, Culture is foregoing and Civilization is later. Everything created by man is culture, subtlety is an advanced state of cultural development. Culture positive in three stages Savagery Barbarianism Civilization (Acts of evil and violent behavior) (Extremely cruel and unpleasant behavior) Alfred Louis Kroeber said Culture is super organic, he has given three holds of culture namely Social Culture (Status and Role), take to be Culture (Philosophy, Morals) and Reality Culture (Science and Technology, etc).According to Kroeber civilization is a grammatical constituent of human beings culture. Robert Redfield said culture is a amount of traditions and civilization is a meat of great and little traditions. Culture The collective appearance of springer, faith, art, language, way of sentiment and way of living of a particular group of people. And civilization is the developed part, when different cultures meet. Di fference between Culture and Civilization, Sociologists weigh Culture Civilization Culture includes religion, art philosophy, literature, music, dance, etc. hich brings satisfaction and pleasure to many. It is the flavor of last astipulationts of life. Civilization includes all those things by performer of which some other objective is attained. Type writers, motors, etc. come under this category. Civilization consists of technology or the authority of man over natural phenomenon as well as social technology which control mans behavior. Culture is what we are. Civilization is what we have. Culture has no precedent of measurement beca role it is an demise in itself. Civilization has a precised standard of measurement. The universal standard of civilization is utility because civilization is a means. Culture back toothnot be said to be advancing. It put forwardnot be asserted that the art, literature, thoughts are ideals of instantlys and superior to those of past. Civ ilization is always advancing. The various constituents of civilizations namely machines, means of transportation, communication, etc. are constantly progressive. Culture is inside and an end. It is related to internal thoughts, feelings, ideals, values, etc.It is like the soul of an individual. Civilization is external and a means. It is the means for the expression and manifestation of the grandness, it is like the body of an individual. Difference between Culture and Civilization, Anthropologists View Culture Civilization All societies have culture. Only a a few(prenominal) societies have civilization. Culture is earlier. Civilization is later. Culture is pre-condition for civilization to develop. Civilization represents a stage of cultural advancement. Culture is super organic. Civilization is a part of reality culture. Culture is a totality of traditions. Civilization is a totality of great and little traditions. Culture Vs Civilization Firstly, civilization in s upposition is bigger than culture in which an entire civilization shadow compass ane single unit of culture. Civilization is a bigger unit than culture because it is a complex aggregate of the society that dwells within a certain area, along with its forms of government, norms, and even culture. Thus, culture is just a spec or a portion of an entire civilization.For example, the Egyptian civilization has an Egyptian culture in the same way as the Greek civilization has their Greek culture. A culture ordinarily populates within a civilization. In this regard, each civilization can contain not only one but several cultures. Comparing culture and civilization is like presentation the difference between language and the country to which it is being used. Culture can exist in itself whereas civilization cannot be called a civilization if it does not possess a certain culture.Its just like petition how a nation can exist on its own without the use of a medium of communication. Henc e, a civilization will become drop off if it does not have its culture, no matter how little it is. Culture can be something that is tangible and it can also be something that isnt. Culture can become a physical material if it is a product of the beliefs, customs and practices of a certain people with a definite culture. But a civilization is something that can be seen as a entire and it is much or less tangible although its basic components, like culture, can be mmaterial. Culture can be learned and in the same port it can also be transmitted from one generation to the next. utilise a medium of speech and communication, it is possible for a certain fibre of culture to evolve and even be inherited by other group of people. On the other hand, civilization cannot be transferred by holy language alone. Because of its complexity and magnitude, you need to transfer all of the raw aggregates of a civilization for it to be entirely passed on. It just grows, degrades and may eventua lly end if all its subunits will fail.Summary 1. Culture is by definition smaller than a civilization. 2. Culture can grow and exist without residing in a stiff civilization whereas a civilization will never grow and exist without the element of culture. 3. Culture can be tangible or intangible asset whereas civilization is something that is more tangible because it is what you see as a whole 4. Culture can be transmitted through symbols in the form of language whereas an entire civilization cannot be transmitted by unmixed language alone.

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